End Zone: BGSU Falcons 9-12

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  • BG fans have started dreaming about a 6-0 start. One ESPN pundit recently said the Falcons have the look of a team that could break the BCS. NFL fans believe BG could win the AFC North and fight for a Super Bowl berth.

    OK, I may have made that last one up. Having said that, the last statement isn't any more outlandish at this point than the first two are.

    I understand the Falcons have started out with two strong victories. Indiana isn't exactly the creampuff fans expect, and winning on the road against any Big Ten team isn't easy. What's more, a win over the Hoosiers would make the Falcons just 3-0, not 6-0.

    As for "busting" the BCS? That is WAY down the road, and probably will take some help that is outside the Falcons control.

    It also will take an undefeated season, something that can't be accomplished in just three weeks.

    Despite the hoopla, coach Dave Clawson said it hasn't been hard to keep his team focused, since the program's seniors suffered through a 2-10 season just three years ago.

    "They know how hard it is to win a football game," he said. "They know two years ago we started 3-1 and finished 5-7. Last week's win didn't guarantee anything."