Bedford teacher arraigned on multiple drug charges

Sara Thierry
Sara Thierry

A Bedford High School Spanish teacher facing various drug charges has been put on administrative leave during a Toledo police investigation.

Sara Thierry, 38, of 5910 Berkey Southern Rd., is charged with trafficking in drugs, illegal manufacturing of drugs, possession of drugs, and tampering with evidence.

Bedford Public Schools Superintendent Ted Magrum issued a statement today that noted Mrs. Thierry was put on leave and, per district policy, is not to have contact with students during her leave.

Mr. Magrum declined further comment on the arrest and charges citing the ongoing investigation.

Mrs. Thierry, who has been a teacher for 11 years according to the district's Web site, was arraigned today in Toledo Municipal Court on the four charges; her bond was set at $25,000 with a 10 percent cash option. The $2,500 was posted after the arraignment and Mrs. Thierry was released from the Lucas County jail.

Mrs. Thierry's attorney, Jerome Phillips, could not be reached for comment today because he is observing Yom Kippur, said an office secretary.

Police allege that Mrs. Thierry had a role in the massive mushroom-growing operation that Toledo police busted while responding to a reported burglary in East Toledo on Sept. 16. Police found the grow operation, though no one was in the house, and searched several other properties, all owned, in some part, by Mrs. Thierry's husband, Matthew Thierry, 41.

Mr. Thierry was charged with the same drug offenses as his wife; he was arraigned last week in Toledo Municipal Court and ordered to be held in the Lucas County jail in lieu of $50,000 bond. Mrs. Thierry, that day, paid the full amount in cash.

Two other men were also charged for their role in the operation: Mikael Stiles, 31, of 5360 Secor Rd., is charged with illegal manufacturing, possession of drugs, and trafficking in drugs. He posted a $50,000 surety bond. Ian Golbinec, 31, of 240 Eastern Ave., is charged with illegal manufacturing, possession of drugs, trafficking in drugs, and tampering with evidence. On Monday, Mr. Golbinec was released from the jail on his own recognizance.

Police have said they seized 137 pounds of mushrooms and valued the drugs at $3.1 million, but said the valuation could change once purity tests have been completed. Police believe that the mushroom seizure is the largest ever in the state.

In court documents, police allege that Mrs. Thierry had the drugs which were "prepared for shipment," assisted in the cultivation, and "did contact another by phone and ask that person to dispose of a thumb drive that was inserted into her husband Matthew Thierry's work laptop," the various charging documents state.

The charges were all filed on Tuesday.

Toledo police Sgt. Joe Heffernan could not be immediately reached for comment.