Daily Log: 3-19



Flower Hospital

Jamesha Austin, Toledo, boy, March 12.

Kathryn and Thomas Timmers, Toledo, girl, March 12.

Tonia and Chad Dulin, Sylvania, girl, March 13.

Sabrina Terry, Toledo, girl, March 14.

Yunling and Herman Becker, Toledo, girl, March 14.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Antoinette McNeal, Toledo, girl, March 14.

Cristel Ross, Toledo, boy, March 15.

Tabitha Roberts, Toledo, girl, March 16.

Michael and Raeanna Corthell, Toledo, boy, March 17.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Adrianne and Nicholas Borjas, Curtice, Ohio, boy, March 15.

Brandie and Richard Ferguson, III, Temperance, girl, March 15.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Rebecca Holmes and David Boardman, Toledo, girl, March 4.

Toledo Hospital

Hope Reed, Toledo, girl, Feb. 22.

Dewanna James, Toledo, boy, March 11.

Donna and Clint Collet, Carey, Ohio, girl, March 15.

Wendy and Anthony Hertzfeld, Grand Rapids, Ohio, girl, March 17.

Emily and Marc McClain, Toledo, boy, March 17.

J-Amy and Ryan Rice, Wauseon, boy, March 17.

Sheena and Geoffrey Schwibert, Malinta, Ohio, boy, March 17.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

March 15, 2013

Jerry Isom, 52, truck driver, and Brenda Curtis, 42, cashier, both of Toledo.

Dominque Gaston, 22, call center representative, and Jone Howard, 20, call center representative, both of Toledo.

Michael Elkins, 19, factory worker, of Adrian, Mich., and Amber Pierson, 20, resident aide, of Clayton, Mich.

Joshua James, 31, self employed, and Lynzi Birchfield, 24, office manager, both of Tecumseh, Mich.

Kevin Wise, 30, jet engine mechanic, and Amy Wittenmyer, 33, nurse, both of Toledo.

Richard Rau, 67, retired, and Deborah Huffman, 60, retired, both of Toledo.

Dirk Albring, 47, electrical engineer, of Delta, Ohio, and Julia Foster, 47, bank service specialist, of Whitehouse.

Martin Hernandez, 47, factory, and San Juanita Rocha, 45, both of Toledo.

Nathan Dye, 24, housekeeping, and Jennifer Downs, 24, direct care staff, both of Adrian.

Norman Hinton, III, 47, counselor, of Toledo, and Caren Sanders, 42, administrative assistant, of Holland.

Justin Olman, 38, insurance agent, and Carole Boyett, 32, both of Maumee.

Keith Hughes, 46, driver, of Jeffersonville, Ind., and Joann McCabe, 42, medical office administrative, of Toledo.

Alan Newell, 59, and Heidi Schultz, 58, both of Toledo.

Jimmie Boyd, 48, auto worker, and Renee Williams, 36, auto worker, both of Toledo.

Mark Gorney, 55, self employed, and Rosemary Sullivan, 46, nurse, both of Holland.


Lucas County

Allore, Thomas, Sr., 80, Temperance, cardiac arrhythmia.

Bowers, Julie, 72, Perrysburg, cancer.

Cline, Viola, 98, Defiance, Ohio, coronary artery disease.

Copsey, Rita, 81, Defiance, Ohio, lung mass.

Dietrich, Edith, 95, East Lincolnshire Boulevard, coronary artery disease.

Frost, Gary, 69, Tecumseh, Ohio, withdrawal of support.

Hale, Franklin, 84, Brynwyck West, Maumee, coronary artery disease.

Harmon, Susan, 69, Temperance, cerebral hemorrhage.

Hathaway, David, 60, Delence Street, carcinoid of small intestines.

Jacobs, Shirley, 62, North St. Clair Street, sepsis.

Knicely, Carl, 70, Eber Road, Holland, cerebral ischemia.

Lashley, Edward, 56, Colburn Street, adenocarcinoma.

Lee, Silvia, 65, Perrysburg, respiratory failure.

Manoff, Chester, 87, Parliament Square, congestive heart failure.

Meyers, James, 69, Seymour Road, andeocarcinoma.

Mierzejewski, Martha, 89, Rossford, coronary artery disease.

Mora, Elizabeth, 29, Keygate Drive, pending investigation.

Ott, Virginia, 86, Harroun Road, Sylvania, Alzheimer’s disease.

Stoner, Linda, 68, Archbold, Ohio, carcinoma.

Tanner, Brenda, 67, Delta, Ohio, pulmonary hypertension.

Terry, James, 83, Rambo Lane, coronary artery disease.

Valencic, Mary, 82, Shoreland Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Yowpp, Dion, Jr., 4 months, Cottage Avenue, pneumonia.