Daily Log: 6/8


■ Births

Bay Park Community Hospital
Kristen Bitter and Estevan Sandoval, Toledo, girl, June 6.

Lindsay and Brandon Tucker, Northwood, girl, June 7.

Flower Hospital
Molly and Nathan Lee, Northwood, girl, June 4.

Mindy and Andrew Vascik, Rossford, boy, June 5.

Jessica and Kevin Yeager, Jr., Swanton, boy, June 5.

St. Luke’s Hospital
Michelle and Thomas Dammeier, Waterville, boy, June 7.

Laura and Mike Fritz, Grand Rapids, Ohio, girl, June 7.

Toledo Hospital
Melissa Means, Toledo, boy, June 6.

Danielle and Jake Harris, Waterville, boy, June 6.

Kiley and Bill Ehrsam, Wauseon, girl, June 6.

Sara Buchholz, Toledo, girl, June 6.

■ Marriage licenses

Lucas County: June 6, 2013
James Fravor, 36, production worker, of Swanton, and Kimberley Olejownik, 27, hairstylist, of Temperance.

Christopher Holmes, 30, steel worker, and Caylene Barns, 28, regional administrator, both of Neapolis, Ohio.

Matthew Ross, 28, sales manager, and Jennifer Musgrave, 27, mortgage processor, both of Toledo.

Josep Kidd, 47, self employed, and Janette Herndon, 41, retired, both of Toledo.

Kenneth Raymond, 27, welder, of Toledo, and Ellen Thomik, 26, of Burgsteig 11.

Troy Minor III, 20, warehouse clerk, and Brittany Harris, 20, deli clerk, both of Toledo.

James Watkins, 34, radiographer, of Toledo, and Lindsay Swint, 30, teacher, of Temperance.

Christopher Long, 25, manufacturing, and Amy Komisarek, 25, coach, both of Toledo.

Tadek Stadniczuk, Jr., 42, educator, of Toledo, and Emily Feller, 30, medical biller, of Sylvania.

Scott Buckley, 30, lead driver, of Perrysburg, and Victoria Stamm, 24, customer service representative, of Holland.

Joseph Taks, 19, U.S. Marine Corps, and Emily Kline, 23, retail sales representative, both of Toledo.

Julio Rodriguez, Jr., 33, laborer, and Jeannie Langenderfer, 40, medical biller, both of Toledo.

Thomas Pawloski, 62, retired, and Teresa Burnett, 52, higher education administrator, both of Toledo.

Kyle Dudek, 23, stock worker, and Jessica Pribe, 22, sales representative, both of Toledo.


■ Deaths

Lucas County
Brown, Kathleen, 56, Perrysburg, encephalopathy.

Byrd, Louise, 82, Pulaski Street, cancer.

Faylor, Doris, 67, Whitlock Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Frankart, Lucille, 94, Fostoria, aspiration pneumonia.

Gibson, Pauline, 98, Ellen, dementia.

Hart, David, 69, Christopher Drive, Whitehouse, cancer.

Heilman, Frances, 81, Tiffin, stroke.

Johnson, Faye, 95, Monroe Street, coronary artery disease.

Johnson, Jacquelyn, 74, Rockingham Street, pneumonia.

Oliver, Wanda, 89, King Road, Sylvania, congestive heart failure.

Perez, John, 60, Dearborn Avenue, cardiovascular disease.

Przyojski, Alice, 90, Tetherwood Drive, sepsis.

Rivers, Curtis, 61, Brookview Drive, cardiovascular disease.

Sherer, John Sr., 77, Rosalind Place, arteriosclerosis.

Stough, Ione, 95, Copley Drive, upper GI Bleed.

Wickenheiser, Pauline, 86, Carleton, Mich., cerebrovascular accident.

Williams, Michael, 59, Keil Road, sepsis.


■ Crime reports

Jerry Czajka, assorted car parts from shop in 3600 block of Rugby.

Edris Francis, electronic video game system, games, and jewelry from residence in 600 block of Williamsville.

Isaac Harvin, TV, video game system from residence in 1400 block of Yates.

Robert Tubbs, TV, video game system, games, and controllers from residence in 900 block of Peck.

Shakara McCullough, video game system and rifle from residence in 2300 block of Fulton.

