Daily Log: 10-16



Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Tinola Mayfield Guerrero and Steven Guerrero, Toledo, boy, Oct. 12.

Sandy and Rick Wrobel, Sylvania, boy, Oct. 13.

Julia Trevino, Toledo, girl, Oct. 14.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Jaime Papier, Toledo, girl, Oct. 14.

Stacey Schmenk, Toledo, girl, Oct. 14.

Erin and Josh Simpson, Perrysburg, boy, Oct. 14.

Toledo Hospital

Tiffany Nelson and Christophere Gambrell, Toledo, girl, Oct. 8.

Shatyra Riley, Toledo, girl, Oct. 9.

Dessie and Jarman Kilgore, Toledo, girl, Oct. 13.

Jennifer and John Silacci, Toledo, girl, Oct. 13.

Stephanie and Jeffrey Crawford, Walbridge, girl, Oct. 13.

Jana and Robert Oyerbides, Toledo, girl, Oct. 14.

Bernice and Terrance Watson, Toledo, boy, Oct. 14.

Sahar Ismail and Ali Kassem, Toledo, girl, Oct. 15.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Oct. 12, 2012

Matthew Primeau, 28, of Maumee, general laborer, and Rachel Huckaba, 24, social worker, of Perrysburg.

Christopher York, 35, carpenter, and Brandi Witt, 39, nurse, of Adrian.

Anthony Yarad, 30, mechanic, and Julie Bernal, 28, medical assistant, both of Swanton.

Bruce Robinson, 58, site manager, and Belinda Robinson, 52, nurse, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Alsbach, Alan, 62, 322nd Street, renal disease.

Battista, Charles, 76, Cresceus Road, Oregon, renal failure.

Beauch, Carol, 75, Angola Road, accident.

Blakely, Sean, 45, Collingwood Boulevard, pending.

Bobo, William, 87, Crestwood Road, cancer.

Buchanan, Mary, 87, Eastview Drive, Whitehouse, cancer.

Crandall, Mary, 72, South McCord Road, Holland, heart disease.

Decker, Ralph, 83, Thornbrook Trail, cancer.

Gergich, Derek, 22, Blue Spruce Court, pending.

Glassmoyer, Sandra, 67, Nebraska Avenue, coronary artery disease.

Hadley, Rachel, 88, Campbell Street, hepatoma.

Hilt, Deborah, 52, Eastern Avenue, cancer.

Houston, Betty, 80, Executive Parkway, ateriosclerosis.

Kaminski, Carol, 74, Leybourne Avenue, cancer.

Kemp, Doris, 83, South Crissey Road, Monclova Township, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Lizcano, Margaret, 73, Alexis Road, cancer.

Lute, Robert, Sr., 70, Carver Boulevard, MRSA endocarditis.

Miles, Cheryl, 53, Arletta Street, cancer.

Schumann, Marion, 79, Maumee Street, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Swain, Denver, Jr., 56, Brook Park Drive, cancer.

Whaley, Patricia, 71, Boxwood Street, cancer.

White Susanne, 66, Martin Lane, heart disease.

Crime reports


Michael Smith, tools from vehicle in 3800 block of Surrey.

Fred McGee, wallet with documents from vehicle in 1800 block of Wyndhurst.

James Hightower, wallet with cash, bank cards, gift cards, and personal documents from baseball field in 400 block of Washington.

Alan Grodi, bank check from residence in 5900 block of Secor.

Catherine Keil, cash and bicycle from residence in 2500 block of Airline.