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Daily Log

Daily log: 2/22


Bay Park Community Hospital

Tiffany Miller, Port Clinton, boy, Feb. 19.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Theresa Rodriguez, Toledo, boy, Feb. 21.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Ashley Mauder, Graytown, Ohio, boy, Feb. 20.

Toledo Hospital

Teirra Mosley, Toledo, girl, Feb. 15.

Kristen Marien, Toledo, boy, Feb. 20.

Janaya Gauldin, Toledo, Feb. 20.

Alyssa Johnson, Toledo, girl, Feb. 20.

Marisa and Jesse Snowdy, Toledo, boy, Feb. 21.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Feb. 19, 2013

David Zdunczyk, 33, business owner, and Angela Sweet, 33, sales representative, both of Toledo.

Maurice Truss, 40, journeyman machine repairman, and Twila Foster, 28, cottage supervisor, both of Toledo.

William Wills, 53, and Teri Tracy, 29, office manager, both of Holland.

Jeffery Zub, 29, carpet installer, and Audrey Green, 30, medical assistant, both of Monroe.

Harvey Smith, Jr., 67, housekeeper, of Redford, Mich., and Georgia King, 60, crossing guard, of Toledo.

Kip Hughes, 47, machine operator, and Karen Wallace, 48, warehouse worker, both of Toledo.

Michael Smith, 22, tree trimmer, and Erica Frazier, 21, both of Toledo.

Otis Ross, 27, and Jamie Kendrick, 31, both of Toledo.

Mohamed Mallah II, 34, production worker, and Fatme Ahmad, 28, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Mark Gysan, 59, manufacturing, and Martha Rappoport, 36, esthetician, both of Maumee.

Feb. 20, 2013

Jasiri Green, 37, sorter, and Esperanza Gonzales, 30, interviewer, both of Toledo.

Robert Stetler II, 45, truck driver, and Holly Freeman, 33, customer service representative, both of Sylvania.

Jesse Zambrano, 25, carpet cleaner, and Ashley Stiles, 23, teacher, both of Toledo.

Benjamin Shipman, 25, landscaping, of Perrysburg, and Nina Duran, 26, medical billing, of Toledo.



Lucas County

Allen, Joanne, 80, Lambertville, respiratory failure.

Anderson-Akins, Edna, 56, Kildare Drive, coronary artery disease.

Cofer, Homer, 83, Greenville Crossing, Waterville, renal disease.

Collins, Robert, Jr., 68, Pinewood Avenue, renal neoplasm.

Coulis, Janice, 53, Garden Park Drive, cancer.

Couts, David, 75, Roosevelt Circle, carcinoma.

Crippen, Elaine, 77, 293rd Street, liver disease.

Davis, Aaron, 18, Toronto Avenue, pending.

Ferris, Helen, 72, Secor Road, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Forille, Tony, 81, North Superior Street, hypertensive heart disease.

Gent, Wendy, 55, 101st Street, renal disease.

Hall, Scott, 49, Haskins, Ohio, pending investigation.

Hammons, Luther, 58, North Ontario Street, glioblastoma multiforme.

Hinkle, Wanda, 98, Albon Road, Maumee, coronary artery disease.

Homelewski, Dorothy, 82, Darlington Road, hypertension.

Hoover, Patricia, 39, Ulysses, Pa., pending.

Hyde, Willmore, 71, North Erie Street, cerebral vascular accident.

James, Rosa, 84, Homer Avenue, hypertensive heart disease.

Jeffries, Donald, 77, Walbridge Avenue, cancer.

Jenne, Ruth, 88, Rosedale, Maumee, pneumonia.

Jewell, Jacquelyn, 85, Schneider Road, congestive heart failure.

Kaser, Marilyn, 77, Old Farm Lane, adult failure to thrive.

Lanane, Matthew, 26, Shoreland Avenue, pending investigation.

Lascola, Sandra, 73, Erie, Mich., atherosclerosis.

Leininger, Margaret, 88, Kathy Lane, dehydration.

Mayhew, David, 53, Winthrop Street, respiratory failure.

McClorrine, Dorothy, 85, Southaire Drive, Alzheimer’s disease.

McLaughlin, Louie, 82, Williston, Ohio, sepsis.

Mielczarek, Virginia, 96, Butz Road, Maumee, congestive heart failure.

Mitchell, Robert, 74, Pine Ridge Street, respiratory failure.

Mounts, Susan, 56, Anthony Wayne Trail, Huntington’s disease.

Novotny, Geraldine, 88, St. Bernard Drive, coronary artery disease.

Park, Nancy, 81, Fairview Drive, Sylvania, congestive heart failure.

Phipps, Robert, 54, Garden Park Drive, carcinoma.

Riley, Angel, 27, Waite Avenue, pseudo tumor cerebri.

Rowe, Gloria aka Sr. Gloria, 63, Parkside Boulevard, hemorrhage.

Rybak, Jeffry, 47, Bowling Green, pending.

Savage, Mary, 66, Collingwood Boulevard, cancer.

Scharer, Rolland, 92, Clarion Avenue, Holland, renal failure.

