Suburban crime log: 4/20


Bedford Township

Felonious assault

Dylan Robinette and Ericka Keeler, assaulted on street at Lewis and West State Line.


Danny White, generator and tools from garage in 6500 block of Keithcrest.

Barbara Eff, air compressor and tools from garage in 1400 block of Smith.

John Grosslin, generator from residence in 1300 block of Burrwood.


Brian Wagner and Pamela Wagner, handgun from residence in 6700 block of Brentridge.


Lake Township


Darrell Thebeau, 100 block of East Plumer, cell phone from vehicle in 3400 block of Latcha.

Steven Meach, stereo equipment from vehicle at residence in 3600 block of Eastpointe.




Thomas Suter, rims and welder from garage of residence in 1000 block of Scott.


Quinn Wheeler, West Liberty Center, Ohio, purse and contents from 300 block of Conant.

MHL Computer Products, company checks from business in 400 block of West Dussel.




Roachton Road Professional Center, five paintings from wall of business in 12000 block of Roachton.


Perrysburg Township


Michael Rew, Oakdale, Oregon, copper pipes from residence in 23000 block of Lime City.


Stephanie Schoenberg, Brighton, Mich., unknown person broke into storage locker in 8200 block of Fremont Pike, loss undetermined.

Sarah Pratt, wallet and contents from vehicle parked at residence in 28000 block of Oregon.

Steve Frybarger, stereo/CD player, speakers, and amplifier from vehicle at residence in 28000 block of Oregon.


Providence Township


Dennis Brown, TV and tools from residence in 14200 block of South River.


Springfield Township


Mary Whalen and Katherine Whalen, jewelry from residence in 700 block of Meadowchase.

SMB Construction, bundles of roofing tiles from driveway in unit block of South King.

Buddy Carr, no stolen items reported at building in 700 block of South McCord.

Matthew Bowles, vehicle from 7000 block of Garden.

Jamie Donaldson, gym bag, clothes, headphones, backpack, college books, purse, wallet, debit card, and driver’s license from vehicle in 7000 block of Wexford Hill.


Swanton Township


Robert Koch, vehicle from 13300 block of Airport.




JoAnn Boyd, purse and contents from residence in 6000 block of Centennial.


Sylvania Township


Derrick Saylor, unknown person broke into residence in 6000 block of Red Oak, loss undetermined.


Aaron Lichtenwald, 4100 block of West Central, wallet and contents from 2800 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Joan Mitchell, iPod from residence in 2600 block of King.

Raymond Dupuis, 2013 blue Chevrolet Cruze from residence in 3200 block of Centennial.

Maria Arite, 6000 block of Quarrys Edge, laptop computer, iPad, flash drives, and personal papers from vehicle in 5400 block of Monroe.


University of Toledo


Kevin Allen, East Rocket, iPhone from student rec center in 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Conno Decavitch, cell phone from 1100 block of Hospital.

Yusra Mansour, 3100 block of Towerview, laptop computer and backpack from 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Alleana Bennett, clothing, iPad, and flash drive from 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Tyler Golias, 2800 block of East Rocket, duffel bag and contents from men’s locker room in 2800 block of West Bancroft.


Whiteford Towhship


Gerald Troutman, furniture from residence in 6700 block of Consear.