Crime Log: 05/11/2013


■ Bedford Township
Scott Szajna, Kendra Setloch, Keith Hartford, James Duggan, Kent Cousino, Brittany Kmanus, and Shirley Zeiler, cash, pairs of sunglasses, and keys from vehicles in 100 unit of West Sub Station.

Victoria Helfrich, bicycle and lawn lights from residence in 7500 block of Westchester.

BP, gasoline from filling station in 8200 block of Lewis.

Kristen Freel and Brian Freel, box with coin collection from residence in 1500 block of Meadowbrook.

Tim Schlosser, tailgate from vehicle in 7600 block of Jackman.

Lake Township

Alexandra Ferguson, clothing from residence in 6000 block of Owens Lake.

Larry Cluckey, tractor, chain saws, and equipment from residence in 20000 block of Main.


Eastpointe Apartments, copper pipe from residences in 3000 block of Eastpointe.


■ Maumee
Nathan Hill, bicycles and scooters from residence in 2000 block of River.


Shawn Waggoner, outdoors equipment from residence in 1000 block of Holland.

Steven Pilcher, compact discs and stereo from vehicle in 1000 block of Key.


■ Perrysburg
Douglas Cheadle, construction equipment from residence in 20000 block of Oregon.

Kimberly Gates, medications from residence in 20000 block of Oregon.

Monclova Township


Rebecca Uchic, jewelry from residence in 3200 block of Millstone.


Seneca Builders LLC, central air-conditioning unit from house in 3700 block of Timber Valley.


■ Providence Township
Northern Ohio Grain Co-Op Inc., air conditioner from building in 13300 block of Ludwig.


■ Springfield Township
Mindy Sager, bicycle from residence in 100 block of East Heather.

Steven Garcia, car stereo system, music player, and golf clubs from vehicle in 6400 block of Glenhurst.

Russell Wisniewski, all-terrain vehicle from garage in 8000 block of Angola.

Crystal Thomas, jewelry from residence in 300 block of East Appleton Terrace.

Tiffany Aeschliman, cash from residence in 700 block of Harefoote.

■Sylvania Township
Gerald Dohoney, jewelry and checkbook from residence in 6000 block of Whiteford.

Craig Pencheff, guns and ammunition from residence in 5000 block of Porsha.


Jennifer Barton, purse, medication and identification from vehicle in 5000 block of Central.

Target, clothing and jewelry from business in 5000 block of Monroe.