Daily log: 11-10



Bay Park Community Hospital

Kimberly and Joshua Moon, Oregon, boy, Nov. 8.

Brandy Johnson, Port Clinton, girl, Nov. 8.

Emily and Joshua Sandwisch, Luckey, Ohio, boy, Nov. 9.

Flower Hospital

Tierica Cohen, Sylvania, boy, Nov. 5.

Brandi Burrell, Toledo, girl, Nov. 6.

Katherine and John McCarter, Monroe, boy, Nov. 6.

Amanda Wilhelm, Toledo, boy, Nov. 8.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Sarah Russell, Lambertville, boy, Nov. 6.

Rebecca and Daniel Ahern, Sylvania Township, boy, Nov. 6.

Brittney and Adam Mroz, Toledo, boy, Nov. 8.

Elida Coronado, Monclova Township, boy, Nov. 9.

Toledo Hospital

Taysia Bell, Toledo, boy, Aug. 30.

Samantha Barker, Toledo, boy, Nov. 1.

Shavone Belcher, Toledo, girl, Nov. 6.

Kelsey and Joel Berry, Toledo, twin boys, Nov. 8.

Tamika Cable, Toledo, girl, Nov. 8.

Sara Dotts, Maumee, boy, Nov. 8.

Sheila and Rodney Eason, Toledo, girl, Nov. 8.

Sarah and Matthew Hammitt, Perrysburg, boy, Nov. 8.

Michelle and Jason Wineland, Toledo, boy, Nov. 8.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Nov. 8, 2012

Brian Bengela, 42, and Tammy Keel, 40, both of Toledo.

Bryan Nisch, 39, of Toledo, and Heidi Stechschulte, 39, of Sylvania.

Ronald Fast, 65, retired, and Patricia Eastep-Codispoti, 60, receptionist, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Anderson, Marty, 49, Old Hickory Lane, Holland, pending.

Barthold, Mary, 71, Clover Lane, cerebral vascular disease.

Batdorf, Mary, 68, Liberty Center, Ohio, congestive heart failure.

Best, John, Sr., 83, Janet Avenue, Sylvania, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Bolles, Donald, 54, Quarry Road, Maumee, cancer.

Crockrel, Walter, Jr., 68, Gillcrest Road, Sylvania, sepsis.

Glover, Shirley, 58, Wenz Road, kidney disease.

Greaney, Stephen, 57, Fostoria, subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Hudspeth, Danny, 64, Academy Avenue, cirrhosis.

Hunter, Jack, 84, West Lincolnshire Boulevard, hypertensive heart disease.

Isabell, Gwendolyn, 68, Parkwood Avenue, renal failure.

Jeffries, James, Sr., 82, Dority Road, heart failure.

Kirian, Florence, 92, Ryan Road, Alzheimer’s disease.

Kuhn, Evelyn aka Sr. Mary, 89, Indian Road, congestive heart failure.

Loar, Harry, 84, York Township, Ohio, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Miller, James, 78, Harroun Road, Sylvania, coronary atherosclerosis.

Momenee, Donald, 76, Pierce Street, Maumee, cancer.

Pruhs, Mary, 80, Camberly Drive, heart disease.

Rossman, Donald, 27, Swanton, suicide.

Spalding, Donald, 81, Bayshore Road, Oregon, cancer.

Teel, William, 50, Adrian, cerebellar hemorrhage.

Wallace, Ruth, 87, West Wayne Street, Maumee, coronary artery disease.

Yoxthimer, Geraldine, 87, Western Avenue, cerebro vascular disease.


Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Cregg Green, shot on street at Glenwood and Castle.

Frederick Marsh, shot at on street at East Manhattan and Counter.

Shootings into dwellings

Adline Bank, Monique Jackson, and Janea King, occupied dwelling shot into.

DaJuan Coker, occupied dwelling was shot into.


Ronald Moon, assaulted and robbed of cash at gas station in 5800 block of Hagman.

Harold Frieson, threatened with gun and robbed of cash and jewelry outside residence in 1400 block of Tecumseh.

James Tyner, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash at parking lot in 1500 block of East Alexis.

Snip-N-Clip Barber Shop, cash from business in 3500 block of Heatherdowns.

Brandon McCullough, assaulted and robbed of cell phone on street in 2200 block of Dorr.

PNC Bank, teller threatened with handgun and robbed of cash from drawer at bank in unit block of South Reynolds.


Annette Morizen, purse with cash, checkbook, eyeglasses, and medicine from vehicle in 4200 block of Secor.

Maryann Nachtrab, purse with wallet, cash, bank cards, and driver's license from vehicle in 5400 block of Jackman.

Veronica Laverde, purse with wallet and bank card from residence in 1000 block of Alcott.

Anthony Governo, medicines, navigation system, radar detector, cell phone charger, hunting knives, and arrowheads from vehicle in 500 block of Albany.

Michelle Webb, navigation system, laptop computer, tablet computer, digital camera, and leather jacket from vehicle in 500 block of East Pearl.

Derek Schaeffer, cell phone stolen from office at Toledo Hospital in 2100 block of North Cove.

Kim June Le, GPS unit stolen from vehicle in 4400 block of West Sylvania.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Shawn Zornak from Teonna Zornak.

Tina Wilson from Gerald Hamilton.

Corrin Kessler-Bartel from Craig Bartel.

Charles Shepherd from Margaret Shepherd.

Helen Henderson from Floyd Henderson.

Michael Buchanan from Stephanie Ryan.

Tonya Swantek from Todd Swantek.

Jacqueline Baker from John Baker.

Florine Lawson from Rollin Lawson.

Najeeullah from LaToya Lambert.

Tabatha Fenter from Robert Fenter, Jr.

Michelle Scott from Ronmetrius Scott.

Amber Roberts from Gary Roberts.

Careyna Kusmierek from Jason Cooper.

Emily Warnott from Mohammed Albaaj.

Tammy McFarland from Andre McFarland.

Andre McFarland from Tammy McFarland.

Alisa Tippin from Colin Latter.

Aihua Lin from Siufung Au.

Kristie Hoag from Jed Hoag.

Jennifer Schramm from Charles Schramm.

Charles Schramm from Jennifer Schramm.

Michelle Klos from Donald Klos.

Donald Klos from Michelle Klos.

Susan Perrin from Jay Gittus.

Craig Mahaffey from Lindsay Mahaffey.

Lindsay Mahaffey from Craig Mahaffey.

Hosey Gullatt III from Lisa Gullatt.

Anita Castro from Natividad Castro.

Kimberly Krasula from Michael Krasula.

Sherry Chandler from Richard Chandler.

Barbara Waite-Shenk from Jay Shenk.

Jay Shenk from Barbara Waite-Shenk.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Jessica Finkel and Philip Raumberger.

Anis Naghmouchi and Ann Naghmouchi.

James Winterfeld, Jr. and Kristie Winterfeld.

Alexander Kossman and Holly Gregory.

David Hipp and Elizabeth Hipp.

Jacquelyn Rohloff and Richard Rohloff.

Susan Urbanski and Stephen Urbanski.

Dawn Matyi and Scott Matyi.