Monday, June 29, 2015
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A diet that mimics fasting may reduce cancer risk
Fasting has long been acclaimed as an effective way to lose weight, improve the immune system and boost brain function. But doctors have been loath to recommend it because of the dangers associated with such extreme dieting. Now scientists say they've developed a five-day, once-a-month diet that mimics fasting -- and is safe.
11 hours ago

Monday Memories: Industrial fire
Welder’s torch ignited fumes at the Interlake Steel Company in 1969.
12 hours ago
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Raising age reduces teen smoking
Study says teen smoking drops when legal age is raised.
12 hours ago

‘Ted 2’ behind ‘Jurassic World’
A foul-mouthed Teddy bear is no match for a pack of dinosaurs.
12 hours ago

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Pope Francis: polarizing his detractors
Thirty years ago, Pope Francis would have been called a Commie.

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Our hot dog needs your vote
Reader joins food editor to enter Mud Hens contest.

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Zoo fund-raiser roars
Water blue and sea green with lots of sea shells.