4 indicted in teen’s stabbing on UT campus


A Michigan man accused of stabbing a teen on the University of Toledo campus and three men who assaulted the alleged stabber were indicted Tuesday by a Lucas County grand jury.

Joseph Bialecki, 18, of Temperance, was indicted for felonious assault and aggravated riot for the Aug. 23 stabbing of Cody Halka, 17.

Domenic Hudson, 18, and Sheldon Wendel, 20, both of 1909 Christie St., and Emilio Cloyne, 18, of 1719 Kelsey Ave., each were indicted for felonious assault and aggravated riot for allegedly kicking and punching Mr. Bialecki in the face and body. Mr. Hudson also was indicted for failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer and obstructing official business.

Rob Miller, chief of the special units division for the Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office, said Mr. Bialecki and a friend apparently were walking back to their dorm when a car pulled up with five men inside who began calling them names. An argument ensued, and Mr. Bialecki allegedly showed them he had a knife.

A physical fight ensued between Mr. Bialecki and young Halka, who was winning the fight until he was stabbed, Mr. Miller said. At that point, Mr. Bialecki began to run away and was chased down by Mr. Hudson, Mr. Cloyne, and Mr. Wendell, who beat him until he was unconscious, Mr. Miller said.

When police arrived, Mr. Hudson allegedly fled from officers.

Mr. Miller took issue with a defense attorney for Mr. Hudson who contended in Toledo Municipal Court that he was simply defending his friend, young Halka.

“They were not defending. They were punishing,” Mr. Miller said. “They chased [Mr. Bialecki] down and beat the hell out of him instead of calling police and rendering aid to their friend.”

Investigators believe at least some of those involved had been drinking.

— Jennifer Feehan