Signs of child abuse, neglect


Indicators of physical abuse:

● Unexplained bruising or repeated injuries.

● Behavioral extremes, including withdrawal, aggression, regression.

● Excessive fear of the parent or caregiver and wariness of physical contact.

Indicators of sexual abuse:

● Promiscuity or seductive behavior.

● Recurrent nightmares, disturbed sleep patterns, or fear of the dark.

● In young children, preoccupation with his/​her sexual organs, his/​her parents’ or other children’s.

Indicators of emotional abuse:

● A variety of disorders, including eating disorders, stuttering, biting, and head banging .

● Weight or height significantly below the norm.

● Self-isolation and cruel behavior to other children or animals.

Where to go for help

● If you are being abused or suspect child abuse, call the Child Protective Services agency at 419-213-CARE (2273). Calls are taken 24 hours a day, seven days a week.