Daily Log: 11-14



Bay Park Community Hospital

Gabrielle Wilson, Toledo, girl, Nov. 12.


Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Sondra and Jeffery Rose, Toledo, boy, Nov. 11.

Stephanie and Bert Hutchison, Whitehouse, girl, Nov. 12.


Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Jennifer Carruthers, Toledo, girl, Nov. 11.


St. Luke’s Hospital

Kellie and Erron Zdybek, Temperance, boy, Nov. 1.

Stephanie Stuard, Toledo, boy, Nov. 2.

Jacqueline St. John, Northwood, boy, Nov. 2.

Angela and Matt Beil, Whitehouse, girl, Nov. 12.

Angela and Brett Stickland, Waterville, boy, Nov. 12.


Toledo Hospital

Margaret and Matthew Viertlbeck, Whitehouse, girl, Nov. 4.

Rachel and Glen Fruth, Fostoria, girl, Nov. 12.

Kimberly and Patrick Strole, Toledo, girl, Nov. 12.


Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Nov. 12, 2013

Lewis Walker, 37, business owner, and Brandy LaGro, 31, loan officer, both of Toledo.

Jeremy Harloff, 37, sales representative, and Renee Robinson, 44, both of Toledo.

William Carter, 32, and Crystal Drew, 28, medical biller, both of Toledo.

Nicolas Wilson, 29, continuous improvement leader, and Keri Knab, 29, hospice team leader, both of Toledo.

Brian Williams, 41, operator, and Tequoia Dixon, 31, billing technician, both of Toledo.

David Joshua, 61, retired, and Vivian Coleman, 54, theapeutic program worker, both of Toledo.

Dontrell Smith, 23, kitchen manager, and Charquel Brown, 29, student, both of Toledo.

Michael McLaughlin, 57, robotics engineer, of Holland, and Diane Rysz, 55, retired, of Rossford.

Anthony Valdes, 45, material handler, and Kelly Horton, 36, phlebotomist, both of Adrian.

Joshua Skiver, 24, server, and Kimberly Bentschneider, 19, server, both of Toledo.

Nicholas Gill, 21, manufacturer, and Allison Harold, 21, lead sales associate, both of Toledo.

Colton Jewell, 23, and Taylor Payton, 19, manager, both of Toledo.



Lucas County

Baldwin, Gregory, 61, Percentum Road, pending.

Claus, Carola, 81, Fossil Drive, Sylvania, respiratory failure.

Dubose, Bobby, 67, Woodland Avenue, cancer.

Durant, Rose, 66, Munding Road, Oregon, congestive heart failure.

Fenton, Harry, 85, Jasper, Mich., congestive heart failure.

Ferback, Daniel, 1 hour, Sandusky, prematurity.

King, Madeline, 75, Curtice, Ohio, dementia.

Manheim, Fred, 84, Lake Worth, Fla., septic shock.

McLean, Ruth, 91, West Crawford Avenue, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Morris, Virginia, 71, Defiance, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Murray, Glenn, 48, Willowvale Drive, pneumonia.

Neal, Charles, 88, Queenswood Boulevard, bowel obstruction.

Sauer, Gordon, 87, Temperance, dementia.

Schmitz, Anne, 76, Comet Avenue, cardiovascular accident.

Schulz, Peter, 75, South McCord Road, Holland, cardiovascular disease.

Strom, Tadeus, 89, Erie, Mich., cancer.

Wagner, Jack, 78, Sweetbriar Court, cancer.