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Real estate transfers

May 30, 2003


Robert and Laurel Gorzelski to Toledo Zoological Society, 311 Amherst, $96,000.

Robert and Margaret Graham to Beverly Jacobs, 5927 Gay, $122,000.

Helen Goncz to Michael Szymczak, Jr., 1626 Milroy, $80,000.

Leonard Graney to Becky Taylor and others, 6737 Burnham Green, $96,500.

Witte Family Co. Ltd. to Keith and Julie Scherzer, 9916 South Blue Prairie, Whitehouse, $52,000.

Roger Tucholski and Lyn Samiec-Tucholski to Christopher Koons and others, 2460 Carriage, $159,000.

Gary Smith and others to Gary Smith and others, 211 North Second, Waterville, $14,777.19.

Steven and Carla Burke to John and Judith Kandiguranis, 8250 Cherry Blossom, Holland, $180,000.

Christopher and Theresa Westfall to Angel Bair and others, 2002 Marlow, $96,000.

Joel and Barbara Beutler to James and Un Chang, 6502 Danny, Maumee, $155,000.

Sheldon and Wendy Brownstein, co-trustees, to Dale and Ellen Vermilya, 4402 Dovewood, Sylvania, $550,000.

Michelle and Robert Felser, Jr. to Randal and Anne Monnin, 4116 Meadow Green, Sylvania, $199,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to George and Martha Campbell, 619 Highland Creek Ct., Holland, $162,000.

Donald Kuhn to Richard and Michelle Nieman, 3245 and 3247 North McCord, $130,000.

Cornel Vancorp and Kathleen Shanahan to Stephanie and Thomas Matuszak, 5617 Dianne Ct., $257,500.

Phyllis Cowan to Donald and Stacie Wachowiak, 6726 Sparrow Hill, Sylvania, $173,000.

Kent and Susan Olman to Daniel and Cynthia Staltman, 7025 Shadowcreek, Maumee, $165,000.

R.L. Baumgartner Builders to Kent and Susan Olman, 7463 Kaolin, Maumee, $218,000.

James E. Moline Builders Inc. to William and Jane Hamm, 7001 Secluded Pines, Maumee, $325,900.

Robert and Lisa McPherson, trustee, to James and Sandra Pagoaga, 21 Winding Creek, Sylvania, $317,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to James H. Johnson Builders Inc., 717 Whisperlake, Holland, $45,900.

Carolyn Bushel to Tom and Brenda Maloney, 24 Lansdowne, $139,000.

Washington Mutual Bank FA, successor, to John Naseef, 708 Magnolia, $10,000.

DFB Property Management Co. Inc. to Sonya Woods, 1718 Freeman, $4,500.

Monica McGowan and Maron Raymon to Anthony Castaldi, 5048 Summer, Sylvania, $227,000.

Veronica and Walter Hughes III to James and Donna Biddle, 6013 Pembridge, $123,500.

Michael and Phyllis Pence to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, 2427 Woodfox, $92,000.

Karen Vandaele to James Patterson III, 3317 Elmont, $94,000.

Michael and Lisa Collins to Kristi and Stephen Billings II, 937 Southover, $99,900.

Pamela Cohen, trustee, to Darin Bowman, 2033 Chase, $50,500.

Pamela and Stuart Cohen to Darin Bowman, 175 Austin, $33,500.

Gerald Morrissey to Darin Bowman, 655 Segur, $78,350.

Randal Monnin and others to W.S. and Rabina Blackshear, 4822 Sylvan Ct., Sylvania, $138,000.

Mark and Cheryl Engfer to Theodore and Barbara Hickey, 3318 East Lincolnshire, $136,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Andrew and Suzanne Harshman, 9154 Wintergreen Ct., Sylvania, $39,332.

Robert Murray to James McMaster, 154 Everett, $2,800.

Judy Schwind to Michael and Cynthia Meacham, 535 Crittenden, $69,900.

Diane and Paul Lynch to Robert Hartford, 2070 and 2074 Alabama, Oregon, $20,000.

Betty Steinman, trustee, to Sherick Hughes, 3756 Elmhurst, $139,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to J. Moses Construction Ltd., 31 and 39 St. Catherine Ct., Holland, $80,000.

Cynthia Steusloff to Lisa Gregory, 0 Shaffer, Swanton, $40,000.

David and Krisha Fansler to Scott Webber, 2311 Georgetown, $110,000.

Barchick Custom Homes Inc. to Clark and Stephanie Alkire, 7435 Winterberry Ct., Maumee, $40,900.

Mark and Cindy Tirey to Kurt Thomley and others, 2528 Wyndale, $136,800.

John and Jane Weber to Barbara Hunter, 1613 Fallbrook, $253,000.

Fannie Mae to Carl Bonds, Jr., 3247 Blackstone, $24,500.