Robert Ault, TV from residence in 800 block of Walnut.

Gary Ungerer, refrigerator and stove from residence in 1700 block of Berkshire.

Robert Cowell, jewelry from residence in 5800 block of Recamper.

Allison Noethen, TV from residence in 400 block of Arden.

Lorie Lightner, two lawnmowers, two children's bikes, air compressor, power tools, four auto wheels, and electric scooter from garage in 300 block of Danberry.

Lawrence Bear, numismatic collection from residence in 1700 block of Tremainsville.

Pamela Hiemstra, cash and jewelry from residence in 5900 block of Katherine.

Courtney Chu, camera from residence in 800 block of Burke Glen.

Tabitha Bolden, video game system and tablet computer with accessories from residence in 400 block of Clark.

Genesis Village, scrap metal from apartment complex in 2400 block of South Reynolds.

Anthony Maraldo, tools and equipment from residence in 2400 block of Caledonia.

Anastasia Garcia, threatened with knife, assaulted, and robbed of cell phone at residence in 300 block of Raymer.

Kody Houser, tablet computer, acoustic guitar, movie player, and high-definition multimedia interface cable from residence in 800 block of Wright.

Tyler Harding, TV and DVD player from residence in 900 block of Searles.

Peter Ujvagi, lawn maintenance equipment from garage in 100 block of Paine.

Sharon Pitt, cell phone from residence in 2100 block of Lawrence.

Elizabeth Geiger, jewelry, laptop computer, tablet computer, and store cards from residence in 3400 block of West Lincolnshire.

Kenya Sharp, TV, desktop computer, power scooter, and video game systems with controllers from residence in 400 block of Bronson.

Kent Klaus, cash, bank card, store cards, and keys from residence in 5700 block of Angola.

Jodi Filby, jewelry, laptop computers, and video game system with games and controllers from residence in 300 block of Southdale.

Amanda Smith, jewelry from residence in 800 block of Sandralee.

Joseph Marckel, food from residence in 700 block of South Erie.

Tracy McNutt, cash and medicines from residence in unit block of Magyar.

Breanna Jaso, handgun, TVs, video game system, and safe from residence in 2300 block of Seaman.

Jeanette Okumus, lawn maintenance equipment from residence in 900 block of Willow.

John Klem, lawn mower from residence in 3800 block of Woodmont.

Timothy Hagood, remote controllers with accessories, toolbox, and duffel bag from car in 600 block of Pine Valley.

Robert McCullough, bank card, medication, and cash by man and woman who confronted him in 900 block of Platt.

Alexandra Sutter, purse from parking lot in 2000 block of Tremainsville.

James Johnoff, bank credit card acquired by someone in New York state, in 2500 block of Berdan.

Jeha Packer, victim of bank-card theft that resulted in unauthorized purchases of merchandise in 1600 block of Milburn.

Cambridge Apartments, theft of air-conditioner chiller from 3300 block of Airport Highway.

Robert Leonhardt, car stereo and prescription drugs from residence in 2400 block of Cheyenne.

Andrew Rybka, cash, medication, and 40 to 50 CDs from vehicle in lot in 3900 block of Airport.

Thomas Richardson,iPod and three computers from vehicle in 2600 block of Barrington.

Kenneth Myers Construction Co., portable heater, wrenches, and generator from construction site in 500 block of East Alexis.

Bowling Green State University, computer and case from Sofia Quintero center in 1200 block of Broadway.

Roger Zimmerman, two air conditioning units from apartment complex in 2600 block of Keygate.

David Myrice, laptop computer from car parked in 2300 block of Walden Pond.

Ken Boris, iPad from main post office in 400 block of St. Clair.


■ Dissolutions granted

Lucas County
Sherry Cannon and Anthony Cannon.

Melanie Miller and Bryan Miller.

Kristine Kops and Valdis Kops, Jr.

Julie Bick and Scott Pelger.

Donald Kerr and Cynthia Kerr.

Teresa Eckman and Donald Eckman.

Amber Dreps and James Dreps II.

Mee Chun Lui and Foon Man Lui.

Lori Hillabrand and Thomas Hillabrand.

George Bauchman and Kathleen Bauchman.

Christina Cordell and Brandon Cordell.