Daily Log: 8/29



Bay Park Community Hospital

Amy Perry, Oregon, girl, Aug. 27.

Randi and Elliott Magee, Gibsonburg, Ohio, boy, Aug. 27.

Alexis Fowler, Toledo, girl, Aug. 27.

Megan and Matt Scaggs, Monroe, girl, Aug. 28.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Christine Parenteau, Toledo, girl, Aug. 24.

Ashley and Paul Rodriguez, Gibsonburg, Ohio, girl, Aug. 24.

Corvette and Tiffeny Derden, Toledo, girl, Aug. 27.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Sara and Patrick Moreland, Toledo, boy, Aug. 26.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Kelly and Chaz Alcorn, Toledo, girl, Aug. 27.

Lauren and Steven Angerosa, Perrysburg, boy, Aug. 28.

Toledo Hospital

Amanda Morris, Toledo, girl, Aug. 12.

Jessica and Matthew Harsh, Sylvania, girl, Aug. 26.

Brandy Pharis, Toledo, boy, Aug. 27.

Santita Witcher, Toledo, boy, Aug. 27.

Whittney Hardy, Toledo, girl, Aug. 28.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Aug. 26, 2013

Joseph Keblesh, Jr., 68, clergy, of Sylvania, and Laurel Strayer, 54, custodial worker, of Bowling Green.

Gi Chow, 33, self employed, and Chen Zhao, 24, student, both of Toledo.

Michael Kuron, 47, truck driver, and Lori Compton aka Frye, 41, account representative, both of Toledo.

Theodore Thomas, 24, student, and Melissa Vondran, 24, clerical worker, both of Toledo.

Ryan Ferguson, 24, manufacturing, and Andrea Cunningham, 25, direct support professional, both of Toledo.

Matthew Moran, 25, software engineer, of Monroe, and Heather Smith, 24, educational coordinator, of Temperance.

Dennis Moliszewski, 53, retired, and Tisha Turner, 56, claims analyst, both of Toledo.

Keith Van Sant, 43, manager, and Catherine Smith, 32, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Zhaoning Song, 26, student, of Toledo, and Yachun Zhang, 24, student, of Kunming, China.

Norman Wise, 37, and Tammy Jankowski, 38, both of Toledo.

Jimmie Reynolds, Jr., 29, electrician, and Hannah McGhee, no age listed, both of Toledo.

Kurt Glenn, 29, electrician, and Krista VanDruten, 28, speech therapist, both of Toledo.

Devon Jones, 22, and Ashley Watson, 22, student, both of Toledo.

Aug. 27, 2013

Zachaery Hatcher, 28, of Maumee, and Katherine Blyth, 28, public relations, of Toledo.

Christopher Loredo, Sr., 35, production worker, and Oralia Ortiz, 30, accountant, both of Toledo.

Andrew Short, 18, of Oregon, and Brook Wilkes, 19, of Oregon.

Joel McElvany, 25, boilermaker, and Erin Newcomer, 24, store manager, both of Monroe.

Shawn Adams, 24, crane operator, and Ashley Johnson, 21, machine operator, both of Toledo.

Jayson Cessna, 27, customer service representative, and Eryn Richart, 28, nurse, both of Toledo.

Eric Gray, 51, truck driver, and Stephanie Chapman, 37, bus driver, both of Toledo.

John Borell III, 22, and Sarah Kirk, 27, recruiter, both of Toledo.

Gene Powell, Jr., 24, self employed, and Melissa Segler, 43, self employed, both of Toledo.

Mark Gorey, 26, of Whitehouse, and Kyla Corbett, 26, teacher, of Toledo.


Lucas County

Adrian, Richard, 64, Cedar Point Road, Oregon, coronary atherosclerosis.

Bissonnette, David, 77, Hidden Pines Way, cancer.

Blakely, Agnes, 66, Blackstone Drive, pending.

Czerniak, Michael, 81, Ginger Tree Lane, cerebrovascular accident.

