Man withdraws arson guilty plea


After pleading guilty May 30 to setting a fire inside his grandmother’s house, a Toledo man Tuesday said he wanted to withdraw his plea because of a new state law that would require him to register his address in an arson offender registry.

Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Dean Mandros granted Kevin Lammie his request to withdraw his plea to one count of aggravated arson. The judge first explained to Mr. Lammie, 21, of 2802 Isha Laye Way, that by withdrawing his plea, he will again face the charges in the original indictment: two counts of aggravated arson and one count of burglary for the March 13 incident and a potentially longer prison sentence.

Mr. Lammie said he may be “forgetful” about registering his address each year. “I don’t want to be charged with a new charge for something as simple as not registering," he said.

Judge Mandros set the case for trial Aug. 12.