Toledoan admits to shooting teen on June 8

Deshawn Woods, 15, sentenced to 3 years in youth services facility


A Toledo teen who admitted to shooting another teen was sentenced today to spend at least 3 years in a Department of Youth Services facility.

Deshawn Woods, 15, pleaded delinquent in Lucas County juvenile court in June to felonious assault with a gun specification.

Judge Connie Zemmelman sentenced the Woods youth to two years for the gun specification and one year for felonious assault.

The maximum sentence for the gun specification was 3 years; the 1-year felonious assault sentence was mandatory.

Assistant Prosecutor Lori Olender agreed to not certify the teen as an adult if he pleaded to the charges.

The Woods youth shot Kevion Jones, 16, at Cherry and Bancroft streets on June 8. The Jones youth was shot in an arm and his abdomen.