Daily Log: 6/27



Bay Park Community Hospital

Heather Cremeens, Toledo, girl, June 25.

Chantel Kromer, Gibsonburg, Ohio, girl, June 25.

Jennifer Arnold, Oregon, boy, June 26.

Tiffany Martin, Toledo, girl, June 26.

St. Charles Hospital

Heidi Hartford, Toledo, girl, June 23.

Modesty Hudson, Toledo, boy, June 24.

Lacey Hudson, Toledo, boy, June 25.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Danalei Stump, Swanton, boy, June 25.

Toledo Hospital

Chelsea Kelly and Jordan Ellis, Gibsonburg, Ohio, girl, May 29.

Lindsay and Billy Hesser, Sylvania, girl, June 24.

Robin and Jeffery Robinson, Sylvania, girl, June 24.

Delicia Johnson, Toledo, girl, June 24.

Rhonda and Jeff Young, Maumee, girl, June 25.

Jennifer and Kevin Miller, Toledo, girl, June 25.

Lynsey and Trevor Salverson, Holland, girl, June 25.

Andrea and Nick Sancraint, Toledo, boy, June 25.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

June 25, 2013

Bradley Hinkel, 42, inside sales, and Susan Young, 49, inside sales, both of Toledo.

Andrew Stanford, 28, personal trainer, and Rachel Wagener, 28, college volleyball coach, both of Toledo.

Jeremiah Reichow, 27, laborer, and Natasha Trombley, 24, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Evan Dankert, 27,safety administrator, of Spirit Lake, Iowa, and Chelsey Ondrus aka Kahsen, 24, bank teller, of Toledo.

Gary Bryan, 56, physical therapist assistant, and Whitney Meschke, 41, copy editor, both of Toledo.

Dustin Funk, 33, sub contractor, and Michelle Chessher, 36, florist, both of Toledo.

Joseph Missler, 21, yard specialist, and Cara Durham, 22, pharmacy technician, both of Toledo.

Tyrone Chenault, 27, of Toledo, and Kadena Brooks, 30, healthcare, of Defiance.


Lucas County

Barnes, Deborah, 55, Oakcrest, pending.

Case, James, 60, Overland Parkway, pending.

Chisholm, Ulysses, 83, Palmwood Avenue, dementia.

Christie, Ruby, 83, Allenby Road, myocardial infarction.

Dail, Madison, 1, Louie Street, pending.

Dixon, Reginald, 54, Calumet Avenue, heart disease.

Fox, Caroline, 77, Eber Road, Holland, aspiration pneumonia.

Gupta, Chaman, 89, West Dauber Drive, cardiorenal failure.

Haas, Lester, 77, South Avenue, coronary artery disease.

Haberkamp, Joe, 69, Alcott Avenue, pneumonia.

Harris, Joanne, 74, Collingwood Boulevard, cerebral vascular accident.

Kowalski, Judith, 71, Cass Road, cancer.

Mitchell, Nicole, 31, Chapin Street, carcinoma.

Rank, Sandra, 66, Temperance, Mich., carcinoma.

Smith, Delores, 67, Convent Boulevard, Sylvania, sepsis.

Springs, Mattie, 75, Southwyck Boulevard, cancer.

Stover, Patric, 70, Yondota Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Suda, Mary, 53, Anthony Wayne Trail, Waterville, renal failure.

Thompson, Allen, 65, South Avenue, cardiovascular disease.

Varga, Bonnie, 79, South North Curtice Road, Oregon, cancer.

Walerius, Virginia, 93, Neowash Road, Whitehouse, renal failure.

Walker, Linda, 60, Mettler Street, pending.

Watson, Frederick, 20, Belmont Avenue, homicide.

Wheatley, Eric, 58, Pierce Street, Maumee, respiratory failure.

Young, Richard, 57, Waldorf Drive, cancer.

Zakrzewski, James, 55, Lambertville, Mich., cancer.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Tracy Zapata from Martin Zapata.

Tamara Rogers from Robert Rogers, Jr.

Maria Kwiatkowski from Richard Kwiatkowski.

Deborah Barker from Larry Barker.

Madelyn Liggins from Robert Liggins.

Weltha Zunk from Thomas Zunk.

Abiodun Ogunfayo from Kerryann Bailey.

Mindy Spears-Armstrong from James Armstrong.

Rene Wherry from William Wherry.

Anna Swaney from Shawn Swaney.

Andrew Carl from Julie Carl.

Julie Carl from Andrew Carl.

Amy Carr from Kenneth Carr, Jr.

Sheronda Harris from Michael Harris.

Michael Harris from Sheronda Harris.

Utanna Silcox from Jonathan Silcox.

Jennifer Wilgus from Scott Wilgus.

Nancy Leister from Reginald Leister.

Amanda Perez from Bernard Perez.

Bernard Perez from Amanda Perez.

Amy Sharp from Michael Sharp.

Marquatia Gibson from Frank Gibson, Jr.

Sarah Goldsmith from John Goldsmith.

John Goldsmith from Sarah Goldsmith.

Shannon Pitzen from Joshua Pitzen.

Gorana Kerin from Michael Kerin.

Steven Arthur from Lisa Arthur.

Tamatha Brandner from Jeffery Brandner.

Wallace Hall from Michael Hall.

Amy Walentowski from Allen Walentowski.

Tamesha Gott from Deon Brown.

Tammie Carson from Albert Wlliams.

Bobbi Baker from Danny Baker.

Cayla Barber from Adam Barber.

Dissoultions granted

Lucas County

Linda Bolinger and Michael Bolinger.

Eric Foster and Tamara Foster.

Sara Hoffman and John Hoffman.

Kasandra Suboticki and Joseph Suboticki.

Joseph Katafiasz and Julie Katafiasz.

Williams Edwards and Cynthia Edwards.

Sandra McLendon and Mitchell McLendon.

Rebecca Huth and Gerald Huth.

Carole Finger and Mark Finger.

David Gant and Sherry Gant.

Sandra Arredondo and Raul Arredondo.

Shannon Biggs and Christopher Biggs.

Peter Williamson and Amy Williamson.

Sandra Helminiak and James Helminiak.

Libby Massingill and Jamie Massingill.

Garrett Frazier and Lacie Frazier.

Lidia Cousino and Derek Cousino.

Louis Snider and Julie Snider.

Brett Tesch and Tracy Tesch.