Prison sentence for sex-trafficker stands


COLUMBUS — The nine-year federal prison sentence that a former North Toledo man drew for transporting prostitutes, including a minor, across state lines as part of an escort service will stand.

The Cincinnati-based U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday rejected the appeal filed by Kevin L. Murphy, 54, related to three felony counts of transporting an individual for prostitution and two for transporting a minor for that purpose. The trips were to events in Michigan, Illinois, and Washington.

The appeals court found that U.S. District Court had properly extended Murphy’s sentence because he used undue influence over the minor some 30 years his junior, and used a computer to market her.

“The evidence showed that Murphy had previously struck A.J., and had photographed her in lingerie, swimsuits, and in the nude when she was only 15 years old,” the appeals court wrote.

“Although Murphy continued to deny, even after pleading guilty, that A.J. worked for him as an escort, Murphy could not explain the repeated instances that A.J. traveled with the entourage of women who he admitted worked for him as escorts.” A prior appeal had reduced Murphy’s sentence from 10 years to nine.