Grand jury returns no bill in shooting

Police: Gunman feared for life


No charges will be filed in the November shooting death of a Toledo man outside a South Toledo bar, a Lucas County grand jury decided Thursday.

The grand jury found that no further investigation was needed into the death of Jomar Quinn, 26, who was shot in a parking lot at Royale Place, 4216 Airport Hwy.

The shooter was never publicly identified. Police said at the time that the man had a concealed carry permit, spoke to police immediately about what happened, and surrendered his firearm.

Sgt. Joe Heffernan, spokesman for Toledo police, said Thursday that there had been a disagreement inside the bar and Quinn left. When the other man left, he was confronted by Quinn, who “had some words with him and displayed a firearm,” Sergeant Heffernan said.

“The victim was also armed, and, feeling his life was in danger because of Mr. Quinn displaying the firearm on his person, fired his weapon and struck Mr. Quinn,” he explained.

The shooter said he felt Quinn was going to shoot him, and the grand jury obviously believed him, Sergeant Heffernan said.