Daily log: 12-13



Bay Park Community Hospital

Elizabeth Williams, Port Clinton, boy, Dec. 11.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Deborah and John Smith, Perrysburg, boy, Dec. 11.

Megan and Jason Thomas, Maumee, boy, Dec. 11.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Dec. 11, 2012

Kyle McNeal, 25, package handler, and Iaesha Jeffries, 32, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Scott Gibson, 26, phlebotomist, and Marguerite Cervantes, 27, nurse, both of Oregon.

Kassim Manzi, 25, student, and Jessica Harris, 28, both of Toledo.

Clinton Hilyard, 43, professional mover, and Shannon Wetzel, 41, both of Toledo.

Oladapo Akanbi, 28, student, and Simone Jenkins, 24, student, both of Toledo.

Eric Hawthorne, Jr., 28, commercial tire technician, and Elysa Cole-Ali, 26, cosmetologist, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Aberl, Robert, Sr., 77, Northdale Drive, carcinoma.

Anderson, Robert, 58, Seagull Lane, glioblastoma multiforme.

Barnett, Brenda, 52, North Ontario Street, pending.

Beckham, James, 80, Carriage Drive, anoxic encephalopathy.

Beebe, Richard, 74, Rome Township, Mich., cerebral vascular accident.

Birchfield, Jerry, 67, Monroe Street, coronary artery disease.

Bohnsack, Matthew, 42, 285th Street, pending.

Bowser, Ann, 76, Annin Street, Holland, coronary arteriosclerosis.

Boykin, Alfred, 75, Collingwood Boulevard, coronary atherosclerosis.

Brothers, Joseph II, 79, Navarre Avenue, Oregon, cancer.

Brown, Hazel, 77, Walbridge, Ohio, respiratory arrest.

Burgard, Betty, 86, Erie, Mich., dementia.

Burmester, Willard, 94, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, debility.

Clark, Florence, 89, East Meadow Drive, Oregon, coronary artery disease.

Cross, Mary, 83, Glenway Street, dementia.

Cunningham, Nannie, 70, Scottwood Avenue, arteriosclerosis.

Davis, Dorothy, 90, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, respiratory failure.

Duellman, Catherine, 82, Lakeside-Marblehead, Ohio, cerebrovascular hemorrhage.

Duncan, Daryl , 84, Martin, Ohio, congestive heart failure.

Early, Johnnie Mae, 88, Milburn Avenue, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Galperin, Mark, 85, Brint Road, Sylvania, cancer.

Garcia, Salvador, Jr., 61, Fourth Street, Grand Rapids,Ohio, accident.

Gilmer, Willie, 42, Whiteford Road, Sylvania, Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Golden, Ida, 81, Nebraska Avenue, respiratory failure.

Golis, William, 78, Greenwich Lane, cancer.

Gomez, Mary, 69, Southwyck Boulevard, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Grazetti, John, 69, Browning Drive, Waterville, dementia.

Harrison, David, 63, Winnette Drive, heart disease.

Hayes, Katie, 82, North Detroit Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Heinzeroth, Otto, Jr., 94, Captiva Drive, Sylvania, coronary atherosclerosis.

Helpman, Betty, 93, North Holland-Sylvania Road, acute myocardial infarction.

Hoedt, Phillip, 66, Gibbs Street, Maumee, hypertensive heart disease.

Hughes, Willamae, 84, Newport, Mich., chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Kirkland, Lou, 76, Parkwood Avenue, coronary artery disease.

Knisely, Eva, 105, Ryan Road, dementia.

Levin, Leonid, 77, Cornwall Court, Sylvania, coronary artery disease.

Lewis, Patrick, 83, Erie, Mich., intracranial bleeding.

Lopez, Isabella, 75, Yates Street, coronary artery disease.

Lynn, Larry, 61, Stony Point Court, anoxic brain injury.

Manahan, Carol, 85, Indian Road, accident.

Mann, Joh, 75, Norwich Road, melanoma.

