Daily Log: 9-19



Bay Park Community Hospital

Jessica and Matthew Shook, Toledo, girl, Sept. 17.

June Hill, Toledo, girl, Sept. 17.

Melissa and Troy Furstenberg, Toledo, girl, Sept. 17.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Alexia Mitchell, Oar Harbor, Ohio, girl, Sept. 17.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Sabrina Jaime, Holland, boy, Sept. 17.

Stephanie and Jeff Fichtelman, Maumee, girl, Sept. 17.

Toledo Hospital

Sara and Adam Carper, Toledo, boy, Sept. 17.

Nicole and Dan Bly, Toledo, girl, Sept. 17.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Sept. 16, 2013

Patrick McCarthy, 26, Web design, of Toledo, and Jaime Burgin, 25, logistics, of Parma, Ohio.

James Sullivan, 58, self employed, of Toledo, and Deborah Joanisse, 61, dental technician, of Adrian.

Tyrone Hall, Jr., 23, production operator, and Alesha Lewis, 20, cashier, both of Toledo.

Kyle Reid, 18, U.S. Marines, and Brooke Miller, 19, both of Toledo.

Trevor Behan, 33, nurse, and Brenda Foels aka Jakey, 38, social worker, both of Toledo.

Anthony Calabrese, 34, pharmacy manager, and Alison Reny, 27, teacher, both of Toledo.

Kenneth Reil, 36, iron worker, and Ashley Brown, 27, cosmetologist, both of Oregon.

Sept. 17, 2013

Allen Edwards, 27, factory worker, and Larrietta Willis, 25, nurse’s aide, both of Toledo.

Tyler Gresham, 28, truck driver, and Sylvia Cortez, 33, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Joseph Jacobs, Jr., 22, meat cutter, and Lindsey Wilber, 21, both of Oregon.

Grant Gist, 29, tattoo artist, of Erie, Mich., and Jessika Minkowski, 26, tattoo artist, of Toledo.

Austin Wingert, 21, U.S. Marines, of Camp LeJeune, N.C., and Haylea Storer, 19, student, of Toledo.

Robert Culp, 32, machinist, and Crystal McGuire, 30, student, both of Toledo.

Kenneth Lashaway, 22, master fabricator, and Shelby Hakeos, 22, billing specialist, both of Holland.

Tyler Shook, 30, store manager, and Holly Ball, 28, public policy lead, both of Maumee.

Chad Scsavnicki, 38, factory worker, and Pon Tsou, 34, athletic trainer, both of Sylvania.

Nakoa Evans, 36, clerk, and Nicole Coates, 35, medical assistant, both of Maumee.

Terry Cole, 36, self employed, and Anne Henning, 41, retail merchandiser, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Baumker, Anthony, 45, Woodbridge Road, pending.

Berlin, Donna, 74, West Alexis Road, aspiration pneumonia.

Cox, Vernice, 94, Delta, Ohio, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Dang, Tan, 87, Waterpoint Court, Holland, cerebral vascular disease.

Eischen, Joan, 70, Northwood, leukemia.

Fishpaw, Robert, Jr., 77, Fostoria, pending.

Gordon, Jerry, 79, Ottawa, Ohio, stroke.

Hardy, James, 65, Frampton Drive, dementia.

Hill, Betty, 75, Waterville Road, Whitehouse, neoplasm rectum.

Hoge, Albert, 54, Metamora, Ohio, muscular dystrophy.

Kagin, William, 65, Oakridge Drive, heart disease.

Keesey, Ruth, 90, Executive Parkway, congestive heart failure.

Kusner, Raymond, 90, Central Grove, congestive heart failure.

Kwiatkowski, Kenneth, 85, Phillips Street, Maumee, debility.

Oyerbides, Jesse, 72, Erie, Mich., pending.

Royce, Mary, 79, South Avenue, heart disease.

Sheets, Edward, 82, Connelsville Avenue, rhabdomyolysis.

Stalker, Donald, 92, Trellis Way, Sylvania, peripheral vascular disease.

Crime reports


Stephanie Smith, cash, safe, TVs, video game system with controllers, laptop computer, shoes, headphones, and jackets from residence in 100 block of East Woodruff.

Emily Adkins, TV and video game system from residence in 1400 block of Brooke Park.

Tameka Depp, TVs and tablet computer from residence in unit block of East Oakland.

Debbie Urzykowski, cell phone from residence in 3200 block of Glendale.

Jerome Pope, Sr., lawn maintenance equipment from garage in 600 block of North University.

Tawana Yates,TV, video-game systems, and tablet computer from residence in 1800 block of North Summit.

Robert Dibble, copper pipes, old records, and flashlights from residence in 2600 block of Southwood.

Lisa Baldwin, TV from residence in 300 block of Hiett.

Sandra Ancrum, TVs, laptop computer, tablet computer, video game system, movies, and jewelry box with jewelry from residence in 300 block of West Oakland.

Steven Sutton, video-game system with games and controller from residence in 100 block of East Broadway.

Benny Logan, video-game system and cable box from residence in 100 block of East Broadway.

Bobby Black, wires, floor vents, kitchen sink, and downspouts from residence in 500 block of Yondota.