Daily log: 2-20



Bay Park Community Hospital

Nicole Marchiano, Toledo, girl, Feb. 19.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Melinda Brickner, Perrysburg, girl, Feb. 18.

Danielle Pandi, Toledo, boy, Feb. 19.

Toledo Hospital

Brandi and Michael Lavergne, Lambertville, girl, Feb. 18.

Rachel and Justin Hughes, Lambertville, girl, Feb. 18.

Jessica and Adam Bennett, Toledo, boy, Feb. 18.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Feb. 15, 2013

Thomas Swartz, 44, service technician, and Jeanne Ewald, 44, self employed, both of Toledo.

Joseph Warnock, 25, production manager, of Toledo, and Rachel Grey, 24, healthcare worker, of Perrysburg.

Jacob Smith, 22, driver, and Rachael Kear, 23, consultant, both of Toledo.

Bradley Scarberry, 22, and Brittany Coulter, 22, server, both of Toledo.

Bradley Eschedor, 40, laborer, of Oregon, and Karrie Houk, 43, bus driver, of Toledo.

Zachary Stone, 26, of Paddington, Australia, and Rachel Masters, 29, regional account manager, of Toledo.

Timothy Davison, 43, janitor, and Bonita Hobson, 53, inspector, both of Toledo.

Andrae Smith, 32, and Dorisea Nickson, 29, cashier, both of Toledo.

Albert Jones, 50, and Sherri Shabnow aka Ketterman, 49, manager, both of Toledo.

Matthew Lengel, 31, welder, and Christine Higgins, 34, IT support, both of Toledo.

Michael Schiffler, 20, telemarketer, and Beverly Stevens, 20, both of Toledo.

James Oliver, 35, carpenter, and Tracie Barboza, 40, insurance verification, both of Toledo.

Sean Thomas, 32, line cook, and Latrease Boykin, 28, nurse assistant, both of Toledo.

Darrell Barton, Jr., 23, laborer, and Suzann Hudson, 20, both of Toledo.

Daniel Poirier, 44, technician, and Regina DeLara, 35, both of Toledo.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Terrence Sorosiak from Sara Sorosiak.

Randolph Katz from Nancy Katz.

Nancy Katz from Randolph Katz.

Amber Wagner from Sean Moore.

Beth McFarlane from Ronald McFarlane.

Ronald McFarlane from Beth McFarlane.

Timothy Osborn from Patricia Osborn.

Dawn Steinmiller from Timothy Steinmiller.

Sandra Stutzenstein from Eugene Stutzenstein.

Janice Metcalf from Thomas Metcalf.

Thomas Metcalf from Janice Metcalf.

Angela Rodriquez from Antonio Rodriquez.

Jefferie Joyner from Kimberly Joyner.

Mickey Petrey from Randy Petrey.

Christopher Nowak from Julian Nowak.

Carol Rosenbalm from Charles Rosenbalm.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Patrick Halpin and Wendy Halpin.

Victoria Patterson and Charles Patterson.

Cindy Bruns and Alan Bruns.

Kayla Padgett and Eric Padgett.

Juli Korsnack and Joseph Korsnack.

Jacqueline Sarra and Joseph Sarra.

Kevin Cousino and Alicia Cousino.

Caroly Vardaro and Jesse Vardaro.

Maria Drealan and Thomas Drealan.

Mark Ashner and Cathy Ashner.

John Mohn and Laura Mohn.

Leah Taylor and Gregory Taylor.


Crime reports


Vito's Pizza, Molly McCoy, and David Cone, employees threatened with shotgun and robbed of cash from drawers at restaurant in 2100 block of North Reynolds.

Gary Ernst, assaulted and robbed of cash on street at Bush and North Erie.

Kayla Rivera, assaulted and robbed of car in parking lot in 700 block of Monroe.

Mathew Maras, threatened with handgun, assaulted, and robbed of cash on street at West Sylvania and Vermaas.

Alvin Oxner, threatened with handgun and robbed of cell phone and wallet with cash and personal documents on street at West Bancroft and Auburn.

Kyle Martin, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash on sidewalk in 700 block of Lagrange.

Brian Bartolett, assaulted and robbed of cash at residence in 1000 block of Francis.


Linda Williams, jewelry, silverware, tools, bedding, and keys from residence in 1400 block of Walbridge.

Charles Skiles, Sr., jewelry, medicines, TV, DVD player, and video game system with games and controllers from residence in 1900 block of Chase.

Melynda Kuyoth, copper pipes from residence in 2300 block of Georgetown.

Eliseo Selvera III, TV from garage in 800 block of Yondota.

Jennifer Jaska, furniture from residence in 800 block of Nevada.

Robert Houghtlen, cash and jewelry from residence in 4500 block of Monac.

Brandon Follrod, firearms from residence in 3000 block of Ilger.