Frick, Henry, 57, North Erie Street, hypertensive heart disease.

Graves, Stanley, 61, Scottwood Avenue, heart disease.

Hintz, Fern, 95, Cass Road, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Kocher, Evelyn, 94, Willis Boulevard, congestive heart failure.

Kopan, Katherine, 91, Sylvania-Metamora Road, Sylvania, renal failure.

Koscielski, Michael, 53, Genessee Street, carcinoma.

Lenning, Jerald, 87, North DeCant Road, Curtice, Ohio, congestive heart failure.

Peltier, Steven, 47, Bond Street, multisystem organ failure.

Perry, Wendy, 54, Broadway Street, hypertensive heart disease.

Schweinhagen, Larry, 65, 17th Street, heart disease.

Witcher, Dennis, 57, Parkdale Avenue, pending.

Crime reports


Kenneth Roush, lawn maintenance equipment, bicycle, camper, chainsaw, and gas can from garage in 3600 block of River.

Keith Johnson, video game systems and laptop computers from residence in 800 block of Thornwood.

Patrick McCloskey, tablet computers from residence in 4400 block of Woodmont.

Cityside Management Corp., copper pipes from residence in 5400 block of South Glastonberry.

Loretta Dwight, jewelry, jewelry box, and laptop computer from residence in 1600 block of Brownstone.

John Wilson, ladder and lawn maintenance equipment from garage in 2000 block of Calumet.

Jacqueline Willis, tablet computers and purse from residence in 3200 block of Maple.

Torice Bean, video game systems from residence in 3500 block of East Manhattan.

Yolanda Hall, jewelry, TVs, laptop computer, scooter, and coat from residence in 3100 block of North Ontario.

Deanna Harder, video game system, computers, and TVs from residence in 300 block of Sheldon.

Rosalyn Stribling, computer and TVs from residence in unit block of East Lake.

Valencia Thomas, stove, refrigerator, bath tub, water heater, video game systems with games, furs, clothes, and shoes from residence in 300 block of West Oakland.

Monique Lang, laptop computer from residence in 3400 block of Polk.

Rita James, video game systems, pairs of shoes, baseball hats, and clothes from residence in 3400 block of Maher.

Linda Collins, DVD player from residence in 2400 block of Caledonia.

Alana Gill, cash from residence in 500 block of Leach.

Alyshea Arnold, TV from residence in 600 block of Platt.

Sahithya Soundararajam, credit cards, laptop computer, and cell phone from residence in 1400 block of College.

Aaron Schnuth, copper pipes from residence in 4600 block of Ventura.

Richard Whitbeck, cash and jewelry from residence in 5900 block of Cresthaven.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Arlene Ford-Bond from Michael Bond.

Melissa Kaetzel from Sherman Golden.

Susan Burke from Gary Burke.

Jennifer Sowards from David Sowards.

Brittany Johnson from Travis Johnson.

Joanne Sofalvi from John Sofalvi.

Marcia Young from Wesley Young.

Twana Nichols from James Nichols.

Carl Simons from Donna Simons.

Loreta Kamer from Richard Baer, Jr.

Cathy Harris from Richard Harris.

Kayla Hoffman from Jeremy Hoffman.

Eddy Stripling from Melissa Crapsey.

John Bertram from April Bertram.

Kathryn Wolf from Michael Wolf.

Rebecca Katz from Ian Katz.

Ian Katz from Rebecca Katz.

Anthony Gorzelski from Brandi Gorzelski.

Dion Belzer, Sr., from Elizabeth Belzer.

Elizabeth Belzer from Dion Belzer, Sr.

Molly Gallagher from Matthew Bell.

Brenda Monhollen from Dennis Monhollen.

Bradley Davis from Susan Davis.

Susan Davis from Bradley Davis.

Lavonda Featchurs form Monawaldai Featchurs.

Gathern Monhollen from Andrea Monhollen.

Kerstin Porter from Sheldon Porter.