End zone: BGSU 9-27


Most fans are saying the Falcons are playing a must-win game Saturday against Rhode Island, which isn't true.

BG's homecoming game is a must-win-handily game. It's a must-win-by-a-lot-and-look-good-doing-it game.

The Falcons are playing a winless FCS team in Rhode Island, a program that has had just one winning season since 1995 -- and that season came 11 years ago. For BG, this cupcake is the perfect dessert after a September diet filled with Gators and Gobblers.

But Saturday's game isn't about the opposition; it's about the 1-3 Falcons cleaning up mistakes and playing up to their capabilities. The 2012 season already is one-third gone, and the Falcons have struggled the past few weeks, in part from their difficult early schedule but also in part from just not playing well. An optimist would say there's still two-thirds of the schedule to play, so there's plenty of time to turn that around. Don't believe it? Clawson's first BG team, the 2009 squad, started 1-4 but won six of its last seven regular-season games to earn a bowl berth.

Will this team repeat that success? We'll find out in the coming weeks. Can this team use that formula to get back on the winning track? Sure. But the first ingredient in that formula is a must-win-big victory over Rhode Island.

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