Daily Log: 9-28



Bay Park Hospital

Jennifer and Earl Weels, Millbury, Ohio, girl, Sept. 26.

Barbara and Aaron Sheets, Toledo, boy, Sept. 26.

Tiffany and James Hale, Toledo, boy, Sept. 26.


Flower Hospital

Jennifer and Geoffrey Kujawa, Sylvania, boy, Sept. 23.

Carolyn Sweet and Thomas Strong, Toledo, girl, Sept. 23.

Ashley and Chad McGovern, Toledo, boy, Sept. 25.

Nadine Overmyer, Sylvania, boy, Sept. 24.

Nafisha Gibson, Toledo, girl, Sept. 26.

Kelsey Thompson, Toledo, girl, Sept. 25.


Mercy St. Vincent Hospital

Nichole and Jonathan Hockenberry, Toledo, girl, Sept. 26.

Marcela Graciani, Toledo, boy, Sept. 24.

Bree and Ben Russow, Temperance, boy, Sept. 22.

Alyson Rangel, Toledo, boy, Sept. 19.



Lucas County

Benner, Richard, 91, Northgate Parkway, cerebrovascular accident.

Beverly, Jeanette, 72, Petersburg, Mich., cerebrovascular accident.

Boyak, Michael, 68, Sylvania, cancer.

Burpee, Florence, 65, Swanton, chronic obstruction pulmonary distension.

Crum, Ernest, Sr., 89, Waterville, dementia.

Dusseau, Bruce, 75, Worth Street, presumed lung cancer.

Garner, Evelyn, 91, Holland, diabetes mellitus.

Oliver, Katherine, 80, Frankfort, Ky., septicema.

Murray, Joseph, 90, Carrietowne Lane, Sylvania Township, upper gastrointestinal bleed.

Pacholski, Stella, 89, Laurel Valley Drive, peripheral arterial disease.

Perry, Sue, 75, Askin Street, Maumee, renal failure.

Robinson, Patrick, Jr., 61, Schomberg Street, kidney disease.

Rogge, Donald, 75, Genoa, coronary artery disease.

Sbelgio aka Barber, Frank, 72, Tiffin, multiple myeloma.

Scott, James, 69, Townsend Drive, vascular dementia.

Shuff, William, Jr., 62, Home Lane, adenocarcinoma.

Simonetti, Thomas, 59, Oregon, cerebral bleed.

Smith, Peggy, 65, West Central Avenue, cancer.

Smith, Wanda, 91, Garden Lake Drive, dementia.

Stachura, Melvin, Sr., 87, Executive Parkway, progressive dementia.

Strayer, Lucille, 83, Harroun Road, Sylvania, Alzheimer’s disease.

Supplee, Mildred, 62, Danesmoor Road, Holland, cardiogenic shock.

Sussman, Mary, 87, West Bancroft Street, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Szelagowski, Thaddeus, 93, Silver Pine Court, congestive heart failure.

Taoka, George, 97, Cresthaven Lane, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Topliff, Caroline, 74, Key Street, Maumee, pulmonary edema.

Tzanakis, Angeline, 83, Cherrywood Lane, adenocarcinoma.

Weilnau, Theresa, 82, Ida Township, Mich., Alzheimer’s disease.

Welch, John, 66, Perrysburg, cancer.

Williams, Jeffrey, 33, Pickle Road, Oregon, pending.

Ziss, Joseph, 67, Willard, Ohio, ischemic stroke.


Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Carlton Richardson, shot in right hand and hip by gunman from an auto passing by in 1600 block of Lawrence.

Julio Lozoya, shot in thigh during altercation outside gas station in 800 block of Monroe; suspect arrested.

Clyde Hawkins, stabbed in left side and shoulder during altercation in residence in 1700 block of Belmont; suspect arrested.



Michael Farnham, Jr., wallet, personal papers, and cash by two men at knifepoint in 1500 block of Roosevelt.

Anthony McMillan, fled from gunman in unit block of East Bancroft when ordered to surrender cash.

Daija Akins, cell phone by known suspect armed with handgun in 300 block of Boston.

Andrew Carter, computer by two men, one armed with handgun, on front porch of residence in 2300 block of Putnam.

David Nowlin, wallet, green book bag containing personal papers, tattoo guns and associated accessories, cash, and cell phone by two men who attacked him in 5100 block of Norwich.

Forest Snyder, Jr., wallet and bank card by two men, one armed with handgun, in 1600 block of Idaho.

Latoya Russell, cell phone by two men, one armed with pistol, in 1200 block of Dorr.

JC Penney department store, assorted children's clothing by two suspects who were detained by store security and arrested by police.

Kurtice Ackley, cash, duffel bag, and cash by assailant who punched him in 100 block of Belmont.

Clark gas station, cash by man who threatened clerk in 2400 block of West Alexis.

Kelly Skinner, threatened by man armed with knife who demanded cash in 5500 block of Lewis; she struck assailant and fled to residence.

Sarah Cruz, undetermined goods taken from store where she works by suspect in 1500 block of Broadway.

Howard Carpenter, wallet, cash, and personal papers by two females in 800 block of Erie.



Jill Witty, TV and tablet computer from residence in 4600 block of Blue Rock.

HUD-Cityside Mgt. Corp., copper plumbing from dwelling in 3100 block of Douglas.

Cherydan Ramey, unknown loss twice by unknown intruders in 100 block of West Central.

David DeChristopher, cash from residence in 1800 block of Mansfield.

Cheryl Jones, copper piping from dwelling in 3600 block of Rushland.

Ayanna Johnson, TV from residence in 600 block of Mulberry.

Anthony Keefe, computer from unattached garage in 2100 block of Caledonia.

Sandra Budin, lawnmower, chainsaw, leaf blower from equipment shed in yard of residence in 300 block of Decatur.

Kennesha Green, two TVs, two electronic gaming systems, computer, assorted clothing, and jewelry from residence in 1500 block of Oakwood.