End Zone: BGSU Falcons

BG-Toledo rivalry used to be an all-consuming fire


  • Old fogies like me remember the days when the BG-Toledo rivalry was an all-consuming fire in these parts. Those days seem to be gone, though, a fact brought into focus by news that the Battle of I-75 is being "televised" by ESPN3. What's next: The game will be only on ship-to-shore radio?

    Then came the news that Falcon fans had painted a brown-and-orange "BG" on a rock on UT's campus. I never heard if anyone from "That School Up North" made the trek to "That School Down South" to retaliate, but I know the folks "down south" are protecting their rock in a round-the-clock vigil.

    Let's be clear: I don't condone vandalism. No toilet-papering of trees, soaping of windows, or depositing "deposits" on the front porch. Just say no, especially around my house.

    Yet this act of sophomoric mayhem gave me hope that somebody still cares about this game. I know the players do. I'll never forget the words former BG QB Tyler Sheehan: "It's hard to say the word ‘hate,' but with these guys it kind of rolls off your tongue."

    I don't know if enough people will work themselves up into a lather to buy a ticket, but it sure would be nice to see the Doyt full of orange and brown and midnight blue and gold.

    For old times sake.

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