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Daily Log

Daily Log: 4-22


Bay Park Community Hospital

Tarrah Ridley, Toledo, boy, April 19.

Erica Rippeth, Oregon, boy, April 20.

Lisa Meadows, Toledo, girl, April 20.


Flower Hospital

Senia Aguilar, Toledo, boy, April 14.

Chanel Williams and Nathaniel Hopkins, III, Toledo, boy, April 15.

Lori Buescher, Toledo, girl, April 16.

Talesha Richardson, Toledo, girl, April 16.

Danielle Wagner, Toledo, boy, April 17.

Krissie Godlewski, Temperance, boy, April 18.

Hannah and Jason Rogers, Delta, Ohio, girl, April 18.

Amy and William Spengler, Toledo, boy, April 19.


Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Sherry Hall, Toledo, girl, April 15.

Crystal and Robert Swaisgood, Haskins, Ohio, girl, April 16.

Samantha and Josh Humberger, Oregon, boy, April 18.


St. Luke’s Hospital

Sara Fischer, Sylvania, boy, April 19.

Shannon Steinhauser, Perrysburg, boy, April 20.

Ciera and Lawrence Neal, Toledo, girl, April 20.


Toledo Hospital

Heather and John Rork, Toledo, boy, April 20.

April and David Hildreth, Delta, Ohio, boy, April 20.

Ruth and Joshua Yado, Toledo, girl, April 20.

Kelly and Casey Burmeister, Lambertville, boy, April 20.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

April 19, 2011

Mark Rasmus, 33, transaction manager, and Brooke McCaffery, 34, office manager, both of Toledo.

Todd Faunce, 37, sheet metal worker, and Heather Stanley, 28, office assistant, both of Sylvania.

Nathan Lewis, 28, recording engineer, of Monclova, and Stephanie Junod, 25, nurse, of Maumee.

Daniel Shaffer, 30, landscaper and Jessica Sawyers, 21, both of Swanton.

Gregory Talbert, 29, customer service representative, of Holland, and Jessica Eureste, 27, server, of Toledo.

John Baker, Jr., 61, maintenance, and Janice Lewis, 53, shipping, both of Toledo.

Justin White, 27, warehouse worker, and Erika Tibbits, 26, county employee, both of Toledo.

Charles Hightower, Jr., 37, manager, and Alisia Kemp, 35, general inspector, both of Toledo.

Cesar Ruiz-Reyes, 25, and Catrina Wright, 29, both of Toledo.


April 20, 2011

Jeffrey Young, 27, media director, and Samantha Skeels, 23, substitute teacher, both of Maumee.

Sonny Whitfield, 24, manager, and Mariah Morehead, both of Toledo.

Harley Mavis, 30, cook, and Britany Smith, 21, both of Toledo.

Israel Rosas, 31, factory worker, and Stella Vargas, 36, factory worker, both of Toledo.

Ryan Spangler, 33, and Rochelle Parker, aka Hussar, 33, auditor, both of Toledo.

Dewight Supplee, 36, U.S. military, and Natalie Bounds, 32, teacher, both of Toledo.

Kristopher Lyons, 29, landscaping, and Brandi Fonseca, 30, both of Toledo.

John Stulpin, 26, building maintenance technician, and Teresa Jobbins, 35, both of Oregon.

Michael Angelini, 26. landscaping, and Brittany Seibert, 30, factory worker, both of Toledo.

Matthew Armstrong, 29, sales executive, and Heather Kohne, 26, waitress, both of Maumee.

Lynell Howard, 42, contractor, and Vashon Mitchell, 29, student, both of Toledo.

Michael Walker, Jr., 31, service clerk, and LaTresha Pitts, 28, nurse assistant, both of Toledo.

Christopher Gore, 38, maintenance, and Christina Muntz, 33, teacher, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Amburn, Patricia, 81, Lawson Street, Oregon, coronary artery disease.

Anderson, William, 83, Kilburn Road, Berkey, Ohio, dementia.

Bergstedt, Rosella, 81, Delta, Ohio, acute myocardial infarction.

Burg, Eileen, 59, Regents Park Boulevard, cancer.

Burr, Donna, 68, Locust Street, cardio respiratory arrest.

Carter, Maki, 4, Maple, pending.

Dygon, Clara, 88, Oak Ridge Street, cancer.

Flannagan, Thomas, 68, Starr Avenue, Oregon, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Garrett, Fred, 62, LaFontaine Drive, Curtice, renal cell carcinoma.

Geyman, Gerald, 72, Petersburg, Mich., respiratory failure.

Goudy, Elva, 97, Executive Parkway, vascular dementia.

