Daily Log: 6-6



Bay Park Community Hospital

Kristi and Morgan Roe, Bradner, Ohio, boy, June 4.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Alberto and Brooke Colmenero, Toledo, boy, June 3.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Tracey Schuette, Perrysburg, girl, June 4.

Toledo Hospital

Taryn and Gary Schmitz, Lyons, Ohio, boy, June 2.

Emily and Stephen Becker, Bowling Green, boy, June 3.

Emily and Jason Bomeli, Bowling Green, girl, June 3.

Nicole Rising, Toledo, girl, June 3.

Correan Spencer, Toledo, girl, June 4.

Tiffany and Chuck Semple, Toledo, boy, June 4.

Veronica Merritt, Toledo, boy, June 4.

Sarah and Eric Howard, Maumee, girl, June 4.

Jasimir Henderson, Toledo, boy, June 4.

Whitney Aiello, Toledo, girl, June 4.

Celisse Bailey, Toledo, girl, June 4.

Sarah and Matthew Hill, Toledo, boy, June 4.

Meghan and Andrew Yarnell, Perrysburg, boy, June 5.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

June 4, 2013

Terrance Gibson, 59, retired, and Sandra Garrett, 55, hairdresser, both of Toledo.

Christopher Bohland, 31, nurse, and Sarah Cohen, 28, graphic designer, both of Sylvania.

Floyd Bass, 31, railroad conductor, and Jacqulenne Barbara, 27, both of Toledo.

Kristopher King, 20, U.S. Marine Corps, and Erica Maturino, 19, waitress, both of Toledo.

John Rapp, Jr., 41, laborer, and Sarah Goldsmith, 34, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Jon Kuron, 43, carpenter, and Sarah Podgorski, 34, nurse assistant, both of Toledo.

Gerald Chasteen, 27, self employed, and MaryBeth Bagnasco, 33, student, both of Toledo.

Jory Thomas, 25, assistant manager, and Samantha Haley, 24, nanny, both of Holland.

Christopher Lindsey, 34, technical support, and Stefanie Matyas, 26, both of Toledo.

Jesse Hernandez, 35, and Charletta Bryant, 34, factory worker, both of Toledo.

Augustine Ramos, 42, engineer, and Hannah Sarnow, 40, market research, both of Curtice, Ohio.

James Ellis, 25, and Veronica Fuller, both of Toledo.

Stuart Humason, 47, equipment operator, and Dina Rohrs, 40, dance instructor, both of Curtice, Ohio.

Kurt Susdorf, 28, sanitarian, of Ottawa Lake, Mich., and Nicole Ayers, 26, teacher, of Toledo.

Anthony Robinson, 25, and Alicia Barry, 28, both of Toledo.

Mohamed Yehia, 30, and Tamara Foster, 44, sales associate, both of Toledo.

Leon Moran, 44, city worker, and Eboni Thompson, 30, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Adkins, Thelma, 77, Perrysburg, dementia.

Babcock, Jennifer, 41, Brint Road, Richfield Township, cancer.

Bean, Thomas, 43, Page Street, pending.

Borysiak, Frances, 84, North Holland-Sylvania Road, pneumonia.

Cowell, Jean, 70, Eleanor Avenue, cerebral hemorrhage.

Davis, Charles, 92, Nightingale, Holland, cancer.

Dlugosielski, Virginia, 82, Waybridge Road, pneumonia.

Dominique, Rosella, 82, Archbold, Ohio, sepsis.

Espen, Joseph, 68, Scottwood Avenue, sepsis.

Ferguson, Dorothy, 94, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, pending.

Gidel, Matthew, 26, Jeffrey Lane, Sylvania, pending.

Haas, Gloria, 87, Bayberry Place, Oregon, myocardial infarction.

Herzig, William, 70, Park Place, Sylvania, cancer.

Hille, Frederick, 80, Country Squire Lane, congestive heart failure.

Jacobs, Helen, 98, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, encephalopathy.

Kachelek, Charlene, 72, Kevin Place, ischemic stroke.

Kott, Gloria, 74, West Oakland Street, multisystem organ failure.

Kroetz, Sandra, 68, Fostoria, pending.

Leu, Michael, 64, Stonehenge Drive, Sylvania, lung disease.

Martin, Dorothy, 87, Pickle Road, Oregon, cerebral vascular accident.

Matell, Matthew, 62, Charlestown Avenue, cerebral hemorrhage.

Murawski, Irene, 96, Lewis Avenue, Alzheimer’s disease.

Ommert, Janice, 66, Clyde, Ohio, hemorrhagic shock.

Osenbaugh, Robert, 78, Hayden Street, cancer.

Palmer, Guy, 45, Homewood Avenue, cancer.

Pavuk, Mildred, 86, Rossford, pending.

Redrup, Lawrence, 64, Northwood, cardiovascular disease.

Robertson, Scott, 41, South Vienna, Ohio, pending.

Smoot, Charles, 86, North Goodrich Street, Oregon, cardiovascular disease.

Thacker, Loretta, 45, Walnut Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Vogl, Elanore, 83, Cribb Street, Alzheimer’s disease.

Wilkins, Mark, 48, Colburn Street, cardiovascular disease.

Yops, William, 52, Collingwood Boulevard, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Zeller, Emily, 95, Grand Avenue, pending.

Crime reports


Dollar General, manager and assistant manager, assaulted by women who attempted to rob them of merchandise from store in 4200 block of Airport Highway.

Leekesha Dula, cell phone and car keys by man who assaulted her in 1100 block of Cherry Street.


Timothy Hagood, remote controllers with accessories, toolbox, and duffel bag from car in 600 block of Pine Valley.

Robert McCullough, bank card, medication, and cash by man and woman who confronted him in 900 block of Platt.

Alexandra Sutter, purse from parking lot in 2000 block of Tremainsville.

James Johnoff, bank credit card acquired by someone in New York state, in 2500 block of Berdan.

Jeha Packer, victim of bank card theft that resulted in unauthorized purchases of merchandise, in 1600 block of Milburn.

Cambridge Apartments, theft of air-conditioner chiller from 33 block of Airport Highway.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Sherry Cannon and Anthony Cannon.

Melanie Miller and Bryan Miller.

Kristine Kops and Valdis Kops, Jr.

Julie Bick and Scott Pelger.

Donald Kerr and Cynthia Kerr.

Teresa Eckman and Donald Eckman.

Amber Dreps and James Dreps II.

Mee Chun Lui and Foon Man Lui.

Lori Hillabrand and Thomas Hillabrand.

George Bauchman and Kathleen Bauchman.

Christina Cordell and Brandon Cordell.