Daily Log: 10-10



Bay Park Hospital

Kory and Martin Doss, Toledo, girl, Oct. 8.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Jennifer Trapp, Toledo, girl, Oct. 6.

Stacey and Scott Berndt, Jr., Rossford, girl, Oct. 7.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Rosalynda Escobar, Toledo, girl, Oct. 8.

Brandi and Justin Smith, Pemberville, girl, Oct. 8.

Amber and Sontino Cortez, Toledo, girl, Oct. 8.

Jessica James, Sandusky, boy, Oct. 9.

Toledo Hospital

Danielle Sharrow, Toledo, boy, Oct. 1.

Francine and Eric Hensen, Petersburg, Mich., girl, Oct. 7.

Jessica and Casey Smith, Swanton, girl, Oct. 8.

Amanda and Jeremie Johnson, Wauseon, boy, Oct. 8.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Oct. 8, 2013

Kevin Roberts, Sr., 42, letter carrier, and Diane Manasmith, 51, materials management, both of Maumee.

Justin Guentherm, 23, assistant store manager, of Westland, Mich., and Sarah Koziarski, 22, sales associate, of Toledo.

Jack Seibert, 23, financial planner, and Lauren Frank, 23, student, both of Oregon.

Tyler Miller, 28, carpenter, and Katherine Fogarty, 26, interior designer, both of Toledo.

Caprice Jones, 35, production worker, and Teena Cavanaugh, 31, social worker, both of Toledo.

Donald Shinaver, 76, and Cheryl Miner, 62, office manager, both of Oregon.

Ramon Keys, 35, graphic design, and Jeannie Topolewski, 32, retail manager, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Aldridge, Sharon, 51, Glenmere Way, adenocarcinoma.

Anderson, Andrew, Jr., 31, East Bancroft, homicide.

Deily, Marilyn, 89, Rowland Road, cancer.

Ellis, Bruce, 70, Perth Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Foster, Willie, 80, East Manhattan Street, dementia.

Habib, Richard, 90, Evergreen Road, sepsis syndrome.

Hays, Cheryl, 66, Rockwood, Mich., chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Hojnacki, Ronald, 79, Shamrock Drive, carcinoma.

Jaegly, Peter, 49, Oaklawn Drive, carcinoma.

Koon, Virginia, 90, Sheila Drive, Alzheimer’s disease.

Matthews, Pamala, 54, Toledo Avenue, hepatic encephalopathy.

Mattice, Patricia, 72, Dixie Drive, peritonitis with shock.

Peckinpaugh, Rudolph, Sr., 88, Perrysburg, pneumonia.

Petz, Derek, 2 minutes, Wauseon, extreme prematurity.

Potter, John, 94, Cresthaven Lane, pending.

Rickenberg, Lula, 85, Napoleon, respiratory failure.

Schiel, Dennis, 71, Harding Drive, cerebral palsy.

Schulte, Andrew, 37, Perrysburg, pending.

Speaker, David, 42, Glendale Avenue, pending.

Wilson, Mardella, 69, Tiffin, respiratory failure.