Daily Log: 6/18



Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Laurenn Harteis, Toledo, girl, June 15.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Kinsy and Trey McNamee, Perrysburg, boy, June 16.

Janine and Benjamin Neal, Maumee, girl, June 16.

Toledo Hospital

Amber and Frankie Alamia, Jr., Blissfield, Mich., boy, June 16.

Amber Blair, Toledo, girl, June 16.

April and Donald Hill, Jr., Toledo, boy, June 16.

Brittany Katafiasz, Toledo, boy, June 16.

Tracie Williams, Toledo, girl, June 16.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

June 14, 2014

Jason Alvarado, 33, pressman, and Angela Lucio, 30, human services, both of Toledo.

Elliot Tippman, 28, engineer, of Kendallville, Ind., and Ashleigh Spies, 25, paraprofessional, of Toledo.

Shane Snyder, 41, driver, of Whitehouse, and Christina Hawley, 42, communications manager, of Monclova Township.

Brian Miller, 53, manager, and Stacy Flowers, 44, teacher, both of Toledo.

Jon Lamb, 48, manufacturing, and Joyanne Sargent, 48, clerk, both of Toledo.

Nicholas Cranston, 26, teacher, and Morgan Bowman, 27, marketing, both of Toledo.

Michael Tyson, 57, self employed, of Maumee, and Beth Burk, 42, nurse, of Convoy, Ohio.

James Kendziora, 43, operations, of Temperance, and Sara Russell, 38, teacher aide, of Toledo.

David Eriksen, 76, physician, and Mary Krill, 72, speech pathologist, both of Toledo.

Todd Roe, 48, teacher aide, and Katherine Jay, 47, sales associate, both of Toledo.

Charles Rybak, Jr., 33, laborer, and Amanda Rickman, 33, home health care provider, both of Toledo.

Wesley Shetler, 30, electrician, and Tiffany Jones, 34, nurse, both of Toledo.

Deon Archie, 41, and Crystal Jackson, 42, home health aide, both of Toledo.

William Kreuz, 20, accounting, of Swanton, and Kylie Smith, 21, gymnastics coach, of Archbold, Ohio.

Jason Rickey, 24, engineer, of Avon Lake, Ohio, and Katherine O’Connell, 25, social worker, of Toledo.


Lucas County

Alexander, Victor, 44, Jeanette Avenue, pending.

Bade, Paul, 81, Waterbend Drive, Maumee, anoxic encephalopathy.

Barker, Jimmie, 84, Ash Street, congestive heart failure.

Byrnes, Richard, 70, Fremont, mulstsystem organ failure.

Cales, Patricia, 48, South Avenue, cancer.

Farmer, Richard, 95, Sunnylawn Drive, intracranial bleed.

Freytag, Della, 92, Parkcliffe Lane, dementia.

Gallant, Jill, 52, Bryan, pending.

Garcia, Gerardo, 50, Fremont, cerebral vascular accident.

Hepp, Robert, 58, North Park Lake Circle, Sylvania, congestive heart failure.

Hoffman, Scott, Sr., 69, Juliet Drive, liver disease.

Hogrefe, Delores, 80, Deshler, Ohio, accident.

Horn, George, 63, Deepwood Lane, coronary artery disease.

Lung, Geraldine, 97, Sunrise Circle North Street, Sylvania, pulmonary embolism.

Lutzke, Raymond, 56, Glendale Avenue, pending.

Mather, Mary, 77, Crossfields Road, Sylvania, acute myocardial infarction.

McElya, Delbert, 43, Elm Street, pending.

Michalak, Ralph, 98, Indian Road, aspiration pneumonia.

Montafia, Stephen, 69, Walnut Circle Drive, respiratory failure.

Pile, Douglas, 55, Gradolph Street, pending.

Reigle, Carol, 79, Bluffton, Ohio, accident.

Rood, Loren, 52, Custar, Ohio, variceal bleed.

Sheehan, Timothy, 54, Key Street, heart disease.

Siefert, Harry, 89, Glasgow Road, Sylvania, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Thomas, Earl, Jr., 70, Stonehenge Drive, Sylvania, atherosclerosis.

Vassar, James, Jr., 44, Chriswood Road, pending.

Crime reports


Brandon Delrosario, threatened with handgun and robbed of baseball cap and rosaries in 2100 block of Consaul.

Charles Thomas, threatened with knife and robbed of cash in 1800 block of Lagrange.


Andrea Cross, TV, video game system, and accessories from residence in 3900 block of Airport.

Jefferie Joyner, diamond-studded cross necklace, four rims and tires, computer, two men's rings, and two men's necklaces from residence in 1700 block of Milburn.

Crystal Kaszap, TV from residence in 2000 block of Isherwood.

Francesca Cherry, video game system and games from residence in 2000 block of Kensington.

Donna Flack, U.S. coins from residence in 200 block of Harold.

Merle Stokes, furnace, water heater, and plumbing pipe from residence in 1000 block of Norwood.

I.P.S. Group, five power washers, miscellaneous hand tools, computer, monitor, vacuum cleaner, assorted power tools, and weed trimmer from building in 2200 block of Albion.