Scheller, Irma, 105, Sylvania-Metamora Road, Sylvania, aspiration pneumonia.

Schmidt, George, 88, Swan Creek Lane, coronary artery disease.

Schmitz, Wayne, Sr., 64, North Reynolds Road, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Selmek, Jacquelynn, 61, Townsend Drive, intracranial hemorrhage.

Stevens, Donna, 83, South Avenue, Parkinson’s.

Stewart, Dorian, 55, Vance Street, septic shock.

Stover, Michael, 70, Remington Street, cerebrovascular accident.

Sullivan, Pamela, 60, Castlewood Drive, intracranial hemorrhage.

Teamer, Sheila, 60, North McCord Road, coronary artery disease.

Thomson, Edna, 75, 109th Street, cancer.

Timmons, Virginia, 88, Perrysburg-Holland, Holland, Alzheimer’s disease.

Turner, William, Jr., 61, Victory Avenue, coronary heart disease.

Veneziale, Martha, 75, Sandra Court, hepatorenal syndrome.

Wells, Vera, 82, Navarre Avenue, cancer.

Whitehead, James, 89, Ragan Woods Drive, carcinoma.

Williams, Janerio, 52, West Woodruff Avenue, cerebrovascular accident.

Williams, Samella, 90, Parkwood Avenue, cerebrovascular accident.

Willis, Cayden, 10 minutes, Greenwood Avenue, prematurity.

Winters, Howard, 82, South Reynolds Road, Alzheimer’s disease.

Zimmerman, Suzanne, 91, Indian Road, debility.


Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Lamont Carter, assaulted on street at North Detroit and Islington.

Barry Jones, assaulted on street in 1200 block of Parkside.


Jennifer Tackett and Ashley Shreve, threatened with handguns and robbed of cash and cell phones on street at Walden and Greenwood.

Mayshyia Davis, threatened with handgun on street at Walnut and North Erie by man trying to rob her.

Robert Arnold, threatened with handguns on street at South and Langdon by men trying to rob him.


Melinda Harris, TV from residence in 600 block of Federal.

Edwin Huntley, shotgun, TVs, DVD movies, and CDs from residence in 3500 block of East Manhattan.

Joy Miller, tools from garage in 1100 block of Olson.

Community Variety Store, candy from store in 2100 block of Ashland.

Myla Counterman, TV from residence in 2000 block of Hurd.

John Stewart, TVs and surround sound system from residence in 4100 block of North Lockwood.

David Fehr, set of car wheels and riding lawn mower from garage in 200 block of East Pearl.

Stephen Williams, copper pipes from residence in 1900 block of Berdan.

Denise Haynes, TV, laptop computer, and video game system from residence in 900 block of Pinewood.

Gwendolyn Phillips, TV from residence in 1200 block of North Erie.

Marisela Montoya, TVs and video game systems with controllers and game from residence in 1600 block of Airline.

Aaron Avalos, jewelry, watches, wallet, TV, video game system with games, pair of brand name sunglasses, clothes, and pairs of shoes from residence in 5600 block of Talmadge.


Shandonna Hamilton-Flunder, purse with credit cards, driver's license, camera, and tape recorder from vehicle in 100 block of Bronson.

Tatriona Haythorne, college textbooks, notebooks, and calculator from vehicle in 600 block of Church.

Charity Baptist Church, catalytic converters from vehicles in 1800 block of North Superior.

Jacqueline Krohmer, cash from gas station in 4500 block of Monroe.

Kiree Redden, DVDs from residence in 1600 block of Lebanon.

Shawn Franklin, check from residence in 1100 block of Sherman.

Miguel Hernandez and Sofo Foods, cash, checks, bag, car keys, clothes, and cell phone with accessories from vehicle in 800 block of West Alexis.

Wesley Socie, shotgun from residence in 1900 block of Wyndhurst.

Michelle Moore, wallet with welfare card, food stamp card, and Social Security cards from residence in 2800 block of Wayman Palmer.

Perfection Heating & Air Conditioning, tools and gear from vehicle in 5200 block of Secor.

Iesha Avery, purse with personal documents and keys from vehicle in 100 block of Main.

Suezanna Morris, debit card from residence in 600 block of Evesham.

Dennis Moss, medicine from residence in 4200 block of Wickford Point.

Satyra Hodrick, purse with cash, checkbook, bank cards, store cards, and personal documents from vehicle in 600 block of Belmont.

Dimech Services Inc., condensers from air conditioning units at business in 5500 block of Enterprise.

Meghan Apthorpe, jewelry from residence in 4100 block of Thornton.

Mary Sullivan, purse with cash, debit card, driver's license, and smart phone from residence in 4500 block of North Summit.

East Side Mini Mart, cash from business in 600 block of Oak.

Craig Longacre, handgun from residence in 3900 block of Berkeley.

Andrea Saldana, cash from wallet in vehicle at parking lot in 1600 block of Miami.

Judy Simpson, curtain panels and stove from residence in 3800 block of Watson.

Robert Alexander, I-beams from yard in 1500 block of Mott.

Keietta Stewart, purse with cash, bank card, prepaid card, and personal documents and papers from chair at bar in 2800 block of Lagrange.

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