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Daily Log

Daily log 7-16


Bay Park Community Hospital

Darcie Pierce, Toledo, girl, July 15.

St. Luke's Hospital

Cara Swain, Toledo, boy, July 14.

Shekera Robinson, Toledo, girl, July 13.


Coroner's Rulings

The Lucas County Coroner has ruled in the following deaths:

Christopher Zimmerman, 35, of Holland, July 5, at home. Accidental, cervical spine dislocation; auto was struck by uprooted tree.

Timothy Buck, Jr., 34, of Monclova, March 21, at Flower Hospital. Accidental, complications of hyperthermia.

Jaxon Lundy, 8 months, of Toledo, July 7, Mercy St. Charles Hospital. Accidental, positional asphyxia; deceased became entrapped between mattress and wall.

Jean McCormick, 82, of Holland, July 2, at Ebeid Hospice. Accidental, complications of blunt force trauma right lower extremity; deceased had unwitnessed fall at retirement home.

Phillip McDowell, 66, of Toledo, June 27, at Toledo Hospital. Accidental, gunshot wound of the chest; deceased was shot by own gun as it fell out of vest pocket.

Graylin Partin, 57, of Toledo, July 7, at University of Toledo Medical Center. Accidental, multiple blunt force injuries sustained from being struck by vehicle.


Crime reports


Victor Rodriguez, laptop computer and DVD player with movies from residence in 2300 block of Torrey Hill.

Cheryl Thompson, jewelry, laptop computer, and video game system with game and controller from residence in 2100 block of Laurel Valley.

Amanda Buckner, video game system from residence in 500 block of Earl.

Misty Cappelletty, computers, WiFi Box, digital camera, and refrigerator from residence in 300 block of Parker.

Jeff Carder, firearms, safe, video game systems, TVs, iPods, and baseball hats from residence in 400 block of Boxhall.

Lakisha Reid, TVs, video game systems, radio system, laptop computers, iPod, and set of rims from residence in 1000 block of Norwood.

Shanile Harris, TV from residence in 900 block of Shadow.

Jeffery Hill, riding lawn mower from shed in 1700 block of Welker.

Quintin Sheares, rims, TVs, and box with speakers from vehicle in 2000 block of Woodbridge.

Brittany Smith, bookbag with cash, welfare card, food stamp card, credit card, and personal documents from street in 1300 block of Felt.

Christopher Hackett, rims and tires from vehicle in 1100 block of Oakwood.

Christine Miano, paint, flower arrangements, garbage cans, dishes, and office supplies from residence in 2300 block of Ward.

Timothy Lorigan II, jewelry and medicine from residence in 5700 block of Angola.

Isaiah Palmer, handgun from vehicle in 1000 block of Buckingham.

Rocquel Berry, bank card from residence in 600 block of Hamilton.

Billie Fry, checks, cable TV equipment, air conditioner, and furniture from residence in 5900 block of Adelaide.

Christopher Smith, jewelry, video games, digital camera, and DVDs from residence in 500 block of Carlton.

Elva Selmi, credit cards, checks, cash, and driver's license from vehicle in 500 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Karen Belans, smart phone, purse, wallet, cash, credit cards, driver's license, and keys from vehicle in 500 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Mary Haas, credit cards, cash, and personal documents from vehicle in 500 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Timothy Wilson, handgun from residence in 2200 block of Hinde.

Darryl Crooks, wallet, debit card, cash, and personal documents from vehicle in 2200 block of Ottawa Parkway.

Denyce Calvin, purse with personal papers, checkbook, and cash from residence in 3200 block of Collingwood.

Kimberly Steinbock, jewelry, iPod, and cash from vehicle in 2000 block of Westmeyer.

Jacoia Phillips and Dominique Bradley, smart phone, purse, debit cards, cash, keys, speeding ticket, and pair of tennis shoes from vehicle in 1900 block of Kensington.

Roslyn Stokes, cash from women's shelter in 100 block of 20th.

