History inspires gatherings


    Barbara Hendel.

  • Barbara Hendel.
    Barbara Hendel.

    THE 175th anniversary of Maumee was celebrated with a week of festivities that included the premier of a film about the city called Celebrating a Legacy.

    The showing was Aug. 15 at the historic Maumee Indoor Theater, where guests snacked on popcorn and munched on food from Dale's Bar and Grille, DeGage Jazz Cafe, the Village Idiot, Premier Catering, and P.M. Frosted Fantasies, which created a cake that was a replica of the Maumee Indoor Theater.

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    Maumee Valley Historical Society calendars, which include pictures of historic sites in Maumee such as the Wolcott House Museum Complex, were for sale.

    Maumee Mayor Rich Carr welcomed everyone and introduced Greg Smith, superintendent of Maumee City Schools, and his wife, Cindy, who were event chairmen for the week of festivities. Mayor Carr said he and Mr. Smith, who played together years ago on the Ford Field baseball diamonds, are hometown kids who were educated in Maumee schools and remained in their hometown their entire lives.

    In attendance were former mayors Tim Wagener, Steve Pauken, and Harry Barlos, as well as Hazel Dussel, widow of the late Mayor Jim Dussel, and Tom Dussel, son of the late Mayor Cliff Dussel.

    Mr. Barlos said he moved to Maumee during the 125th anniversary year and was mayor for the 150th anniversary. His wife, Jenny, is on council during the 175th anniversary, and they hope to be there for the 200th anniversary.

    Guest speaker was Robert Knepper, who grew up in the city and graduated in 1977. The actor has fond memories of Maumee and said he got his start as an actor as a child through the city's summer recreation youth theater program.

    Seen at the Maumee Indoor were George Chapman and his mother Betsy Reynolds, William and Fredi Heywood, Ben and Martha Marsh, Sherry and Tom Dussel, Don Knepper, Sue Fischer, and council president Brent Buehrer.

    The evening's event committee included Ty Szumigala, Karen Merrels, Judy Kwiatkowski, Jack Hiles, Julie Rubini, and Susan Noble.

    For copies of the film, contact the Wolcott House or the Maumee Indoor Theater.

    Mark Johnson co-owner of P.M. Frosted Fantasies serving the cake he and co-owner Peg Diegel (not pictured) made for the occasion-a replica of the Maumee Indoor Theater.
    Mark Johnson co-owner of P.M. Frosted Fantasies serving the cake he and co-owner Peg Diegel (not pictured) made for the occasion-a replica of the Maumee Indoor Theater.

    THE Siege! marking a historic moment 200 years ago at Fort Meigs, Ohio's War of 1812 battlefield, was July 27 at the fort in Perrysburg.

    The 1st Michigan Colonial Fife and Drum Corps greeted guests as they arrived at the gala and led the procession from the fort to the dining tent.

    Honorary chairmen George and Leslie Chapman fired the cannon and "The Star Spangled Banner" was played. An officer's dinner of historic proportions was served. Topping the feast were volunteers' homemade desserts, including tarts, pies, and brandied peaches, served with Fort Meigs 1812 blend coffee.

    Traditional military-style toasts made during an officer's meal at the fort on July 4, 1813, were given, including one by George Jones, III, chairman of the board of directors. The toast was originally offered for President Thomas Jefferson but this night it was for the late Dr. Richard Ruppert, founder of the Fort Meigs Association.

    The more than 225 guests helped raise more than $55,000 to support the fort's children's programs, said Rick Finch, site director.

    Bravo to event chairman Karen Lucas, who was assisted by committee members Virginia Keller, Polly White, Priscilla Schweir, Susan Reams, Tibble Foster, Suzi Hahn, Lori Paton, and Beckie Finch.

    Among the more than 25 table captains were Pat and Jim Appold, Meg and Scott McIntrye, Carol Bentley, Peggy and Peter Casey, John and Debbie Joslin, and John and Johanna Hull.

    THE Development of Vietnam Endeavors (D.O.V.E.) Fund charity dinner auction was Aug. 16 at the Pinnacle in Maumee.

    The event supports the poorest children and families in Vietnam, said event chairman John Craven. The fund has made it possible to build nearly 50 schools, six clean water systems, and several medical facilities, and to provide funding for medical missions, mobile dental clinics, mobile libraries, and small businesses. The event's proceeds support student scholarships, a personal energy transportation carts program, and Solar Lights for Reading, a project started by D.O.V.E. members Tina and Hao Lam.

    More than $88,000 was raised.

    Special thanks to John Bell for his computer system technology, Greg Bollin for audio-visual help, and Maumee High School Interactors and Linda Schellentrager for the program design.

    Among the more than 180 attendees were Karen Merrels, Dick and Melissa Marcus, John and Sue Hadley, Julie and John Abbey, Tim and Pat Kearney, DanGregg, and Do and Theresa Nguyen.