U.S. reviews report of fire in Liberty’s driver door

Flames are said to have broken out in 2012 models


Federal investigators are looking into reports of fires in the driver’s side doors of 2012 Jeep Libertys.

The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration said it has received two reports of fires breaking out in the area of the power window switches. The agency said both fires happened while the vehicle was in motion.

The drivers were able to get out through the passenger-side door, authorities said.

Documents show one incident resulted in an injury.

The agency said one of the vehicles was repaired but caught fire a second time.

All U.S. Libertys were built at Chrysler Group LLC’s Toledo Assembly Complex. The last Libertys were built in August, 2012. The Liberty was replaced in Jeep’s lineup by the 2013 Cherokee, which is built only in Toledo and started appearing in dealers’ showrooms this week.

The government said about 79,200 2012 Libertys are on the road in the United States.

An investigation doesn’t necessarily lead to a recall, but it could.

A Chrysler spokesman told the Associated Press the company is cooperating in the government’s investigation and is conducting its own inquiry.