Hamdan, Laurie, 72, Ward Street, dementia.

Harder, Paul, 53, Gibsonburg, Ohio, congestive heart failure.

Hawk, June, 83, Oakridge Drive, artery thrombosis.

Hoodlebrink, Lori, 52, Belmar Avenue, cardiac arrest.

Hooper, Eloise, 88, 5th Street, Waterville, congestive heart failure.

Jackson, Marian, 88, Wenz Road, renal failure.

Jaska, Debra, 53, South McCord Road, Holland, septic shock.

Johnson, George, Jr., 41, West Park Street, pending.

Jones, Doris, 84, Whiteford Road, Sylvania, cerebral vascular disease.

Kettle, Marilyn, 81, South Reynolds Road, congestive heart failure.

Kynard, Tamara, 44, Maple Street, pending.

Lindroth, Carole, 72, Byrne Road, metabolic encephalopathy.

Massey, Robert, 81, National Avenue, sepsis.

McCullough, Nancy, 61, McComb, Ohio, metabolic acidosis.

Mercer, James, 53, Jerusalem Road, Curtice, cancer.

Miller, Douglas, 54, Defiance, Ohio, hepatic failure.

Moore, Lee, 73, Tecumseh Street, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Parlette, Jeffrey, 46, North Main Street, Sylvania, heart disease.

Place, Cecilia, 92, North Holland Sylvania Road, aspiration pneumonia.

Quigley, William, 73, Glenbeigh Drive, Sylvania, sepsis.

Rarrick, James, 87, Crestwood Road, acute myocardial infarction.

Ray, Patricia, 82, Newcastle Drive, Sylvania, leukemia.

Reed, Vera, 90, Bedford Township, congestive heart failure.

Richardson, Pamela, 56, Manakiki Drive, Holland, cancer.

Scurles, Oneda, 55, Cherry Street, respiratory failure.

Shaud, Donald, 72, Petersburg, Mich., cancer.

Shaw, Harold, 79, Defiance, Ohio, cardiac arrest.

Simek, Joseph, 88, Monroe, Mich., accident.

Smietanski, Richard, 82, South Pine Court, Maumee, cerebrovascular accidents.

Sproles, James, 74, Ida, Mich., tracheal broncho fistula.

Steiger, Robert, 85, Manley Road, Monclova Township, cardiac arrest.

Steinhurst, Ruth, 88, Stafford Drive, Oregon, alzheimer’s disease.

Steinmetz, Paul, 59, Tiffin, Ohio, squamous-cell carcinoma.

Storch, Julia, 92, Napoleon, Ohio, accident.

Stuard, James, 77, West Bancroft Street, cancer.

Wallerstein, David, 36, Broadway Street, homicide.

Weirauch, Raymond, 87, Dawson Street, malnutrition.

Williams, Arline, 87, Grenlock Drive, Sylvania, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Winnie, Dennis, 63, Eastmoreland Drive, Oregon, pending.

Worstell, John, 75, Fayette, Ohio, diabetes.

Zuniga, Mike, 70, Oakmont Street, arrhythmia.


Crime reports


Alan Rose, 400 block of Hayes, unknown person broke in home, no loss reported.

Leslie Box, 1000 block of Olson, known person broke in home, no loss reported.

Sallinsrie Turner, South Irwin, Swanton, copper pipes from home in the 100 block of Wellington.

Kyrie Marksch, 700 block of Balfe, TVs, laptop computer, video game, and remote.

Howell Poucher, 5400 block of Armada, cash.

Jason Swain, 1700 block of Wychwood, assorted jewelry.

Kavanna Hunter, 700 block of Leach, TV, shoes and clothing.

Robert Falk, 300 block of Deline, video game, video cartridges, jewelry box, laptop computer, assorted jewelry, silver coins, and personal papers.

Michael Campbell, Donna, Maumee, hot water tank and copper pipes from home in 1300 block Western.

Scott Rodriguez, 2000 block of Delence, stereo equipment, video game, DVDs, chain saw, and DVD player.

Anthony Abron, Columbus, Ohio, furnace, tools, and building supplies from home in the 1200 block of Halstead.

Tamara Chatman, 1100 block of Norwood, cash and coats.

Brad Weiker, 700 block of Spencer, two bicycles and tools.

Lakisha Atkins, 1500 block of Pinewood, two TVs.

Phillip Kuriz, 5800 block of Ryewyck, laptop computer.

Gloria Green, 500 block Baden, copper pipes and furniture from home in the 400 block of Sixth.

Dwane Young, 600 block of West Central, furnace, water heater, washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove refrigerator, furniture, TV, plumbing, clothing, wiring, and four rolls of carpet pad.

