Daily Log: 6/19



Bay Park Community Hospital

Marguerite and Scott Gibson, Oregon, boy, June 17.

Flower Hospital

Allison McLaughlin, Toledo, girl, June 15.

Kayla Putnam, Toledo, boy, June 15.

Kelly and Drew Wood, Sylvania, girl, June 15.

Lisa and Robb Slusser, Blissfield, Mich., girl, June 16.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Latoya Boyd, Northwood, girl, June 16.

Kristie Scott and Charles Owens, Toledo, boy, June 16.

Shanee’ Frazier, Toledo, boy, June 17.

Jennifer Baker, Toledo, boy, June 17.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Wenyan Wang and Xiaoguang Zhu, Maumee, girl, June 17.

Toledo Hospital

Tiffany and Kurt Blalock, Sylvania, girl, May 14.

Loraine Muhlenkamp, Toledo, boy, May 28.

Victoria Miller, Toledo, boy, June 14.

Meghan and Jason Beck, Sylvania, boy, June 16.

Laurie and Aaron Barton, Temperance, boy, June 17.

Shawna and Jason Maasel, Napoleon, boy, June 17.

Jessica Pack, Toledo, boy, June 17.

Kristina Williams, Toledo, boy, June 17.

Brenda and Perry Tibbits, Berkey, Ohio, boy, June 17.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

June 17, 2013

Peter Uselton, 31, U.S. military, of Sylvania, and Emily Ford, 26, accountant, of Berkey, Ohio.

Andrew White, 28, service technician, and Chelsey Jones, 26, hairstylist, both of Sylvania.

Ryan Wendel, 40 dispatcher, of Sylvania, and Shannon Temples, 28, unit clerk, of Allen Park, Mich.

Nicholas Plontz, 20, U.S. Marines, of Ida, Mich., and Alyssa Hannigan, 19, nanny, of Temperance.

Brian Howard, 41, physical therapist, and Allison Hamilton, 40, nail technician, both of Toledo.

Steven Remusat, 36, railroad engineer, and Emily Wineland, 31, laboratory technician, both of Toledo.

Richard Shehorn II, 26, physical therapist, and Kelsie Bernholtz, 24, assistant student, both of Maumee.

Robert Potts, 32, production operator, and Mignon Mayes, 33, crew worker, both of Monroe.

Martin Ellis, Jr., 30, self employed, and Tiffany May, 29, nurse assistant, both of Toledo.

Joseph Deiners, 27, groundskeeper, and Aleshia Barnes, 24, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Benedict, Barbara, 51, Nebraska Avenue, cancer.

Cornwell, Carrie, 96, Durham Street, ischemic encephalopathy.

Helyer, Jerome, 74, Schmidlin Road, Oregon, coronary artery disease.

Huebner, John, 62, Hill Avenue, septic shock.

Iott, Sr. Lavonne Marie, 76, Secor Road, respiratory failure.

Kelly, Richard, 66, Country Creek Road, carcinoma.

Kosmyna, Florence, 86, Shoreland Avenue, intracranial hemorrhage.

Lutomski, Betty, 82, Koehler Avenue, interstitial pneumonitis.

Martinez, Becky, 47, Lakeshore Avenue, intracerebral bleed.

Nowicki, Pauline, 91, Suzanne Drive, cardiovascular disease.

Ransey, Charles, 65, South Byrne Road, Alzheimer’s disease.

Richardson, Mattie, 72, Monroe Street, diabetes.

Shores, Jacqueline, 64, Kopernik Avenue, liver disease.

Steinhurst, Louise, 94, Perrysburg, respiratory failure.

Temple, Robert, 76, Trails End, Oregon, respiratory failure.

Tober, Rose, 66, Allison Avenue, carcinoma.

Tuma, Joseph, 78, Beverly Drive, coronary artery disease.

Vidales, Jayson, 29, Collingwood Boulevard, pending.

Walls, Charles II, 53, Elysian Avenue, cancer.

Crime reports

Felonious assault

Katelyn Voulgaris, 300 block of Havre, struck in head with hand gun in 1000 block of Greenwood.


Angelica Salazar, cell phone and purse and contents by man and woman with gun in 100 block of Oak.

Brandon Moore, 1300 block of Craigwood and Shakeia Williams, 2300 block of Seaman, cell phones by two men with gun in 1900 block of South Ottawa Cove.

Caleb Perkins, 4500 block of Clover, backpack and contents by several men who threatened him on Tremainsville at Fern.


