Wednesday, September 02, 2015
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Pets, vegetation can live in harmony with a few simple steps
Many pet owners have given their dog complete run of the yard. Several local homeowners admitted to raising the white flag by forgoing landscaping and flowers in the backyard. While we cannot promise that your dog or cat will never romp in the garden again, we can suggest some compromises to keep budding greens green and the lush lawn verdant.
2 hours ago

‘Walk' a pleasant stroll
Redford stars in adaption of book ’A Walk in the Woods.’
58 minutes ago

Star finds life after football
T.C. Stallings in latest film from makers of 'Courageous,' 'Fireproof. …
6 hours ago

S.S. Columbia heads to Buffalo
America’s oldest passenger steamboat leaves Toledo for restoration.
2 hours ago
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Vacation mode: No reservation needed
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Mary Bilyeu

Magic Wok egg rolls benefit charity
The Victory Center partners with local restaurant.