Patricia Sutherland, 6000 block of Meadowvale, TV.

Terron Rankin, 400 block Heathershire, yellow 1978 Pontiac Bonneville.

Maumee Valley Day School, 1700 block of South Reynolds, cash and snack products.

Diane Green, 1600 block of Acorn, computer monitor and three TVs.

Mathew Dibble, 1200 block of Steeple Chase, video games, camera, personal papers, safe, laptop computer, and handguns.

TCCN/Oakwood Homes, 1800 block of Collingwood, furnace, waster heater, kitchen appliances, and air conditioning unit from home in the 1600 block of Norwood.

Colleen Billheimer, 4200 block of Caroline, copper pipes and screw gun.

Rick Coster, 600 block of Cloverdale, cable saw, radio, and beer.

Ashelyn Stoner, 2000 block of Kensington, TV, cash, text books, iPod touch, car stereo, keys, black 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix, laptop computer, and camera.

Korhica Morgan, 300 block of Beacon, three TVs.

Karen Hamman, 200 block of Plymouth, assorted jewelry and cash.

David Fitch, 100 block of Midvale, TV, DVD player, laptop computer, iPod touch, camera, stand, DVDs, video game, video controllers, video cartridges, GPS unit, stereo system, jacket, personal checks, golf bag, golf clubs, jewelry, softball bag and equipment.

Diana Attie, 1100 block of Juliet, assorted jewelry, satchel, and flat screen TV.

Violet Williams, 3500 block of North Erie, TV and video game system.

John Lyons, Jr., 2200 block of Rosewood, video game, iPods, and cash.

Rebecka Brewer, 1100 block of Brookview, tables, cooking pans, dishes, and silverware.

Samantha Golladay, 5000 block of Jamieson, TV, video games, cash, hats, jewelry, tennis shoes, and computer system.

Charmine Crumb, 2000 block of Elliott, TVs, video games, and computer.

Richelle Gray, 2700 block of Alisdale, ipod touch.

R & M Recycling, unit block of West Sylvania, $10,000 worth of H beams and other metal materials.

Noneman Real Estate, 3500 block of Secor, kitchen sink, copper pipes, and shower fixtures from home in 800 block of Atlantic.



Davis College, 4700 block of Monroe, three laptop computers.

Glenwood Elementary School PTA, 2800 block of Glenwood, cash.

Angela Hahn, 600 block of Elmdale, Ohio Direction card from 300 block of St. Marys.

Timothy McCoy, 2300 block of Auburn, cash and credit card from residence.

Brittany Robbins, 5700 block of Dorr, wallet and contents from Dorr at Reynolds.

Myrah Musa, 2500 block of Plum Leaf, purse and contents from 5400 block of Airport.

Anthony Justice, 2400 block of Wembley Terrace, laptop computer, cellular phone chargers, personal papers, briefcase and contents from vehicle on Monroe at North Huron.

Rebecca Shiffert, 1100 of Page, Ohio, car from residence.

Frederick Cline, Stewart, Sylvania, chipper/shredder, lawn mower, gas grill, lawn sweeper, lawn roller, and loading ramps from home in the 300 block of Beecher.

Sharon Frederick, West Stern, Temperance, purse and contents from hospital in 2100 block of North Cove.

Seah Brown, 3200 block of Maple, laptop computer and TV from residence.

Luann Perrine, 900 block of Alvison, jewelry and prescription medication from residence.

Tashika Glover, 1600 block Fernwood, air conditioner unit from residence.

Akiska Ervin, 1600 block of Palmwood, air conditioner unit from yard of residence.

Nichole Johnson, 5800 block of Fairhaven, purse and contents from vehicle in the 1900 block of West Alexis.

Barbara Ransom, Burrwood, Sylvania, purse and contents from vehicle in the 4400 block of Heatherdowns.

Felipe Trevino, 5200 block of West Bancroft, cash from residence.

Donald Beatty, 300 block of Champion, dash laser, CB radio, police light bar control box, GPS unit, and speakers from vehicle at home.

John Taylor, 4100 block of South Terrace View, bank card from 2100 block of North Cove.

Courtney Higgs, 900 block of Nevada, purse and contents from vehicle on Lagrange at Moore.

Stacy O’Brien, West River, Perrysburg, laptop computer, GPS unit, purse and contents from vehicle in unit block of Main.

Marianne Reece, Forest Hills, Mau­mee, purse and contents from vehicle in the 3900 block of Heatherdowns; purse was later recovered.

Tiffany Carroll, 1600 block of Norwood, air conditioning unit from residence.

Tamika Cable, 1600 block of Norwood, air conditioning unit from residence.

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