Virginia Zomkowski, central air conditioner unit from residence in 400 block of Mettler.

Matthew Simoni, medicines from residence in 2400 block of Nebraska.

Hot Kixx, safe, cash, and clothing from business in 4500 block of Monroe.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Richard Vaughan, Jr., from Jeanna Vaughan.

Keith Uerkwitz from Lisa Uerkwitz.

Lisa Uerkwitz from Keith Uerkwitz.

Susan Mettler-Sugg from Gary Sugg.

Chauna Tye from Billy Tye.

Amy Van Dromme from Zachery Van Dromme.

Darryl Roberts from Shawn Roberts.

Thomas Rogers from Jennifer McFate-Rogers.

Darnae Petty from Kathy Petty.

Corinna Ellsworth from William Ellsworth.

Cindy Vanous from Glenn Vanous.

Jocelyn Kambas from Ryan Kambas.

Brandy Dinkins from Philemon Dinkins.

Daniel Barker from Jolene Barker.

Christine Celestino from Juan Celestino, Jr.

Thomas Houstin from Teri McMullin.

Elgie Summers from Angela James.

Faith Barrow-Waheed from Shamsuddin Waheed.

Becky Castaneda from Mohamed Elaasar.

Shannon Kusian from Jamie Kusian.

Jamie Kusian from Shannon Kusian.

Chris Plettner from Edith Plettner.

Robert Mayhew from Karen Mayhew.

Karen Mayhew from Robert Mayhew.

Ryan Midworth from Megan Midworth.

Robert Twigg from Lisa Neal.

Ronald Jeakle from Sara Jeakle.

Todd Amrhein from Kim Amrhein.

Manuel Arriaga from Michelle Arriaga.

Brittany Pierson from Yasser Saadeldein.

Tina Tipping from Roger Tipping, Sr.

Keevin London from Danielle Bryant.

Pamela Mendoza from Pascual Mendoza-Soto.

Dorothy Tate from Charles Travis.

Tamika Turner-Reid from Terrance Turner.

Arlena Zeek from William Pattillo.

Christin Show from Donald Futey.

Michael Willinger from Amy Willinger.

Omar Al-Tahan from Lorie Al-Tahan.

Debra Wyatt from Charles Wyatt.

Peter Siek from Andrea Siek.

Andrea Siek from Peter Siek.

Gary Bartek from Amy Bartek.

Amy Bartek from Gary Bartek.

Mohammad Qurban Ali from Carrie Qurban Ali.

Carrie Qurban Ali from Mohammad Qurban Ali.

Jamal Johnson from Darvoiress Johnson.

Rebecca Walczak from Brian Walczak.

Duane Bancroft, Jr., from Maggie Bancroft.

Karl Newman from Beth Newman.

Beth Newman from Karl Newman.

Shekita Anani from Anas Anani.

Jeanna Smith from Robert Jones.

Alysia Fehoko from Epafasi Fehoko.

Scott Jasin from Stephanie Louis.

Romona Rice from David Rice.

Stephen Berkebile from Julie Liberacki-Berkebile.

Deborah Brown from Darrell Brown.



Lucas County

Adam Welsh and Daphne Welsh.

Adrienne Armstrong and William Armstrong III.

Kristen Gordon and Todd Gordon.

Sara Zakorczennyj and Michael Zakorczennyj.

Marlene Flemmings and Monte Flemmings.

Lamarr Labiche and Myleene Labiche.

Melissa Lesinszki and Nicholas Lesinszki.

Robert Myers and Debra Myers.

Megan Rinehart and Michael Rinehart.

Daniel Schroeder and Alicia Schroeder.

Lois Harris and John Harris.

Brian Pratt and Kristen Pratt.

Fredrick Schell and Lisa Schell.

David Potts and Kelly Potts.

Arnold Lewis and Sandy Lewis.

C.L. Jones and Gwendolyn Jones.

Mark Eischen and Angela Eischen.

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