Suburban crime log: 6/1


Bedford Township


Philip Lavoy, laptop computer and TV from residence in 9000 block of Lawrence.

Nagy & Sons, no items reported missing at business in 8100 block of Secor.

Elizabeth Zupata, check, video game systems, video games, DVDs, and boxes from residence in 7000 block of Douglas.

Chad Ellison, TV, video game system, controllers, and Blu-Ray movie from residence in 7700 block of Douglas.


Terence Haise, mailbox from residence in 8400 block of Crabb.

James Nusbaum, cash, gift cards, medicines, cans of gasoline, and shovels from residence in 1400 block of Smith.

Carrie Perry, license plate from vehicle in 8400 block of Galloway.


Monclova Township


Christian Lengacher, tools from home construction site in 7000 block of Salisbury.

Kristen Howard, tools from residence in 3000 block of Manley.




Vincent Covert, tools from shed of residence in 1900 block of Tracy.

David Etzel, 130th, Toledo, vehicle from 400 block of East Florence.


Leon Ducket, vehicle from in front of residence in 1900 block of Joseph.

Jack Didion, vehicle emblem from truck at residence in 100 block of Chantilly Rue.




James Bubenko, 200 block of Trails End, bicycles from shed of residence in 200 block of Trails End.

Jodi Baker, unknown person broke into residence, 2600 block of Starr, loss undetermined.


Catrina St. John, catalytic converter from vehicle at residence 1100 block of South Wheeling.

Corey Weaver, vehicle from residence in 2200 block of Starr.

Kenneth Clarke, West Central, Toledo, wallet and contents from 1800 block of Woodville.

Viola Alford, diamond ring from residence in 2800 block of Munding.

Roberta Groll, medication from residence in 3100 block of Navarre.

Dawn Church, Tracy, Northwood, wallet and contents from 1900 block of Woodville.

Alexia Bryant, 3400 block of Country Farms, cash from 3700 block of Navarre.




Jonathan Bryant, Bowling Green, wallet and contents from 1300 block of Levis Commons.

Shelly Co, Findlay, two welding cables from vehicle in 27000 block of Carronade.

Gwen Diamond, garage door opener from residence in 100 block of Wentworth.


Perrysburg Township


Ashantis Ramirez, front license plate from vehicle at residence in 25000 block of Broad.

Christopher McCann, Grand Rapids, Ohio, welding helmet from 9300 block of Buck.

Diane Luchtman, unit block of City Park, license plates from vehicle in 300 block of Fifth.


Springfield Township


Deandrea Bailey, cash from residence in 6900 block of Oakfield.


Shelby Falter-Holt, cash and lanyard with keys from vehicle in 3000 block of Manley.

Econo Lodge, TV from hotel in 1200 block of East Mall.

PPG Industries and Matthew Fillhard, GPS unit, sunglasses, computer, and folders from vehicle in 1600 block of Perrysburg Holland.

Abdulrahman Hamad and Khalid Hamad, wallets, cash, bank cards, and personal documents from vehicle in 12400 block of US 24.

Madijah Edwards, smart phones and video game system from residence in unit block of South McCord.


Mark Massey, medication from residence in 4800 block of New England.


Sylvania Township


Christine Gaynor, bicycle and wallet and contents from vehicle in garage of residence in 4800 block of Old Meadow.

Dave Shepard, TVs, video game, and notebook from residence in 5200 block of Janet.


Bilal Sarsour, wallet and contents from 8900 block of Linden Lake.

Amanda Larsen, 3200 block of Centennial, iPhone and cigarettes from 5800 block of West Central.

Richard Frey, Jr., prescription medication from residence in 5000 block of Trellis Way.




Olander Park, unknown person broke into business, 6900 block of Sylvania, loss undetermined.




Chad Fryman, medication from residence in 500 block of Lime City.


Whiteford Towhship


Leo Remijan, truck batteries from vehicles in 6200 block of Sterns.