Daily Log: 7/11



St. Luke’s Hospital

Brodi and Patrick Lynch-Moore, Dundee, Mich., girl, July 9.

Toledo Hospital

Audrey Kazmaier, Toledo, boy, July 8.

Korinne and Jeffrey King, Temperance, boy, July 9.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

July 9, 2013

Christopher Vollmer, 34, sales representative, of Whitehouse, and Sara Cooke, 35, insurance agent, of Temperance.

Thomas Szymanski, 26, laborer, and Mary Meade, 26, human resource specialist, both of Toledo.

Jeremiah Loredo, Sr., 28, grocery clerk, and Trina Nye, 35, waitress, both of Toledo.

John Mays, 54, self employed, and Crystal Booker, 28, both of Toledo.

Charles Williams, Jr., 30, laborer, and Rikia Wilson, 31, child care worker, both of Toledo.

Jason Conley, 32, personal trainer, and Jenna McNally, 27, home health aide, both of Toledo.

Ryan Murphy, 21, mechanic, and Morgan Hartenstein, 20, student, both of Toledo.

Brent Miller, 32, electrician, and Janette Freitag, 32, nurse assistant, both of Maumee.

Christopher Malcom, 28, electrician, and Reanna Egan, 28, cashier, both of Sylvania.

Paul Spates, 25, educational aide, and Jade Stegal, 23, office assistant, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Arton, James, 75, Bowling Green, cardiac arrest.

Bauerschmidt, Rosemary, 92, Executive Parkway, renal failure.

Bialecki, Kenneth, 52, Selma Street, heart disease.

Carsten, Vaughn, 91, Glenridge Drive, Parkinson’s disease.

Cotton, Shelley, 54, Parkwood Avenue, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Hall, Kenneth, 71, West Bancroft Street, carcinoma.

Hayes, Dorothy, 89, Bartley Place, cancer.

Heinzeroth, Margie, 86, Captiva Drive, Sylvania, stroke.

Keel, Larry, 65, Everwood Road, pending.

Kehoe, Margaret, 87, Rohr Drive, congestive heart failure.

Krueger, George III, 72, Lose Road, Monclova Township, cancer.

Lepper, Deborah, 54, Perrysburg, adenocarcinoma.

Nesbitt, Theresa, 80, Fern Drive, lymphoma.

Simmons, Clifford, 89, West Alexis Road, Parkinson’s disease.

Skeans, Leroy, 73, Shetland Road, Sylvania, cancer.

Smith, Mantle, 72, Winthrop Street, diabetes.

Stall, Burel, 75, Albon Road, Holland, heart disease.

Swanson, William, 78, Newbury Street, heart disease.

Warner, Robert, 77, Genoa, hypertension.

Wilburn, Richard, 68, Clark Street, asystole.

Zarend, Mary, 81, North Wheeling Street, congestive heart failure.

Zielinski, Helen, 94, Anthony Wayne Trail, Waterville, coronary ateriosclerosis.