Daily Log: 7-27



Flower Hospital

Sarah Weemes, Temperance, boy, July 24.


Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Monica and Matthew McCullough, Adrian, Mich., girl, July 25.

Gabriela and Thorne McGregory, Perrysburg, girl, July 25.


St. Luke’s Hospital

Courtney Hall, Toledo, girl, July 24.

Amy Bates, Bowling Green, boy, July 25.

Tiffany Worley, Toledo, boy, July 25.

Christine and Dave McAllister, Holland, boy, July 26.


Toledo Hospital

Kathryn Hyttenhove, Toledo, boy, July 24.

Stella Glatt Holtz and Christopher Howder, Lyons, Ohio, girl, July 25.

Darci and Keith Meyer, Sylvania, girl and boy, July 25.

Lydia Bortolotti, Toledo, girl, July 25.

Tamieka Gordon, Toledo, boy, July 25.

Lydia and Adam Thomas, Toledo, girl, July 25.

Rachel and Michael Jones, Lambertville, boy, July 25.

Chelsea and Joseph Langlois, Swanton, girl, July 25.

Angela and Judson Pitt, Monclova Township, boy, July 25.

Jill and Brook Conrad, Wauseon, girl, July 25.

Jessica Guzman, Toledo, boy, July 25.

Alexa McNeal, Toledo, girl, July 26.

Arnishia and Paul King, Toledo, boy, July 26.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

July 25, 2013

Jerome Shelton, 40, self employed, and Cassandra Holmes, 31, machine operator, both of Toledo.

Justin Belville, 29, logistics manager, and Jaclynn Powers, 29, registered dietitian, both of Toledo.

Brent Degnan, 50, line cook, of Toledo, and Kelly Keckler, 42, laborer, of Temperance.

Joshua Show, 35 laborer, and Catherine Johnson, 47, general manager, of Toledo.

Russell Kamin, Jr., 60, independent health aide, and Margaret Pierce, 45, independent health aide, both of Toledo.

Terry Johns, Jr., 44, and Pamela Coleman, 44, student, both of Toledo.

Benjamin Winner, 26, manager, and Jennifer Kim, 25, manager, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Ackerman, Roland, 82, Willard Street, cardiomyopathy.

Aldrich, Ann, 63, Waterville Road, Whitehouse, respiratory failure.

Antoszewski, Patricia, 75, North Crissey Road, Holland, myocardial infarction.

Austin, Mary, 91, Prospect Avenue, debility.

Cairl, Gene, 76, Platt Street, dehydration.

Carr, Austin, 22, Napoleon, pending.

Chio, Jacen, 41, East Woodside Terrace, Holland, cancer.

Clinton, Emilio, 23, Sandusky, encephalopathy.

Ditmyer, Jerome, Sr., 73, Curtice, Ohio, renal disease.

Farina, Muriel, 80, Onset, Maine, cancer.

Hockley, Jeanne, 86, Luther Hills Drive, Oregon, coronary artery disease.

Hoffman, David, 75, Woodville Road, pending.

Jackson, James, 69, Augusta Lane, Holland, carcinoma.

Langenderfer, Clifford, 90, West Central Avenue, Swanton, congestive heart failure.

Loo, Yuke, 101, Lutaway Drive, myocardial infarction.

Lytle, Wayne, 78, North Coy Road, Oregon, congestive heart failure.

Myers, Paul, 79, Orono Drive, hypertensive heart disease.

Nechoff, John, 84, Oakdale Avenue, hypertensive heart disease.

Nelson, John, 63, Eleanor Avenue, heart disease.

Ortiz, Myriam, 54, Clay Street, septic shock.

Potter, Linda, 58, Bucyrus, Ohio, pending.

Reece, Walter, 76, South Avenue, pending.

Reiner, Kenneth, 73, Green Valley Drive, heart disease.

Ries, Gale, 60, Lewis Avenue, multisystem organ failure.

Riggs. Gale, 66, McClure, Ohio, congestive heart failure.

Roberts, Ann, 93, West Alexis Road, coronary artery disease.

Sherman, Glenn, 86, Executive Parkway, atherosclerosis.

Sikorski, Andrew, 1 hour, Alva Street, extreme prematurity.

Smith, William, 70, Mettler Street, cancer.

Stanley, Leon, Sr., 78, West Gramercy Avenue, respiratory failure.

Staples, Antonio, 11, Elm Street, lymphoma.

Truman, Dorothy, 96, North Stadium Road, Oregon, dementia.

Webb, Patsy, 69, Aldringham Road, subdural hematoma.

Wyatt, Suzanne, 83, Macklyn Drive, sepsis.


Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Steven Brown, shot on street in 900 block of Willow.

Michael Johnson, shot in alley in 1500 block of Freeman.



Michael Clifton, assaulted in driveway outside residence in 500 Custer by man trying to rob him.

Brandon Hoyt, assaulted and robbed of cash, debit card, and food stamp card outside residence in 1600 block of Brooke Park.

Roy Plummer III, assaulted and threatened with handgun at Earl and Willow by man trying to rob him of backpack.

Rebecca Rumpf, robbed of jewelry on sidewalk in 2000 block of Chase.

7-Eleven, clerk threatened with knife and robbed of cash from register and of carton of cigarettes at convenience store in 3700 block of Upton.

Raimon Hodges, threatened with handgun and robbed of cell phone at Sylvania and Concord, with shot fired.

Speedway, clerk threatened with handgun and robbed of cash at gas station in 1700 block of Tremainsville.



Dean Dietrich, cash from residence in 3300 block of Douglas.

Briceon Embry, TV and basketball shoes from residence in 4400 block of Airport Highway.

