Toledo murder suspect to be extradited from Canada


MONTREAL -- A Canadian judge ordered a Toledo man, accused of killing his wife almost a year ago, be extradited to Ohio.

The 13-page extradition order from Judge Guy Cournoyer was issued Tuesday. It was not known when the suspect, Kyle Sheppard, 30, would return to the United States.

Mr. Sheppard is charged with murder for the death of his wife, Katie Sheppard, 29 and was arrested in Saguenay, Quebec, Canada, after turning himself in to local police.

Mrs. Sheppard's body was found late Nov. 2 by a Toledo police officer who was called to the couple's home on Rivard Road after Mrs. Sheppard did not show up for work and could not be reached by friends and family members. Her husband turned himself in two days.

Mrs. Sheppard's body, according to court records, was found on a front porch, wrapped in a blanket. Officials said it appeared her body had been "posed" with her hands folded across one another. A belt was wrapped around her neck, according to court records.

According to court records, Saguenay police Constable P. Tessier is expected to testify in court that the suspect claimed his wife was cheating on him.

Constable Mario Turcotte, from the same Canadian police department, told officials Mr. Sheppard "told him he strangled his wife and that their relationship had been up and down. Sheppard stated he was trying to control her because he suspected she was cheating on him" after reading text messages on Mrs. Sheppard's cell phone.