Daily Log: 4-29



Bay Park Community Hospital

Jill and Bryan Laas, Toledo, boy, April 26.

Flower Hospital

Jordon and and Devon Black, Weston, Ohio, boy, April 22.

Deanna and Kendrick Bischoff, Maumee, girl, April 25.


Crime reports


Denzel Middleton, assaulted and robbed of cash and prescription glasses on street at Islington and Parkwood.

Damon Gammer and Brandon Belcher, threatened with handguns and robbed of iPod and wallets with cash, bank card, and personal documents at residence in 2300 block of North Ontario by men, one of whom also shot at Damon Gammer.

Joshua Babcock and Jessica Carmon, carjacked at Starr and White.

Bambino's Pizza, manager threatened with handgun and robbed of cash from drawer at chain store in 2200 block of Airport.

Edward Flores, assaulted and robbed of beer and cigarettes on street at Western and Boody.


Stephanie Counterman, air compressor, lawn maintenance equipment, and tools from residence in 500 block of Church.

Christine Rakesmith, no loss reported at residence in 2200 block of Plum Leaf.

Joe & Milo's Carry Out, boxes of cigarettes from convenience store in 2100 block of Navarre.

George Bekols, copper pipes from building in 3100 block of Cherry.

Myrna Gregory, stereo system, computer, guitar, stock pot, tools, and bottles of liquor from residence in 900 block of Buckingham.

Lajorden Carter, jewelry, TVs, video game system, clothes, furs, and pairs of athletic shoes from residence in 900 block of Post.

Tonya Brown, lawnmower, deep freezer, weed cutter, and rims with tires from garage in 1400 block of Oakwood.

Shalanna Watson, TV from residence in 600 block of Belmont.

Edward Rusch, cash, TV, and video game system with controllers from residence in 900 block of Sibley.

Miller-Valentine Group, furnace, water heater, and plumbing units from residence in 4200 block of Angelwood.

Wayne Venia, vehicle trailer from fenced yard at residence in 300 block of Orville.

Nancy Sosbe, purses, cash, medicines, and medical cards from residence in 3000 block of North Erie.

Britani Blossom, TV and DVD player from residence in 1200 block of Starr.

Shawn Adams, tractor and vehicle trailer from driveway in 1900 block of Glendale.

Andrea Clair, debit card from convenience store in 2200 block of North Reynolds.

Jack Mockbee, cash, bank card, and keys from residence in 3200 block of Glendale.

Frederico Florez III, bicycles, air compressor, leaf blower, and saw from garage in 900 block of Forsythe.

Lola Tipton and Gerald Tipton, car stereo and tools from garage in 1300 block of Mott.

Breanna Jaso, laptop computers, iPod, TVs, video game system with games, headphones, car rims, and safe with cash and jewelry from residence in 100 block of Ravine Park Village.

Michael Thompson, TV, video game system, and jewelry from residence in 2000 block of Orchard Lakes.

Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority, refrigerator and stove from residence in 900 block of Bronson.

Laura Traxler, stove, dryer, freezer, rims, and tires, bumper, and screen door from residence in 1000 block of Homer.

Joseph Hutton, tools amd lawn maintenance equipment from garage in unit block of Weber.

Dylan Robinette, TV from residence in 5300 block of Lewis.

Doretha Pendleton, furniture, car stereo equipment, rims with tires, compressor, battery, water heater, weed cutter, and building supplies from garage in 1500 block of Bell.

Jefferey Schmidt, Jr., TVs, video game system, laptop computer, camera, and watch from residence in 4700 block of Hannaford.

Rocket Automotive Group Ltd., vehicle keys from garage in 700 block of East Broadway.

Diane Cheek, digital camera, tablet computer, and checkbook from residence in 500 block of Utah.

Jeremy Davis, copper pipes from residence in 1000 block of Homer.

First Federal Bank, shotgun from residence in 3300 block of Lagrange.

Trygvie Connerton, shotguns with cases, video game system with games and controllers, and laptop computer from residence in 700 block of Berry.

Mary Doblinger, cash, TV, laptop computer, and recycling bag from residence in 4800 block of Luann.

Amor Mio Edlyn Luzar, jewelry, TV, video game system, and laptop computer from residence in 4700 block of Harvest.

Kimona Blackman, DVD player from residence in 3100 block of Bellevue.


Collin Molnar, car stereo, speakers in box, and amplifiers from vehicle in 3700 block of Hill.

Helen Reed, tool box with tools, crate with kitchen appliances, and crate with decorations from storage area in apartment building in 5000 block of Jamieson.

Katherine Cusmano, purse with medicine, cell phone, and keys from vehicle in 3300 block of Lagrange.

Walnut Woods Condos, microwave oven, electric fireplace, furniture, and mattresses from residence in 5900 block of Walnut Circle.

Tyler Begley, car stereo system with amplifier from vehicle in 700 block of Pine Valley.

John Watson, video and stereo equipment, clothes, and pairs of athletic shoes from vehicle in 3700 block of Hill.

Heather Sanchez, wallet with bank cards and personal documents from purse at store at Lewis and West Alexis.

CedarCreek Church, stage equipment and tote bag from vehicle trailer in church parking lot in 2100 block of South Byrne.

Holly Biggs, credit card from purse at store in 5000 block of Monroe.

Jo Jo's Famous Chili Dogs, cash and box of firearm ammunition from restaurant in 1100 block of North Byrne.

Andrew Glynn, store card from office in 2000 block of West Alexis.

PNC Mortgage, air conditioning unit, furnace, and copper plumbing from house in 4100 block of Mayfield.

Lynn Schultz, tools from vehicle in 5500 block of Ryewyck.

Guo Xi, wallets from residence in 900 block of Linden.

Leza Dukes, cash, keys, and medicine from purse at store in 2500 block of Glendale.

Michael Williams, cash, golf clubs, and tools from vehicle in 5400 block of Airport.

Joseph Dimuccio, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and freezer from residence in 2100 block of Rood.

Mark Griffin, jewelry, smart phone, TVs, cell phone, and clothes from residence in 2900 block of Letchworth.

Gloria Welker, purse with cash and medicine from residence in 4500 block of West Alexis.

Sheila Gallagher, bank cards and store cards from purse at bar in 1200 block of Front.

Jon Sorrels, laptop computer from vehicle in 3500 block of Secor.

Michelle Dryer, medicines, laminating machine, eyeglasses, and coat from vehicle in 5600 block of Yarmouth.

Air Concepts Inc., vehicle trailer from 5500 block of Telegraph.

Alishia Castillo, TVs and video game system from residence in 400 block of Saint Louis.

Robert Rehard, tools, bicycles, and lawn maintenance equipment from garage in 1100 block of Varland.