Carolina Mattress furniture store, four mattresses from storeroom in 5300 block of Airport.

Carla Krichbaum, clothes washer, TV, and video game system from residence in 4300 block of Lyman.

Ashley Leavell, TV from residence in 2800 block of Chestnut.

Rodnee Armour, cash, cell phone, and children's bicycles from residence in 700 block of Cherry.

Veronica Fletcher, curling iron, hair clippers, and computer from Heaven on Earth Salon in 1600 block of West Sylvania.

Ronita Dixon, TV, stereo sound bar, and computer from residence in 5300 block of 308th.

Evelyn Grace, three TVs, video game systems, and computer from residence in 4100 block of Walker.

Janet Dear, jewelry from residence in 4800 block of Walker; suspect arrested fleeing scene.

Max Robertson, two TVs from residence in 4700 block of Bennett.

Stella Wahl, five TVs, video game system, and cash from residence in 300 block of Crawford.

Michalina Grames, four computers from residence in 3700 block of Wallwerth.

Julie Holmes, air compressor, power washer, tool chest, and miscellaneous tools from garage in 5200 block of Ketukkee.

London Woodley, telephone and two TVs from residence in 1600 block of Brooke Park.

Andrea Hricovsky, cash, cigarette lighters, and cigarettes from residence in 1900 block of South Ottawa Cove.

Tom Foster, copper piping from dwelling in 500 block of Waybridge.

Deyondra Allen, two TVs, video game system, and computer from residence in 5500 block of Lewis.

Lisa Macpherson, cash, camera, computer, video game system, and pet cat from residence in 2100 block of Stirrup.

Luxury Care Homes, air conditioning unit and two TVs from residence in 2100 block of Fairfax.

Nathaniel Taylor, gas-powered lawn edger, lawn trimmer, gas can, and carpeting from garage in 1900 block of Joffre.

Greg Kostraba, copper piping from dwelling in 2900 block of Broadway.

Richard Chizmar, two computers and video game system from residence in 400 block of Langdon.

Christina Williams, diapers, formula, clothing, and TV from residence in 3400 block of Girbralter Heights.

Jason Mayle, video game system and controller from residence in 5700 block of Tetherwood.

Emmanetts Kenney, jewelry, two computers, TV, and two tablet computers from residence in 3200 block of Blackstone.

Flora Shirey, cash from residence by uninvited visitor in 1100 block of Peck.

Jeania Brown, jewelry, nursing school textbooks, and computer from residence in 500 block of East Oakland.

Eric Delgado, two TVs, computer software, and video game system from residence in 900 block of Bronson.

Levon Graham, two TVs, video game systems, computer, speakers, headphones, three DVD players, leather coat, Barbie doll, CDs, hats, and jewelry from residence in 500 block of East Weber.

Meghan Apthorpe, two TVs, two BluRay players, 50 DVDs, video game and accessories, two computers, camera, home theater system, jewelry, hand tools, air compressor, pressure washer, blank checks, and six credit cards from residence in 4100 block of Thornton.

Denice Jurrus, bag of cat litter from residence in 200 block of Kosciusko.

OCWEN Mortgage Servicing, Inc., two kitchen sinks, air conditioning unit, and copper piping from residence in 4200 block of Packard.

Jarred Godfrey, TV and video game system from residence in 4200 block of Burnham.

Robert Samberg, two air conditioning units from dwellings in 4000 block of North Haven.

Crystal Wells, video game system and accessories from residence in 4300 block of Caroline.

Stacy Jacobs, copper piping from residence in 3500 block of Burton.

Charlotte Cuno, jewelry, power drill, clothing, office equipment, and tablet computer from residence in 5000 block of Tappan.

Gary Brown, TV, cash, and medication from residence in 1000 block of Earl.

Linda Shamy, two computers and phone from residence in 1300 block of Myrtle.

Louann Martin, cash, lawn chairs, bicycle, and navigational unit from garage in 900 block of McKinley.

Shannon Wetherbee, safe, ammunition, and handgun from residence in 500 block of Ohio.

Dale Hugill III, video game system, tablet computer, and headset from residence in 2200 block of North Erie.

Kristina Thomas, cash, TV, computer, and cable box with modem from residence in 1200 block of Hamilton.

Mike Vargas, cash from hotel in 1800 block of Miami.

Jesse Dominique, TVs and video game system with controllers from residence in 400 block of Clark.

Howard Hill, air conditioning unit, copper wire from refrigerator, washer, dryer, siding, furniture, speakers, workout equipment, and boxes of baseball cards and comic books from residence in 2000 block of Nevada.

Jessica Miller, TV and tool box with tools from residence in 2500 block of York.

Ricky Trouten, washer and dryer from residence in 1000 block of Greenwood.

Alexis Kekes, TVs from residence in 2000 block of Woodford.

Christopher Bronish, assault rifle, shotgun, cash, laptop computer, TV, and video game system with games and headphones from residence in 1900 block of Kelsey.

Patricia Birmingham, lawn maintenance equipment from garage in 4500 block of Lewis Ave.

Ed Jamison, jewelry, medicines, and handgun with ammunition from residence in 1000 block of Hawk.

Lowell Wells, cash, TVs, and air conditioning unit from residence in 1100 block of Oak.

Ahjanay Stevenson, TV, laptop computer, and clothes from residence in 3300 block of North Detroit.

Rita Hall, exercise equipment and Christmas items from residence in 300 block of Spring Grove.

Erica Jamison, TVs from residence in 600 block of Nesslewood.

Shelly Taylor, jewelry, TVs, and video games from residence in 3300 block of Elm.

Shareeka Moore, TV from residence in 1900 block of Airline.