Daily Log: 7-26



Bay Park Community Hospital

Wendy and Joe Szczerbiak, Toledo, boy, July 23.

Lauren Coberley, Oregon, girl, July 24.

Alicia Compton, Fremont, boy, July 25.

Desiree Oviedo, Toledo, boy, July 25.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Amy and Jason Dunbar, Toledo, boy, July 21.

Juianna and Benjamin Price, Toledo, boy, July 22.

Brittney Dyer, Risingsun, Ohio, boy, July 22.

Stephanie and Ryan Valdiviez, Toledo, boy, July 23.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Kendra and Michael Sheidler, Toledo, girl, July 24.

Catlynn and Daniel Salois, Swanton, girl, July 24.

Toledo Hospital

Tesha Witforth, Toledo, boy, July 23.

Paula and Moises Zaragoza, Toledo, boy, July 23.

Amanda and Tim Rabara, Sylvania, girl, July 24.

Natalie and Mike Whipple, Oregon, boy, July 24.

Kinesha Lucas, Toledo, girl, July 24.

Samantha Holte, Toledo, girl, July 24.

Cherie Ewing, Toledo, girl, July 24.

Ruthtanya Smothers, Toledo, girl, July 24.

Sahar Ayache and Fadel Mahfouz, Toledo, twin girls, July 24.

Heather and Jeremy Grycza, Maumee, girl, July 24.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

July 24, 2013

Franklin Costanzo, 29, shipping supervisor, and Danielle Perry, 27, server, both of Toledo.

Prakash Karamchandani, 28, self employed, and Navdeep Kaur, 29, personal banker, both of Holland.

Tracy Leu, Jr., 27, roofer, of Northwood, and Britney Show, 21, bank teller, of McComb, Ohio.

Jason Tyas, 40, server, and Brooke McGuire, 33, both of Toledo.

Gerald Reneau, Jr., 31, maintenance technician, and Ashley Williams, 26, hairstylist, both of Toledo.

James Richardson, 24, of Toledo, and Kathryn Pfaff, 25, of Columbus, Ind.

Ronald Ditmyer, Jr., 25, deliverer, and Ashleigh Walsh, 22, cosmetologist, both of Toledo.

Ryan Peters, 28, installer, and Ashley Smith, 24, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Christopher Shepherd, 41, painter, and Angela White, 32, plebotomist, both of Monroe.

David Arendt, 30, self employed, and Erin Roesner, 25, nurse, both of Sylvania.

Jordan Best, 26, student, and Samantha Molison, 26, both of Toledo.

Jordan Strack, 28, sports anchor, of Toledo, and Alexandria Meiring, 28, optometrist technician, of Whitehouse.


Lucas County

Andros, Marie, 87, North Holland-Sylvania Road, dementia.

Brown, Joshua, 35, North Street, metabolic acidosis crisis.

Crockett, Jerry, 59, Catalina Drive, lymphoma.

Farmer, James, 69, Whiteacre Road, Sylvania Township, hepatic failure.

Flynn, Rita aka Olga, 83, Convent Boulevard, Sylvania, heart disease.

Gibson, Mary, 95, Belmont Avenue, kidney disease.

Hicks, John, 79, Fulton Street, respiratory failure.

Kwiatkowski, John, 69, Westwind Drive, peripheral vascular disease.

Malone, Phillip II, 38, Montpelier, Ohio, pending.

Neyland, McLaurin, 93, Underwood Avenue, debility.

Siegwald, Agnes, 87, Bowen Road, Parkinson’s disease.

Sieler, Eleanor, 87, Lambertville, sepsis.

Thimmes, Chanda, 51, Pickle Road, Oregon, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Thomas, Annabel, 93, Findlay, intracerebral bleed.

White, Janice, 70, South Avenue, sepsis.

Williams, Robert, 78, Richards Road, coronary artery disease.

Crime reports


Kelsey Durell, cash and cigarettes from residence in 3000 block of 119th Street.

Timothy Mull, 2006 Harley-Davidson motorcycle from garage of residence in 1000 block of Gordon.

Mark Cunningham, pet cat from residence in 5000 block of Rowland.

Nicholas Perakes, ring, computer, TV, video game system, and book bag from residence in 600 block of Pine Valley.

Sandor Halasz, air conditioner compressor and copper piping from residence in 800 block of Woodstock.

Casey Conine, TV, computer, video game system, and stereo equipment from residence in 1100 block of Brookley.

Taylor Ross, TV and video game systems from residence in 1500 block of Secor.

Thomas Horralle, copper piping, miscellaneous hand and power tools, and lawn mower from residence in 2600 block of Westbrook.

William Fuller, safe, cash jewelry, watch, and U.S. coins from residence in 500 block of Shasta.

Katherine Calcamuggio, two bicycles from shed in 1400 block of Stanwix.

August Huguley, lawnmower from garage in 800 block of Wright.

Harold McWilliams, air conditioning unit and copper piping from rental property in 2000 block of Oakwood.