Thursday, May 05, 2016
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'Captain America: Civil War’ lives up to lofty ambitions
The latest Marvel movie to build on the series’ past while setting up its future, Captain America: Civil War is also the most ambitious film yet in that comic-book cinematic universe. Just don’t conflate ambition with perfection. Captain America: Civil War is a massively entertaining summer spectacle — one that’s also flawed. Consider the film’s primary conceit: Collateral damage and civilian deaths from global mega-battles cause the world to demand that the Avengers submit to government oversight.
4 hours ago

Arturo’s stays true to roots
Good Italian food found in family environment.
4 hours ago

Handmade Toledo expands Maker’s Mar …
Event in November drew more than 5,000 visitors.
4 hours ago

Nintendo reveals latest plans
Report paints bleak picture for Wii U.
4 hours ago

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