Daily Log: 7-1



Flower Hospital

Kimberly and Jonathan Grimes, Toledo, girl, June 27.

Kristen and Justin Democko, Toledo, boy, June 27.

Heidi and Chad Borst, Sylvania, boy, June 28.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Lindsay and Kyle Robon, Walbridge, boy, June 27.

Tracy Castaneda, Toledo, girl, June 29.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Lindsay and Taylor Sopko, Toledo, boy, June 29.

Tesla and Dan Willcutt, Haskins, girl, June 29.

Toledo Hospital

Kai Franklin, Toledo, girl, June 29.

Laura and Hector Ramirez, Toledo, girl, June 29.

Paula and Marcus Ma, Temperance, boy, June 29.

Gladys Petrey, Toledo, girl, June 30.


Coroner’s rulings

Lucas County

Austin Ashby, 21, of Marian, Mich., June 22, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, multiple blunt-force injuries; deceased was in auto accident.

Diana Barringer, 59, of Toledo, June 22, at Regency Hospital. Accidental, complications of blunt-force trauma sustained from auto accident.

Delores Hogrefe, 80, of Deshler, Ohio, June 11, at University of Toledo Medical Center. Accidental, complications of blunt-force trauma to head and neck; deceased fell at home.

Sylvia Jechura, 86, of Toledo, April 29, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, blunt-force injuries of the chest and abdomen; deceased fell into a walk-in tub.

Austin Kudzia, 28, of Toledo, Feb. 7, at University of Toledo Medical Center. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Elizabeth Mora, 29, of Toledo, March 9, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Mildred Pavuk, 86, of Rossford, May 28, at Regency Hospital. Accidental, multiple pulmonary complications; deceased fell outside her home.

Jashua Perz, 29, of Maumee, March 24, at home. Suicide, self-inflicted gunshot wound to head.

Andrew Smietanski, 32, of Perrysburg, Feb. 26, at University of Toledo Medical Center. Suicide, anoxic encephalopathy; deceased hanged himself.

Marvin Smith, 90, of Erie, Mich., May 16, at Hospice of Northwest Ohio. Accidental, blunt-force trauma to head and neck; deceased fell at home.

Carla Vanetten, 45, of Sylvania, May 24, at Toledo Hospital. Accidental, end-stage cirrhosis of the liver; deceased fell at home.



Lucas County

Bladel aka Wright, Ronda, 53, Whitaker Road, hypertensive heart disease.

Corns, David, Jr., 36, Consaul Street, pending.

Cosper, Ruby, 48, West Alexis Road, pending.

Cox, William, 89, Angleview Drive, Sylvania, pneumonia.

Felt, Robert, 88, Executive Boulevard, coronary artery disease.

Fitzgerald, Edward, 95, Brixton Road, Maumee, cancer.

Lytle, Lillie, 79, Worth Street, Oregon, dementia.

Mathiot, Virginia, 83, Marion, Ohio, stroke.

Nyitray, Mary, 80, South Yarrow Drive, Oregon, stroke.

Opial, James, 65, Kathy Lane, carcinomatosis.

Roberts, Robert, Jr., 71, Main Street Circle, Sylvania, carcinoma.

Smith, Anthony, 49, Ventura Drive, multiorgan failure.

Smith, Louis, 69, Genoa, Ohio, ventricular fibrillation.

Stotz, Richard, 84, Ryan Road, dementia.

Taraschke, Virginia, 90, Ralph Street, withdrawal of support.

Yanez, Brandon, 42, Fallen Leaf Drive, pending.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

June 27, 2013

Jason Smolenski, 31, letter carrier, of Toledo, and Amanda Craig, 28, teacher, of Rossford.

Robert Sortor, Jr., 36, contractor, and Betty DePriest, 37, operator, both of Monroe.

Joseph Gillard, 48, security specialist, and Kim Savage, 48, bus driver, both of Toledo.

Bradley Hohenberger, 25, security guard, of Oregon, and Janet Navarre, 24, teacher, of Toledo.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Linda Bolinger and Michael Bolinger.

Eric Foster and Tamara Foster.

Sara Hoffman and John Hoffman.

Kasandra Suboticki and Joseph Suboticki.

Joseph Katafiasz and Julie Katafiasz.

Williams Edwards and Cynthia Edwards.

Sandra McLendon and Mitchell McLendon.

Rebecca Huth and Gerald Huth.

Carole Finger and Mark Finger.

David Gant and Sherry Gant.

Sandra Arredondo and Raul Arredondo.

Shannon Biggs and Christopher Biggs.

Peter Williamson and Amy Williamson.

Sandra Helminiak and James Helminiak.

Libby Massingill and Jamie Massingill.

Garrett Frazier and Lacie Frazier.

Lidia Cousino and Derek Cousino.

Louis Snider and Julie Snider.

Brett Tesch and Tracy Tesch.

Jill Hughes and Christopher Hughes.

Zachary Geisel and Abby Geisel.

Danielle Geronimo and Alex Geronimo.

Dennis Bailey and Mary Bailey.

Katherine Clements and Daniel Clements.

Michelle Holtfrete and Robert Holtfeter.

Kevin Crosser and Lois Crosser.


Crime reports


Richard Ulch, cash and car stereo by two men who assaulted him in tavern in 700 block of Junction.

Brett Jan, cash, wallet, and cell phone by three men who accosted him in 1400 block of Brooke Park.

Matthew Spradlin, cash by two men who assaulted him in 2000 block of Ashland.

Dollar General, cash by gunman in the 5800 block of Lewis.

Austin Hiner, bicycle by two men who knocked him from his bike in the 4100 block of Lewis and fled.

Irene Ramirez, cash by gunman who forced his way into her car in the 400 block of Oak.

Lee Rankin, bicycle by two teenagers who assaulted him in the 400 block of White.

Brittany Seger, cell phone by man who accosted her in the 200 block of Segur.


Samuel Gonzales, cash from residence in 800 block of Booth.

Stephanie Ball, medication and household items from home in 400 block of Parker.

Jaymond Palacio, front door and swords from home in 1400 block of Prospect.

Stephanie McClellan, computer, TV, and jewelry from home in 5800 block of Spring Hollow.