Daily Log: 6-25



Bay Park Community Hospital

Sara and Eric Smithers, Curtice, boy, June 22.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Brittany and Shawn Galens, Toledo, boy, June 21.

Darnettra McWilliams, Toledo, boy, June 22.

Nicole and Mark Bryant, Maumee, boy, June 22.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Victoria and Arno Moore, Toledo, boy, June 22.

Sierra Jones, Toledo, girl, June 23.

Jamie and Brian Miller, Rossford, girl, June 23.

Toledo Hospital

Tiffany Eidson, Toledo, boy, June 22.

Amanda Ireland, Toledo, girl, June 22.

Alexis and Shailenora Misra, Temperance, girl, June 23.

Lisa and Steve Potter, Toledo, boy, June 23.

Sarah and Joe Berry, Toledo, girl, June 24.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

June 21, 2013

Lamarr Jones, 30, personal trainer, and Christina Christian, 25, waitress, both of Toledo.

David Gochoka, 39, physician, and Joyce Njoroge, 33, civil servant, both of Holland.

Robert Sapp, Jr., 40, manager, and Tiffany Downard, 31, self employed, both of Toledo.

Andrew Lange, 28, service adviser, and Lindsey Livingston, 28, server, both of Toledo.

Terrence Struve, 46, and Mi-chelle Martin, 43, both of Toledo.

Aron Adams, 32, warehouse worker, and Michelle Warner, 31, realtor, both of Maumee.

Michael Notheis, 45, maintenance engineer, and Sunset Hickling, 18, both of Toledo.

Danny Sumrow, 57, and Anita Cobb, 52, factory, both of Toledo.

Corey Antoszewski, 34, carpenter, and Amber Laney, 30, factory worker, both of Toledo.

James Amison, 41, life skills coach, and Kasandra Langford, 40, director, both of Toledo.

Carl Gilmore, 48, security manager, and Marlena Morse, 48, both of Toledo.

Brandon Erme, 25, pipe fitter, and Megan Markley, 19, nurse aide, both of Toledo.

Jason Fuller, 37, forklift driver, and Michelle Godoshian aka St. Clair, 28, student, both of Toledo.

James Derr, III, 31, roofer, of Toledo, and Amanda White, 30, finance associate, of Oregon.

Jason Cummins, 35, merchandiser, and Amber Isaacs, 38, customer service, both of Toledo.

Donald Kleis, II, 32, and Kristen McKenzie-Gomez, 25, both of Maumee.

David Gregory, 62, retired, and Mary Leasure, 29, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Armstrong, Mildred, 86, Commonwealth Avenue, glio-blastoma multiforme.

Brandt, Gertrude, 85, Nevada, Ohio, cardiac tamponade.

Burnell, Rodney, 78, South Berlin Avenue, Oregon, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Clere, Marsha, 63, Brown Road, Oregon, respiratory failure.

Devoe, Todd, 52, Starr Avenue, Oregon, hypertensive heart disease.

Fletcher, Louann, 55, Elmore, respiratory failure.

Hale, Velma, 77, Woodland Avenue, renal disease.

LaPlante, Douglas, 59, Ruthanne Drive, adenocarcinoma.

Luschen, Betty, 84, Perrysburg, stroke.

May, Dennis, 67, Babcock Drive, Whitehouse, chronic obstructive lung disease.