Dana Siko, safe, TV, lawnmower, snow blower, video game system, games, computer, electric scooter, microwave oven, shoes, VCR/DVD players from residence in 100 block of West Sylvania.

Jimmie Hamblin, furnace, copper plumbing, and water heater tank from residence in 1200 block of Erie.

Shoreese McKinnie, TV from residence in 2300 block of Fulton.

Nick Irish, TV, fishing poles, DVD player, DVDs, and stereo system from residence in 2200 block of Genesee.

Tatyress Williamson, three TVs, video game system, video games, headphones, controllers, tablet computer, computer, necklace, and cash from residence in 500 block of White.

Selina Lipscomb, TV, video game system, and computer from residence in 900 block of Secor.

Tiffany Meyer, TV video game system and computer from residence in 1000 block of Marmion.

Gloria Wilson, two TVs, two stereo systems, two computers, and safe from residence in 4400 block of Cherry Creek.

Ray Arnold, TV from residence in 3200 block of Glendale.

Matt Spies, two video game systems and camera from residence in 400 block of San Jose.

VFW Post 2510, cash from building in 600 block of Second.

Melissa Holly, video game system, games, TV, and tablet computer from residence in unit block of Neise.

Ariel Webb, stereo, TV, radio unit, computer, clothing, shoes, and jewelry from residence in 4300 block of Truxton.

Shane Kelley, watch from residence in 800 block of Buckeye.

Gregory Rosenbrook, computers and class ring from residence in 3000 block of Chase Street.

Church on Strayer, copper wiring from building in 300 block of West Woodruff.

Charleston Bar, liquor, cash, two TVs, and arcade game from business in 300 block of Broadway.

Jeffery Wells, TV, refrigerator, stove, smart phone, tablet computer, jewelry, and glass-top table from residence in 3600 block of Hill.

Papa's Tavern, bottles of liquor from bar in 1300 block of Liberty.

Marvin Chambers, two air compressors from property in 300 block of Millard.

Cynthia Ortega, TV from residence in 100 block of Dearborn.

Marcus Jones, handgun from residence in 2200 block of Vermont.

Eric Williams, two backpack blower units from business in 4600 block of Glendale.

Jaquail Phillips, pistol from residence in 900 block of Byrnport.

Robert Moeller. power washer and hoses from residence on Heatherdowns.

Abe's Auto Sales, three catalytic converters from yard in 3100 block of Monroe.

Jeanne Johnson, jewelry from office in 3400 block of West Central.

Ethan Walker, two pairs of Jordan basketball shoes, dress socks, TV, and cell phone from vehicle in 3100 block of Sheraton.

Jamar Johnson, water heater, furnace, sink, and copper tubing from residence in 400 block of Cumberland.

Registry Bistro, cash and gift card from business in 100 block of North Superior.

Nicole Devers. TV and video game system from residence in 800 block of Walnut.

Kayla Ballez, TV from residence in 1400 block of Erie.

Emily Banaszak, jewelry, video game system, DVDs, and TV monitor from residence in 2000 block of Bakewell.

Joshua Barber, TV, wallet, cash, sound system, viseo game system, and credit cards from residence in 600 block of Willard.

Joshua Squires, pistol with magazine, gun case, and safe from residence in 4100 block of Lewis Avenue.

Rocky's Body Shop, navigation system, cell phone, CB radio, iPod, clothing, tools, truck hitches, and tie down straps from shop on 11th Street.

Carl Specht, cigarettes, coins, and medication from residence in 300 block of Graham.

Dawn Lerma, two TVs, video game system, funeral guest book, and sympathy book from residence in 2000 block of North Ontario.

David Gloria, two TVs, video game systems, video games, Blu-ray movies, computer, and cash from residence in 1100 block of Clark.

Mabel Smith, lawnmower from shed in rear of yard at residence in 1200 block of Brigitte.

Little Flower Catholic Church, gold chalice taken from church sacristy in 5500 block of Dorr; recovered minus diamond setting.

Jonathan Sagafer, weed cutter, chainsaw, circular saw, and golf clubs from storage shed in 4000 block of South Detroit.

Michelle Essing, computer from residence in 1900 block of Chase Street.

Charles Marsh, TV, video game system, computers, and DVD player from residence in 6000 block of Northview.

Danielle Langston, cash, jewelry, clothing, TVs, DVD player, stereo unit, and video game system from residence in 4000 block of Talmadge.

Chris Rossi, TVs, computers, video game system, and speaker system from residence in 800 block of Searles.

J Miko's Beauty Shop, stereo system, water heater, computer and printer, coffee maker, curling iron, flat iron, and hairdryers for business in 4000 block of Monroe.

Lisa Griffin, mower, edger, leaf blower, weed trimmer, hedge trimmer, grill, lawn furniture, swing seat, and bicycles from residence in 200 block of Mayberry.

Dorothy Cottrell, jewelry and police badge from residence in 5000 block of Sandra.


Duan Williams, outdrive, navigation unit, depth finder, and stereo from boat in 2000 block of Clinton.