Mathews, Ralph, 86, Kilburn Road, Richfield Township, cancer.

McKahan, John, 83, Anthony Wayne Trail, Waterville, coronary artery disease.

McNeal, Patricia, 75, Woodside Terrace, Springfield Township, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Meisener, Gerald, 80, Longfellow Drive, respiratory failure.

Meyer, Jerrold, 78, Ravine Hollow, Maumee, coronary artery disease.

Miller, Charlotte, 85, Willys Parkway, dementia.

Mitchell, Geraldine, 77, Avondale Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Molnar, Mary, 79, Port Clinton, Ohio, multisystem organ failure.

Moreland, Rhilee, 5 hours, Acton Drive, prematurity.

Moreland, Rhilyn, 2 hours, Acton Drive, prematurity.

Morse, Timothy, 71, Tracy Road, Walbridge, cardiovascular disease.

Musch, Edna, 97, Harroun Road, Sylvania, Alzheimer’s disease.

Myers, Walter, 75, Franklin Avenue, cor pulmonale.

Napolski, Clementine, 95, Clarion Avenue, dementia.

Naslund, Robert, Sr., 87, Country Commons, Sylvania, cancer.

Navarre aka Folk, Laura, 78, Erie, Mich., leakocytosis.

Neubert, Carol, 79, Schmidlin Road, Oregon, accident.

Nolan, Jean, 66, Nantuckett Drive, cancer.

Null, Warren, 91, Illinois Avenue, Maumee, myocardial infarction.

Pappas, Mitcho, 91, King Run, cancer.

Parks, Harold, 71, Scottwood Avenue, heart disease.

Patton, Hobert, 77, Lincoln Green Street, Holland, coronary artery disease.

Pennington, Roy, 75, Westgate Road, accident.

Piasecki, Anthony, 59, North McCord Road, cardiovascular disease.

Pirucki, Clara, 100, Holland-Sylvania Road, urosepsis.

Pora, Virginia, 90, Bowling Green, intracranial bleed.

Pressley, Margaret, 66, Genoa, cancer.

Pugh, William, 89, Oakridge Drive, congestive heart failure.

Risner, Shirley, 76, State Street, cerebral infarction.

Riven, Jesse, 79, East Broadway Street, cerebrovascular accident.

Rodriguez, Kurt, 53, Linden Place, heart failure.

Rohn, George, 67, Mandell Road, organ failure.

Rohrs, Carl, 22, Napoleon, accident.

Rossler, Marie, 92, Suder Avenue, coronary artery disease.

Ruiz, Antonio, 34, Van Buren Avenue, pending.

Sadowski, Alice, 88, Butz Road, Maumee, debility.

Salsbury, Rosie, 80, Arlington, Ohio, cerebral infarction.

Schalk, Florus, 86, St. Francis Avenue, stroke.

Scheuer, Mary, 97, Metamora, Ohio, renal failure.

Schlievert, Patricia, 85, Curtice, Ohio, septic shock.

Schmidt, Betty, 86, County Road 42, dementia.

Schneider, Grace, 91, Isha Laye Way, renal failure.

Schultz, Louis, 82, Schmidlin Road, Oregon, accident.

Scott, Leroy, 66, Ottawa Drive, debility.

Sherman, Marvin, 86, Swanton, pending.

Sickmiller, Sandra, 75, Garden Lake Parkway, hypertension.

Sieja, Raymond, 88, Arlington Avenue, heart failure.

Simon, Marjorie, 82, South Beverly Hills Drive, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Spears, Shirley, 74, Pamshire Downs, Springfield Township, reaction to iron infusion.

Stapleton, Carolyn, 74, Chase Street, respiratory failure.

Stein, Thomas, 56, Birdie Drive, liver disease.

Stephen, Andre, 82, Mt. Airy Road, Sylvania, cancer.

Swanson, Vicki, 54, Woods Avenue, sepsis.

Szanto, Irene, 86, Caledonia Street, congestive heart failure.

Thomas, Delores, 66, North Erie Street, cancer.