Todd and Rebecca Gundrum to Shannon Meyer, 5837 Summer Place, Sylvania, $240,000.

Hazel Karrick to John and Kelly Heninger, 1360 Oak, $6,800.

Ottawa Community Development Corp. to Anthony Bumphis, 1731 Ottawa, $164.

Karen Costilla to Mario Ramirez, 1807 North Michigan, $12,500.

Donald Jaegle to Alda Haddad, trustee, 2413 Parliament, $135,000.

Residential and Commercial

Neighborhood Housing Services of Toledo Inc. to Youssef Saadeh, 451, 453, and 459 East Broadway, $14,000.


1606 Laskey Associates to JCR Properties Ltd., 1606 West Laskey, $375,000.

Paul and Marcia Grandsko to Aqua Properties 2 LLC, 2543 North Reynolds, $240,000.

June 2, 2003


Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises Inc. to R. Anthony Burel, 6212 Laurel Oak, $207,810.

R. Anthony Burel to Shannon Gilham, 5956 Black Oak, $82,900.

Debra and George Bowland, Jr. to John and Denise Roberts, 6968 North River, Waterville, $340,000.

Norma Kinney to Lizetta Lauber, 3124 Wynnewood, $129,000.

Kimberly Reed to Daniel Davis, 745 Alvison, $65,000.

Holly Pflager-Yeager to Ryan Marx and others, 3325 Anderson Pkwy., $110,000.

Matthew and Lori Murray and others to Luann Halka, 2057 Blanche, Oregon, $92,200.

Pamela Toth to George and Leona Wagner, 1056 Merry Dell, Oregon, $218,000.

E. Douglas and Edna Taylor to Jiri and Dagmar Tichy, 5552 Citation, $350,000.

Susan and Chad Ingram to Franklin and Cynthia Tremblay, 3934 Hazelhurst, $71,000.

Daniel Thompson to Brian Cannon, 1337 Pennelwood, $74,000.

James and Jeanette Shadix to Chad Graham and others, 4842 Fair Oaks, $140,000.

Randy and Paula Cavanaugh to Reloaction Inc., 10041 Laplante, Monclova, $210,000.

Reloaction Inc. to John and Michelle Penn, 10041 Laplante, Monclova, $210,000.

Sharmane McCray to Associates Financial Services of Delaware Inc., 114 West Park, $26,000.

Associates Financial Services of Delaware Inc. to Westhaven Group, 114 West Park, $19,000.

David Atwell to Gary Breymaier, 3164 Quarry, Maumee, $185,250.

Douglas and Pamela Stieb to Ann Barschel, 3519 Murd, Sylvania, $55,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Michael and Beth O'Quinn, 2912 Squirrel Bend, $350,000.

Dennis and Linda Foster to Kathy Grant, 3238 and 3240 Maher, $50,000.

Don Kuhn Builders Inc. to Brian and Marcia Chambers, 8759 Willow Pond, Sylvania, $99,000.

Anthony and Beth Cardillo to Kurt and Christine Hattendorf, 2302 Stonybrook, Sylvania, $284,000.

Kathleen Devine to Michael and Wendy Finch, 2760 Arletta, $97,000.

Amy and Kevin Carroll, trustees, to Roger Tucholski, 10631 Obee, Whitehouse, $480,000.

David Bohman to Kathy Liner, 808 Corey, Maumee, $115,000.

Linda Hillabrand to Mark and Dawn Sundstrom, 11754 Monclova, Monclova, $259,500.

Craig and Rebecca Vassar to Michael Emery, 5847 Staghorn, $79,900.

John Beck to Heather Ody, 4205 North Haven, $86,500.

Lovell Diggins, Jr. to Nancy and Robert Lohman, 1441 Goodale and 1735 Joffre, $70,000.

Troy and Melissa Waldron to Royine Chamberlain, 2446 Greenlawn, $127,000.

Steve Bubulya to Cheryl Deal, 6955 Dorr, #82, $98,500.

Thomas Conlan, trustee, to Tod and Kathleen Losey, 4725 Woodland, Sylvania, $209,000.

Patrizia and William Houttekier II to Mathurin Malby, 4432 Burnham, $93,500.

Grace Merryman to Caroline and Shawn Meehan, 4879 and 4883 292nd, $60,000.

David and Christine Marok to Matthew Rardin, 6461 Eastview, Whitehouse, $87,000.

Tamra Williams to Robert Bartels and Tobie Sadd, 1937 Clarenden, $120,500.

George Riley, Jr. to Gina Crispen, 2626 101st, $87,000.

William Rooks, Jr. to Asbury Properties Ltd., 1837 Mansfield, $62,000.

Liliana Cohen to Randy Ison and Mary Walsh, 1931 Perth, $88,000.

Terry and Victoria Luhring to Richard and Carol Jenne, 3083 Villa, $161,000.

