Pa. blinking art exhibit closed after patrons fall ill


PITTSBURGH — A downtown Pittsburgh art exhibit that closed early on Sunday after three people were treated for reported seizures this weekend will reopen as scheduled Wednesday.

Pittsburgh Acting Deputy EMS Chief Bob Farrow said medics responded to 943 Gallery at 943 Liberty Ave. Sunday afternoon for a report of a seizure at "Zee" by Austrian artist Kurt Hentschlager, the third such incident since the installation opened Friday.

A woman was treated at the scene. Chief Farrow said the reported seizure interrupted the show, so the exhibit closed early for the evening.

As for the exhibit shutting down for good, Chief Farrow said: "That'll be a discussion down the road if we continue to have problems," but for now, EMS is "by no means asking them close their exhibit."

The two other people that reported seizures there this weekend were taken the hospital, he said.

The installation, part of the city's International Festival of Firsts, is scheduled to run through Oct. 27. It also was here in 2008, at Wood Street Gallery.

The exhibit includes heavy fog and intense strobe effects, and attendees must sign a waiver before entering.

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