Teen sentenced for causing standoff at Scott High


A teen accused of taking a realistic-looking pellet gun and a knife into Scott High School and causing a 90-minute standoff with Toledo police was sentenced today in Lucas County juvenile court.

Louis Stroude, Jr., 14, of Toledo, was ordered to do 30 hours of community service and to attend private counseling sessions, said assistant county Prosecutor Lori Olender.

The Stroude youth will not go back to Scott and will likely be home-schooled, Ms. Olender said.

If the teen does not comply with the sentence, he could have to serve six months in the Department of Youth Services.

On Dec. 18, the teen pleaded guilty and was found delinquent of illegal conveyance of a deadly weapon for having a knife in his bookbag, possession of an object indistinguishable from a gun, and inducing panic.

Toledo police were called to the central city high school on Dec. 2 for a report of a student with a gun.

After more than an hour-long standoff with the teen, the boy was taken into custody and officers found the gun was not real, though it looked real, police said.