■ Births

Bay Park Community Hospital
Summer Leach, Toledo, girl, June 19.

Katrina and Mitchell Encalado, Toledo, girl, June 20.

Flower Hospital
Jenny and Aaron Smith, Temperance, boy, June 12.

Rachel and Brian Root, Temperance, boy, June 14.

Iwanna Mercer, Toledo, girl, June 16

Amanda and Nathaniel Myers, Toledo, boy, June 16.

Shannon and Matthew Shields, Toledo, girl, June 17.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital 
Joseph and Megan DiMasso, Perrysburg, boy, June 18.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center
Betsey Gregory, Toledo, girl, June 19.

St. Luke’s Hospital
Heather and Greg Gillen, Maumee, girl, June 19.

Myrtle and Christopher Kincade, Toledo, boy, June 19.


■ Marriage licenses

Lucas County: June 19, 2013
Nicholas Damman, 29, staffing manager, and AnneMarie Babula, 29, nurse, both of Toledo.

William Littin, 41, retired, and Sherrie Pisarsky, 39, production worker, both of Toledo.

David Hollerbach, 26, of Genoa, and Kathryn Kirkwood, 35, financial counselor, of Sylvania.

Andrew Snell, 27, financial advisor, and Sarah Ropeik, 27, teacher, both of Toledo.

Steven Bobash, 40, pipefitter, of McClure, Ohio, and Elizabeth DeLucia, 37, hairdresser, of Toledo.

Majd Ali, 22, coach, of Toledo, and Kimberly Harris, 27, pharmacy technician, of Dundee, Mich.

Justin Mansfield, 30, parts manager, and Sadie Roberts, 31, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Trent Binkley, 39, nurse, of Holland, and Stephanie Wirick, 24, nurse, of Carleton, Mich.

Lance Sidel, 37, tombstone layer, and Karen Frye aka Delgado, 25, retail sales representative, both of Swanton.


■ Deaths

Lucas County
Arrington, Geraldine, 80, South Avenue, renal disease.

Bagner, Brycen, 1 month, East Woodruff Avenue, extreme prematurity.

Bowers, Albert, 81, Daleford Drive, heart disease.

Campbell, Shirley, 78, Jermain Drive, renal disease.

Candella, Janet, 76, Comet Avenue, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Dacey, Harry, Jr., 62, Brock Drive, adenocarcinoma.

Duhart, James, 89, North Byrne Road, cancer.

Elliott, Robert, 77, East Benalex Drive, anoxic brain injury.

Fisher, Carolyn, 77, Shooters Hill Road, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Gasson, Jacqueline, 68, Adrian, Mich., cancer.

Gibson, Sammie, 83, Gunckel Boulevard, severe malnutrition.

Haas, Kurt, 55, Amanda, Ohio, pending.

Hawkins, Kay, 64, Hill Avenue, cardiomoypathy.

Kotowicz, Elisabeth, 97, King Road, Sylvania, respiratory failure.

Lawrence, James, 78, Perrysburg, deep vein thromboli.

Madrzykowski, Maxine, 86, Kurtz Street, Maumee, dementia.

Miller, Lois, 86, West Alexis Road, respiratory failure.

Overton, Glenna, 76, Parkwood Avenue, adenocarcinoma.

Parker, Christine, 55, Winona Drive, cancer.

Parker, Joanne, 82, Madison Township, Mich., hemorrhagic cerebral vascular accident.

Pavlica, Bessie, 95, Munding Drive, Oregon, cancer.

Stone, Charlene, 71, Ida, Mich., cor pulmonale.

Winter, Seth, 23, Coral Avenue, pending.

York, Randy, Sr., 54, Delta, Ohio, coronary artery disease.


■ Crime reports

Gene Potrzebowski, assorted tools from garage of residence in 3700 block of Sherbrooke.

Herman Burnmeister III, assorted pool sticks from garage of residence in 3700 block of Revere.

Christopher Jacobs, 2600 block of Sigsher, tread mill and stove from property in 3500 block of Burton.

Cornelius Buchanan, unknown person broke into residence in 900 block of Hamilton, no loss reported.

Pamela Shinaver, computer monitor, keyboard, and hard drive from residence in 1700 block of Heatherdowns.

Bree Coleman, unknown person broke into residence in 700 block of Southbriar, loss undetermined.

Roy Bratton, computer hardware, video game, video cartridges, and phone dock from residence in 600 block of Earl.

Larry Houghtlen, power spin drain snake and assorted power tools from residence 1900 block of Airline.

Donald Mayer, bicycles from residence in 2800 block of 105th.

Michael Boyer, microwave from residence in 700 block of Magnolia.

Kenneth Smith, memorabilia, assorted DVDs, video game, video controller, video cartridges, baseball card collection, and refrigerator/freeszer from residence in 600 block of Raymer.

Byron Orner, video game, video cartridges, and TVs from residence in 200 block of Fassett.

Alex Garcia, unknown person broke into residence in 1500 block of Navarre, no loss reported.

Jeanelle Addie, 100 block of Kingswood Trail, all-terrain vehicle and 2001 blue Jeep Grand Cherokee from garage of residence in unit block of Torrington.

Senitra Jenkins, known person broke into residencen 1500 block of Roosevelt, no loss reported.

Manhattan Auto Sales, 2003 silver Dodge Dakota pickup truck from residence in 1800 block of East Manhattan

Curtis Davis, TV and cell phone from residence in 500 block of Woodville.

Terry McGhee, lawn mower, trimmer, air compressor, golf clubs, skate boards, gas cans, and power tools from garage of residence in 3000 block of Daleford.

Ray Arnold, telephone and computer from residence in 3200 block of Glendale.

National City Mortgage, copper pipes, water tank, and furnace from property in 2900 block of Rocksberry.

Joanne Shock, laptop computer and TV from residence in 1300 block of Colburn.

Michelle Young, 900 block of Post, wallet and contents from shopping cart on Monroe at North Detroit.

Michael Neff, lawn mower, power washer, generator, vacuum pump, blower, sump pump, weed-wacker, and assorted power tools from garage of residence in 900 block of Nela.

Charletha Mitchell, purse and contents from vehicle at residence in 2700 block of Sagamore.

Elizabeth Shook, 200 block of Sunnyside, medications and wallet and contents from 1000 block of Baker.

Crystal Tate, 1300 block of North Superior, plastic totes, lamps, and washer and dryer from residence in 500 block of Hampton.

John Strong, 2300 block of Valeway, golf clubs from vehicle in 2100 block of West Alexis.