Daily Log: 4-23



Bay Park Community Hospital

Samantha Scheuer, Toledo, boy, April 20.

Elizabeth Schenk, Toledo, girl, April 22.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Esther and Nathon Cox, Perrysburg, girl, April 19.

Lindsay and Sean Sweeney, Toledo, girl, April 19.

Roula Hamad and Abed el Salam Takouch, Maumee, girl, April 19.

Salena and Joseph Ferguson, Sr., Toledo, girl, April 19.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Razan Alsuwailem and Mohammed Almohazie, Toledo, boy, April 19.

Toledo Hospital

Shannon and Dan Henneman, Toledo, girl, April 17.

Elisha and Craig Pelland, Swanton, boy, April 19.

Melissa and Jason Watterson, Temperance, boy, April 19.

Allison Earl, Toledo, girl, April 21.

Stacey and Joseph Brown, Waterville, boy, April 21.

Summer Buck, Toledo, girl, April 21.

Jessica Doty, Toledo, boy, April 21.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

April 19, 2013

Jeffrey Thiede, 55, transportation supervisor, and Judith Thiede, 53, ophthalmic technician, both of Toledo.

Dustyn Evearitt, 24, marketing manager, of Toledo, and Stephanie Crooks, 23, teacher, of Berkey, Ohio.

Alan Bischoff, 50, factory worker, and Charlotte Holly, 45, sales administrator, both of Toledo.

Erin Ross, 37, plasterer, and Jennifer Snyder, 34, health care worker, both of Toledo.

Jason Masters, 29, computer repair, and Kathleen Murray, 25, retail support manager, both of Toledo.

Jeffrey Mack, 25, engineer, and Elizabeth Graham, 25, sales representative, both of Oregon.

Kurt Koester, 42, caregiver, and Lisa Etts, 36, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Ryan Dwornik, 38, engineer, of Perrysburg, and Lindsay Griggs, 35, paralegal, of Sylvania.

Jospeh Niedicken, 47, manager, and Retha Karnes, 44, attorney, both of Maumee.

Ronald LaBeau, 43, marketing manager, of Monclova Township, and Heather Dansack, 43, teacher, of Maumee.

Paul Machacek, 46, marketing, and Frances Leonhard, 44, self employed, both of Toledo.

Jeremy Thomas, 26, general laborer, and Amanda Rickard, 24, both of Adrian.

Jonathan Hall, 20, team member, and Taylor Holloway, 21, kitchen manager, both of Toledo.

Steve Oravecz, 23, sandwich maker, and Emily Bigelow, 22, retail manager, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Church, John, 57, Southover Road, pending.

Dansby, Eddie, 70, Secor Road, respiratory failure.

Francis, Ethel, 94, Greenwich Lane, congestive heart failure.

Frey, Glen, 72, Bowling Green, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Garrett, Robert, 56, Brame Place, hepatic failure.

Griffin, Hattie, 85, Mayberry Street, adult failure to thrive.

Hsu, James, 94, Brookside Road, failure to thrive.

Marroquin, Rudolfo, 86, Virginia Lake Road, pulmonary fibrosis.

Muir, Marion, 83, Steffens Avenue, Alzheimer’s disease.

Pakulski, Virginia, 90, Perrysburg, non-Hodgekins lymphoma.

Rohen, Marilyn aka Sr. Jane, 83, Parkside Boulevard, debility.

Snyder, Anna, 80, Clarion Avenue, Holland, stroke.

Weaver, Betty, 83, Walbridge, Ohio, congestive heart failure.

White, Jane, 91, Clarion Avenue, Holland, dementia.

Willis, Dorothy, 75, Driftwood Road, dementia.

Zgela, Louise, 83, Port Clinton, cancer.

Crime reports


Laquantisha Coffey, radio with speakers from residence in 700 block of Walnut.

Angie Griffin, TV, video game system, Blu-ray player, and computers from residence in 700 block of Boalt.

Abby Collier and Suzanne Collier, cash from residence in 3800 block of Branch.

Deborah Jones, cash and jewelry from residence in 2600 block of Wyndale.

Helaine Rumaner, parachute from garage in 800 block of Shadow.

Stacy Groll, medicines from residence in 2000 block of Caledonia.

Dean Ball, medicine from business in 400 block of Washington.

Cornelius Henry, all-terrain vehicles, refrigerator, furnace, and stove from residence in 6000 block of Pickard.

Hirzel Brothers Greenhouse, flashlight and handgun magazine from business in 400 block of East Broadway.