Daily Log: 7/10



Bay Park Community Hospital

Valerie Long, Perrysburg, girl, July 8.

Jennifer Vasquez, Toledo, girl, July 8.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Ravonna Williams, Toledo, girl, July 6.

Eboni Grier, Toledo, boy, July 7.

Mindi and Mark Clute, Lambertville, girl, July 8.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Penny and Jason Michael, Toledo, boy, July 8.

Ashley Borck, Wauseon, girl, July 9.

Toledo Hospital

Chastadie Brown, Toledo, girl, July 8.

Kristin and Darren Campos, Liberty Center, Ohio, boy, July 8.

Brittany and Matthew Clairday, Toledo, boy, July 8.

Amber Hill, Toledo, boy, July 8.

Emily and Joshua Wagy, Toledo, girl, July 8.

Samantha Sekulski, Toledo, boy, July 8.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

July 8, 2013

Albert Williams, Jr., 49, custodian, and Tammie Carson, 49, housekeeping, both of Toledo.

Peter Samuka, 31 nurse assistant, and Koko Dahn, 28, caregiver, both of Toledo.

John Noble, 56, forklift operator, and Cynthia Hicks, 59, both of Toledo.

Joel Gedeon, 28, medical biller, of Maumee, and Jessica Forgette, 25, medical biller, of Sylvania.

Wesley Gilbert, 39, student, and Sharhonda Royster, 39, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Brett Richards, 46, glass worker, and Cassandra Lett, 33, both of Holland.

Paul Kaiser, 24, mechanic, and Tara Fineske, 23, bank teller, both of Toledo.

Kevin Neilly, Jr., 26, delivery, and Elizabeth Pershing, 26, nurse, both of Toledo.

Hal Spradlin, Jr., 33, crane service technician, and Maria Kwiatkowski, 34, sales representative, both of Whitehouse.

Paul Best, 26, director of marketing, and Audrey Maran, 25, graduate student, both of Toledo.

Richard Hoffer II, 41, truck driver, and Julie Holt-Hoffert, 42, manager, both of Toledo.

Brian Patrizzi, 32, server, and Ashley McGhee, 27, manager, both of Toledo.

Brandon Lewis, 28, delivery driver, and Sara Seitz, 24, pharmacy technician, both of Oregon.

Austin Fankhauser, 20, cashier, and Sharice Mead, 19, U.S. Army National Guard, both of Toledo.

Todd Allen, 28, sales representative, and Amanda Lohrman, 30, cook/​student, both of Toledo.

Michael Myers, 38, and Jessica Giles, 20, both of Toledo.

Patrick Benore, 47, team leader, of Erie, Mich., and Rhonda Tomase, 48, homemaker, of Monclova Township.


Lucas County

Armstrong, Jean, 86, Heatherlawn Drive, mesenteric ischemia.

Barbine, Kathi, 58, Harvest Lane, pulmonary embolus.

Flores, Francisca, 61, Findlay, respiratory failure.

Gallagher, Suzanne, 75, Country View Lane, coronary artery disease.

Harris, David, 68, Whispering Pine Curve, Sylvania, adenocarcinoma.

Kosch, Forest, 85, Glenview Drive, Maumee, brain hemorrhage.

Lenz, William, Jr., 68, Emmick Drive, multiple sclerosis.

Moye, Charles, Sr., 74, Gretna Green Avenue, cancer.

Pickett, Terry, 53, Bowling Green, gastrointestinal hemorrhage.

Restivo, Francis, 91, Monclova Road, Maumee, congestive heart failure.

Sherman, Michael, 52, Delta, Ohio, aortic dissection.

Wichman, Gerald, 78, Defiance, multisystem organ failure.

Williams, Renko, 48, Shenandoah Road, heart disease.

Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Bryce Robinson, assaulted on street in 2800 block of Alisdale.

Armando Gonzalez, shot at on street at North Summit and Erie.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Carrie Monagan from James Monagan.

James Monagan from Carrie Monagan.

Rebecca Carlen from Jeremy Carlen.

Ronald King from Virginia King.

Alicia Perry from David Brewton.

Heather Sondergeld from Frank Corder.

Carol Brewer from Micah Brewer.

Elizabeth Meadows from Kevin Meadows.

Leonda Pernell from Alton Williams.

Jacob Sanford from Tara Miller.

Catherine Yeager from Kenneth Yeager.

Paulette Fletcher-Gilmore from Carl Gilmore.

Rebecca Mason-Smith from Vernon Smith.

Sylvia Whitmore from Randy Whitmore, Jr.

Sandra Budin from Jeff Roberts.

Stephanie Lucius from Carlos Origel Negete.

Pamella Molten from Sonny Molten.

LaQuita Orr from Anthony Orr.

Richard Stivers from Leona Stivers.

Yolanda Sawyer-Johnson from Kenneth Johnson.

Marquiette Jones from Montu Tum-Re.

Alice Krompak from Gary Krompak.

Gary Krompak from Alice Krompak.

Martha Luce from John Luce.

Donna Hite from Gregory Hite.

Mary McClain from Kyle McClain.

David Nicely from Shivangi Jariwala.

Raquel Seiler from Jason Seiler.

Jason Seiler from Raquel Seiler.

Kevin Taylor, Jr., from Sheena Taylor.

David Buenting from Elizabeth Buenting.

Cassandra Harper from Donald Harper.

Heather Nathanson from Michael Nathanson.

Michael Nathanson from Heather Nathanson.

Laneita Roberts from Ronald Roberts, Jr.

Eva LeJeune from John LeJeune.

Shonnice Williams from Lawton Williams, Jr.

Lisa Thomas from Eric Thomas.

Jeffery Abel from Sandra Abel.

Sandra Abel from Jeffery Abel.

Jay Roberts from Alicia Roberts.

Margarita O’Campo from Cesar O’Campo.

Angie Makaka from Oliver Makaka.

Connie Perez from Carlos Perez.

Pamela Bee from Scott Bee.

Elton Shreves from Angela Shreves.

William Gilbert from Diana Gilbert.

Lynn Smith from Lawrence Smith.

Jodi Myrice from Tracy Myrice.

Renee Ryglaski from David Ryglaski.

Janisha Edwards from Terrance Edwards.

Dawn Zomkowski from Ronald Zomkowski.

Shannon Loar-Tenney from Scott Tenney.

Stacie Nichols from Ronald Nichols II.

Kurt Zimmerman from Mary Weimer.

Brenda Lewis from Jermain Lewis.

Norma Bates from L.C. Bates.

Kristan Drake from Monica Drake.

Monica Drake from Kristan Drake.

Jennifer Penn-Jackson from Bracy Jackson.

Bracy Jackson from Jennifer Penn-Jackson.

Kilynn Barnes from Charles Polinski.

Chanel Powers from Sean Powers.

Sean Powers from Chanel Powers.

Michael Garcia from Angel Garcia.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Kenneth Banner and Pamela Banner.

Leslie D’Arcangelo and Joseph D’Arcangelo.