Thomas, Eleanor, 90, Seaman Road, Oregon, coronary arteriosclerosis.

Toczynski, Clarissa, 93, Mt. Royal, cerebrovascular accident.

Trafelet, Effie, 75, Shepherd Drive, Maumee, Alzheimer’s disease.

Wahlgren, Ted aka Teodore, 77, South Reynolds Road, heart disease.

Warren, Mary, 93, Percentum Road, Sylvania Township, congestive heart failure.

Widanka, Chester, 84, 149th Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Wiggins, Leonard, 60, Collingwood Boulevard, cardiovascular disease.

Wilczynski, Mary, 87, North Holland-Sylvania Road, renal failure.

Woodard, Gary, 51, Arlington Avenue, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Xaiyarath, Chanda, 84, Bedford Lane, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Young, Linda, 63, Nebraska Avenue, hypertension.

Young, Nancy, 76, 149th Street, liver failure.

Zenz, Gladys, 85, Kendale Drive, anoxic brain injury.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Tommie Dean from Vergie Dean.

Jessica Taylor from Nicholas Taylor, Sr.

Christopher Sherman from Eugene Sherman.

Lisa Klebold from William Klebold II.

William Klebold II from Lisa Klebold.

Anissa Grimes from Bryan Grimes.

Robert Venables from Shirley Venables.

Margaret Penzinski from Carl Penzinski.

Carl Penzinski from Margaret Penzinski.

Robert Stewart from Sarah Stewart.

Ruben Garcia from Gudalupe Garcia.

LaCreeta Alexander from William Johnson.

Gregory McNeir from Jeannette McNeir.

Melissa Corben-Vribes from James Vribes.

Misty Cothern from Michael Cothern II.

Brittany Short from Christopher Short.

Kayla Grycza from John Grycza.

Julie Turpening from Robert Turpening.

Nancy Smith from Stewart Smith.

April Jeffries from Justin Jeffries.

Mary Mack from Frankie Feliciano, Jr.

Andrea Alejo from Miguel Alejo.

Kristie Webb from Charles Webb.

Montriese Quinn from Chanelle Quinn.

Melinda Brandeberry from Justin Brandeberry.

Kara Watson-Thomas from Jeffrey Thomas.

Brenda Jahns from Daniel Jahns.

Danial Kittle from Melissa Haywood.

Fred Quinn from Inez Quinn.

Jade Anderson from Robert Taft.

Jackie Magrum from Jason Magrum.

Bianca Harrison from Roger Harrison.

Unique Jones from Kevin Jones.

Leasa Maxx from Terence Maxx.

Terence Maxx from Lease Maxx.

Kimberly Beil from Howard Beil.

Jennifer Savidge from Torin Savidge.

Melanie Rutledge from Neil Rutledge.

Crystal Webb from Donald Webb.

George Booker from Erie Booker.

Faatin Abdullah from Omar Magani.

Alana Stockard from John Stockard.

Grace Garcia from Virgilio Garcia II.

Richard Allen from Heather Allen.

Heather Allen from Richard Allen.

Margarita Kuhman form Thomas Kuhman.

Emilee Lust from Bradley Lust.

Jenny Franklin from Thomas Franklin.

Nichole Moore from Donald Kerr, Jr.

Patricia Carpenter-White from Andre White.

Shannon Coble from Sean Coble.

Heather Gonzales from Jesus Gonzales, Jr.


Dissolution granted

Lucas County

Allison Green and Jeremy Green.

Stephanie Seiler and Sharafa Rabiu.

Jerry Stutts, Jr. and Shannon Stutts.

Randy Behr and Katherine Behr.

David Jurski and Susan Jurski.

Melissa Kurucz and Jeffrey Kurucz.

Elaine Bahr and Jay Bahr.

Scott Lievens and Julie Lievens.

Dean Cochran and Linda Cochran.

John Cannon and Nicole Cannon.

Patricia Munier and Joseph Munier.

Rita Haas and Jeffrey Haas.

Douglas Loss and Holly Loss.