Sheryl Beale to Robert Haynes, 5320 Sandra, $119,000.

John Clark and Jacqueline Bailey to Ann Welch, 3806 149th, $154,000.

William and Mary Gray to Todd and Dianna Craig, 3936 Imperial, $167,000.

Edward Labounty to Richard Wunderley, 1214 Delence, $19,500.

Margaret Horvath to Delbert and Susan Huston, 42 Magyar, $25,000.

Charles Breeden to Arron McLuckie, 311 White, $60,000.

Brenda and Derek Booth to Edward McFarlen, 535 Myers, $80,000.

Citifinancial Inc. to Westhaven Group, 639 Carlton, $37,000.

Margaret Lengemann to Sarah Nadrasik, 4305 Commonwealth, $89,777.

John and Kathleen Zahn to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 2626 Overbrook, $164,000.

Kenneth and Margaret Doan to Raymond Lewis, 537 Raymer, $84,900.

Gemcap Equity Management Inc. to Kristina Percival, 1627 Krieger, $64,890.

Rose Haley, successor trustee, to Michael Mota, 3219 Cambridge; 1215 Waverly; 1136 Upton; and 1016 Curtis, $69,976.

Catholic Charitable Ministries Fund to James Ledyard, 1912 Loxley, $47,500.

Kevin Overy to Donald and Kathy Newman, 1438 Vassar, $115,500.

Kevin Overy to Pinulm Properties LLC, 849 Geneva, $54,000.

Dawn Payne to Benjamin Coon, 4343 Vermaas, $101,300.

Kevin Overy to Lee Winans, 5963 Walnut Circle, unit 5, $44,000.

Lukecorp Inc. to GN Management LLC, 1216 Buckingham, $11,550.

Kevin Overy to Glen and Lynnette Schramm, 5963 Walnut Circle, unit 21, $35,420.

Anna Danko to Joseph Kowalski, 2931 Schneider, $116,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, trustee, to Wanda Czech, 1839 Atwood, $48,975.

Kevin Overy to Joseph Eastman, 5923 Walnut Circle, unit 4, $34,600.

David Boldt to Scott Dusseau, 1005 East Manhattan, $13,500.

Kevin Overy to Cheryl and John Wakelin, Jr., 5916 Walnut Circle, unit 13, $58,640.

Kevin Overy to Cheryl and John Wakelin, Jr., 5916 Walnut Circle, unit 14, $58,640.

Kevin Overy to Property Now LLC, 5963 Walnut Circle, unit 9, $44,550.

Kevin Overy to Property Now LLC, 5963 Walnut Circle, unit 13, $42,900.

Kevin Overy to Property Now LLC, 5963 Walnut Circle, unit 14, $41,250.

Kevin Overy to Property Now LLC, 5963 Walnut Circle, unit 3, $43,175.

Kevin Overy to Property Now LLC, 5963 Walnut Circle, unit 7, $43,450.

Kevin Overy to Property Now LLC, 5963 Walnut Circle, unit 20, $44,000.

Thomas and Helen Lamb to John Rieger, 11905 Soul, Swanton, $131,900.

Paul and Sharon Belair to Michael and Rhetta Pickard, 3226 East Lincolnshire, $132,715.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Sandra Spoonmore, 1959 Silverpine Ct., $24,900.

Ruth Sharp Walcutt to Donald Maurer and Jeanne Perin Maurer, 5770 Staghorn, $115,000.

Wendy and Jimmy Foor, Jr. to Doug Brenner and Jennifer Alston-Brenner, 6510 Hill, $86,350.

D. Garrison, trustee, to Ricarda Edwards, 32 Prescott, $13,000.

Peter Cardillo to Robert and Emily Colgan, 5685 Corey Cove, $140,000.

Ronald Bellman to Jeffrey and Jennifer Moore, 10707 Neapolis-Waterville, Waterville, $56,650.

Kelby and Carla Marlett to Donald and Rosalie Zell, 1959 Cherrylawn, $139,900.

James Huss to Westhaven Group, 1014 White, $4,000.

Dorothy Zeadker to Barbara Scott, 2142 Nevada, $56,000.


Capital Bank NA to Toledo Area Community Credit Union, 5520 Monroe, Sylvania, $300,000.

Benjamin and Gladys Green to Glass City Holdings LLC, 1806 West Bancroft, $77,000.

Nour Taouil to Kathleen and Albert Ondrus, Jr., 523 Oak, $29,474.64.

Certified Oil Co-Northwest to Ronald and Elizabeth Schuster, 4629 North Summit, $125,001.

Edward Bessire to Kaufman Investments LLC, 2061 Tremainsville, $312,000.

James and Lelah Steele to Fastenal Co., 1546 West Sylvania, $230,000.


Rodney Hyler to American 1st Title Agency Inc., trustee, 1620 Kieswetter, Holland, $335,000.

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