Daily Log: 12-18



Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Robert and Melissa Shields, Oregon, boy, Dec.13.

Lyle and Erin Stine, Oregon, boy, Dec. 14.

Todd and Lucetta Blair, Oregon, girl, Dec. 14.

Andrew and Jennifer Tucker, Elmore, girl, Dec. 14.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Kailey and Rankin Walkup, Toledo, boy, Dec.16.

Andrea and Jeffrey Bash, Toledo, girl, Dec. 16.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Dannielle Thomas, Walbridge, boy, Dec. 16.

Toledo Hospital

Carrie and Kenneth Franzen, Petersburg, Mich., girl, Nov. 1.

Nicole and Jeremy Spradling, Ottawa Lake, Mich., girl, Dec. 15.

Aleena Rohoman, Toledo, girl, Dec. 15.

Jamie Hooper, Toledo, boy, Dec. 15.

Nikki and Jason Mitchell, Toledo, girl, Dec. 16.

Tiffany Childress, Toledo, girl, Dec. 16.

Skyler Thorne Grays, Toledo, boy, Dec. 16.

Michelle and Skip Maynard, Brownstown, Mich., boy, Dec. 16.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Dec. 14, 2012

John Masserant, 44, physician, and Kelly Calkins-Fox, 40, nurse, both of Monroe.

Brian Nagel, 46, factory worker, of Ida, Mich., and Tina Beat, 50, factory worker, of Toledo.

Thomas Arquette, 60, retired, and Joy Peters, 58, trimmer, both of Oregon.

Christopher Rayford, 22, janitor, and Deborah Thomas, 21, nurse assistant, both of Toledo.

Johnnie Kark, 59, retired, of Petersburg, Mich., and Roberta Poskarbiewicz, 61, coordinator, of Oregon.

Russell Wuellner, 48, technical support, and Cheryl Durnwald, 47, dental assistant, both of Toledo.

Quontate Burks, 25, and Jasmine Patterson Calhoun, 20, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Bisel, Louise, 87, Longdale Avenue, heart disease.

Brock, Keith, 81, Gould Road, non Hodgkins lymphoma.

Cousino, Paul, 43, Orville Drive, hypoxic encephalopathy.

Duden, Craig, 54, Whiteacre Road, glioblastoma.

Graeter, Richard II, 36, Conrad Avenue, pending.

Hale, Patricia, 57, Curtice, Ohio, ruptured aortic aneurysm.

Hamilton, Miklo, 9 days, Steel Street, pending.

Hanna, Robert, 89, Circular Road, cardiovascular disease.

Hays, Frank, 90, Linden Green Drive, adenocarcinoma.

Kendzierski, Cindy, 55, Worthington Street, pending.

Lloyd, Thelma, 94, South King Road, Holland, cancer.

Mauk, Ronald, 70, Tremainsville Road, renal disease.

McCarter, Melissa, 28, Glanzman Road, pneumonia.

Miller, Linda, 69, South Byrne Road, cerebral ischemia.

Miller, Ronald, 65, Cresceus, Ohio, cancer.

Morrin, Lorin, 85, Woods Avenue, protein malnutrition.

Netry, Stanley, 86, Strathmoor Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Oravecz, Steve, 88, Eaglehurst Road, Sylvania Township, cancer.

Perry, Owen, Jr., 65, West Alexis Road, respiratory failure.

Rodriguez, Pedro, 89, Acres Road, Sylvania, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Schrecongost, Beverly, 76, Harschel Drive, arteriosclerotic vascular disease.

Skiba, Clementine, 93, Sylvania-Metamora Road, Sylvania, coronary atherosclerosis.

Taylor, Shelzeree, 45, Parker Street, renal failure.

Thompson, Robert, 86, Heatherdowns Boulevard, coronary artery disease.

Tolson, Johnny, 54, Tremainsville Road, hepatocellular carcinoma.

Zeadker, Robert, 70, Vanderbilt Road, pending.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Tara Isbell-Maier from Kristen Maier.

Tabitha Michalak from Timothy Michalak, Jr.

Timothy Michalak from Tabitha Michalak.

Felicia Alexander from Melvin Alexander.

Melvin Alexander from Felicia Alexander.

Elizabeth Martin from Paul Martin.

Paul Martin from Elizabeth Martin.

Kimberly Meridieth from Daniel Meridieth.

Shirley Kuebler from Daryll Blair, Sr.

Michael Schuster from Tracy Schuster.

Melaine Johnson from Willard Johnson.

Maisa Yousef from Khaled Yousef.

Nathan Hunt from Melanie Hunt.

Melanie Hunt from Nathan Hunt.

Jacqueline Robinson from Timothy Robinson.

Tiffany Wiersma from Patrick Wiersma.

Leila Fosnaught from Jason Fosnaught.

Jason Fosnaught from Leila Fosnaught.

Anthony Anderson from Brandi Chapman.

Brandi Chapman from Anthony Anderson.

Stephanie Harwell from Deshawn Harwell.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

David Derrer and Courtney Derrer.

Maureen Kookoothe and Danie Kookoothe.

Metra Carter and Michael Carter.

Michele Hartman and James Fritch.

Kimberly Wood and Kenneth Wood.

Thadius Wadsworth and Tracia Wadsworth.

Gilbert Rangel, Jr. and Shireen Fakhari.