Kelley Dellinger, credit card, jewelry, and checkbook from vehicle in Walbridge Park.

Stephanie Kidder, purse with credit card and cash from vehicle in 200 block of West Alexis.

Albert Rucker, four wheels with tires from parking lot in 4000 block of South Village.

Erin Osborne, necklace, gold ring, purse, and wallet from driveway in 5500 block of Clover.

Zachary Teel, handgun from vehicle in 5700 block of Ryewyck.

Sheryl Jacquot, purse, bank card, Social Security card, and cash from vehicle in lot in 4600 block of Heatherdowns.

Quinci Copeland, purse, bank card, Social Security card, and cash from vehicle in lot in 4600 block of Heatherdowns.

Matthew Armstrong, computers and wallet from vehicle in 1200 block of Hidden Ridge.

Latasha Maddox, wedding ring and diamond earrings from counter of building in 3800 block of North Detroit.

Peter Gorman, computer, checkbook, cash, and U.S. passport from vehicle in 4200 block of River Road.

Antonio Gary, Sr., watch from residence in 4600 block of North Haven.

Kimberly Ertle, briefcase with checks from vehicle in 2600 block of Middlesex.

Wesley Yarborough, computer, clothing, and camera from two vehicles in 2900 block of Cheltenham.

Alaina Szilak, computer and cash from vehicle in driveway in 2900 block of Barrington.

Timothy Farmer, bank card from ATM machine in 3200 block of Alexis.

Richard Smith, clothing and tools taken from vehicle in 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Melvin Mosley, bank card information from residence in 500 block of Martin.

Timothy Farmer, bank card from ATM machine in 3200 block of Alexis.

FedEx, packages, purse, bank debit card, and checkbook from delivery vehicle in 800 block of Cherry.

Tom Baker, handgun, computers, cell phone, and cash from vehicle in in 5200 block of Telegraph.

Nathan Ackerman, diamond ring from residence in 900 block of South Reynolds.

Michael Lowry, wallet and contents from vehicle in driveway of residence in 100 block of East Broadway.

Amelia Jarret, purse and contents from vehicle in driveway of residence in 2200 block of Glenwood.

Toledo Colturan Arts Center @ Valentine, lawn mower, weed eaters, leaf blower, gas cans, locks, and cable from 400 block of Superior.

Matthew Moenter, iPod, GPS unit, and laptop computer from vehicle at residence in 4300 block of Lyman.

Bartz Viviano, credit card from business in 4500 block of Secor.

Amy Priest, 700 block of Elysian, bank card from 5100 block of Glendale.

John Serra, 600 block of East Woodruff, tail gate with liner and circular saw from vehicle in 200 block of East Alexis.

Allen Koch, laptop computer, binoculars, jumper cables, and electric razor from vehicle at residence in 500 block of Tennyson.

James Page, federal checks stolen en route to residence in 2700 block of Lawrence.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Phillip Doyle from Pharlandria Doyle.

Cynthia Hendricks from Robert Hendricks.

Linda Cornelison from Harry Cornelison, Jr.

Harry Cornelison, Jr. from Linda Cornelison.

Shelley Goff from Martin Goff.

Martin Goff from Shelley Goff.

Steven Brown from Tracey Brown.

Kevin Goldsmith from Shari Goldsmith.

Shari Goldsmith from Kevin Goldsmith.

Sandra Avila from Noe Avila.

Andrew White from Bree White.

Bree White from Andrew White.

Generrio Kizer from Jerrica Taylor.

Jamie Keblesh from Jonathan Keblesh.

Jonathan Keblesh from Jamie Keblesh.

Peter Spencer from Mercedes Spencer.

Sujung Hayworth from Terrance Hayworth, Sr.

Mary Worthy form Timothy Worthy.

Kolina McElyea from Edward McElyea, Jr.

Gary Floor from Marlene Floor.

Marlene Floor from Gary Floor.

Mary Kosch from Larry Kosch, Jr.

Sarah Pape from Justin Pape.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Tisha Moliszewski and Dennis Moliszewski.

William Moore and Michaela Moore.

Robin Ratszenberger and Douglas Ratzenberger.

Jennifer Barrett and Stephen Hadden.

Heather Rasinski and Gabriel Russell.

Bonnie Cornwell and Raymond Cornwell.

Troy Stevenson and Julie Stevenson.

Marilyn Holmes-Ferguson and Steven Ferguson.