Roosevelt Williams, TV from residence in 800 block of Woodward.

Julie Pesartic, laptop computer from residence in 3900 block of Berkeley.

Brian Cranmore, handguns from residence in 3700 block of Drexel.

Lori Wolff, video game system and laptop computer from residence in 4800 block of Bowen.

Eugene Holmes, dryer from garage in 1100 block of Indiana.

Kevin Wilson, video game systems and laptop computer from residence in 1000 block of Evesham.

Patricia Allen, TVs from residence in 4300 block of Bowen.

Mark Zydel and Mike Collins, TVs, video game systems, laptop computer, and safe with personal documents from residence in 2500 block of 106th.

Robert Pasquarelli, TV and leather jacket from residence in 700 block of Chestnut.

Jonathon Louis, hats, pair of shoes, and personal documents in 800 block of North Ontario.

Ryan Martin, tools from garage in 5400 block of Clover.

Steve Hovermale, TVs, video game system, and DVD player from residence in 1400 block of Colburn.

Tyrone Williams, bathroom vanity cabinet, heater, generator, and water tank from property in 600 block of Greene.

Chelsea Ireland, TVs, pairs of athletic shoes, cell phone, cameras, and mug with change from residence in 4400 block of Hill.

Cassens Transport Co., scrap vans from business in 600 block of Matzinger.


Teresa Holden, navigation system, handicap sticker, and purse with bank card, store cards, jewelry, medicines, cell phone, phone book, and personal documents from vehicle in 2100 block of West Sylvania.

Marlene Metti, wallet, debit card, fire department badge, and personal papers from vehicle in 1800 block of Adams.

Katie Maier, laptop computer, navigation system, gas card, gift cards, car seat, files, and office supplies from vehicle in 2800 block of West Sylvania.

Melvin Bester, medicines and paper prescription from residence in 1600 block of Macomber.

Darcel Savage, purse with bank card and personal documents from bar in 1400 block of Cherry.

Amanda Maiden, wallet with cash and personal documents and papers from residence in 2000 block of Caledonia.

Jay Gould, cash and checkbook from residence in 300 block of South Reynolds.

Toledo Gold Exchange, cash from business in 800 block of Woodville.

Marcia Willard, set of china, glassware, shower curtains with rings, rotary dial phone, dining room table, stove, and sewing machine from residence in 2300 block of Berdan.

Janet Fuiten, purse with cash, debit card, store card, and personal documents from vehicle in 3500 block of Executive.

Nursing Resources Corp. and Bonnie Johnson-Winkle, purse with cell phone, credit cards, debit card, and personal documents from vehicle in 3000 block of Glanzman.

Charles Lewis, DVD player, DVDs, CDs, laptop computer, MP3 player, digital camera, watches, TV, leather coat, camcorder, chess table, and food from residence in 2400 block of Cheyenne.

Michael Al-Khalil, wallet with bank cards and student ID card from sports cafe in 200 block of New Towne Square.

Sophie Savage, wallet with medicine, debit card, personal documents, and key from residence in 300 block of East Lake.

Frances McDaniel, clothes and purse with cash and medicines from vehicle at South Spencer and South.

Mildred Hobbins, cash and check from purse left in shopping cart at parking lot in 5700 block of Lewis.

Austin Trychel, smart phone, hockey sticks, and tools from vehicle at Parkside and West Bancroft.

Ronald Hunt, Jr., cash from residence in 1900 block of Birkdale.

Ken Breier, cash, laptop computer, packs of cigarettes, and gym bag with medicines, watch, clothes, and iPod with ear phones from vehicle in 1800 block of Brownstone.

Shandonna Hamilton-Flunder, purse with credit cards, driver's license, camera, and tape recorder from vehicle in 100 block of Bronson.

Tatriona Haythorne, college textbooks, notebooks, and calculator from vehicle in 600 block of Church.

Charity Baptist Church, catalytic converters from vehicles in 1800 block of North Superior.

Jacqueline Krohmer, cash from gas station in 4500 block of Monroe.

Kiree Redden, DVDs from residence in 1600 block of Lebanon.

Shawn Franklin, check from residence in 1100 block of Sherman.

Miguel Hernandez and Sofo Foods, cash, checks, bag, car keys, clothes, and cell phone with accessories from vehicle in 800 block of West Alexis.

Wesley Socie, shotgun from residence in 1900 block of Wyndhurst.

Michelle Moore, wallet with welfare card, food stamp card, and Social Security cards from residence in 2800 block of Wayman Palmer.

Perfection Heating & Air Conditioning, tools and gear from vehicle in 5200 block of Secor.

Iesha Avery, purse with personal documents and keys from vehicle in 100 block of Main.

Suezanna Morris, debit card from residence in 600 block of Evesham.

Dennis Moss, medicine from residence in 4200 block of Wickford Point.